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• 3/11/2019


Does anyone remember the nicknames Linda gives to her family, or does anyone know where a list of Linda's nicknames might be? (I'm specifically trying to remember her nicknames for Louise right now, but I love all her nicknames so much I kinda was to see a list of them for all the characters)

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• 11/10/2018

Louise's Slap Victims

Who else besides these listed here has Louise slapped?





Regular-sized Rudy

Dr. Yap

Boo Boo (Boyz 4 Now) - thanks Noncivilisedeye

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• 10/15/2018

Don't You (love cotton candy)

I wish I had known about this show at the time this episode aired. I was going through a hard time and think it could've helped ease the pain. one of the funniest songs I've ever heard

The Runway Club
The Runway Club Bob's Burgers Wiki
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• 10/14/2018
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• 5/15/2018

Is The Bleakening one episode or two?

This has been itching me for a while, should "The Bleakening" be classed as one hour-long episode or two half-hour episodes. The arguments for each are listed below and a poll is at the bottom of the post.

1 episode: aired as one episode originally, currently appears on Fox Now and Hulu as one episode, has a continuing storyline, no footage cut, one set of credits for both parts, aired as one internationally also.

2 episodes: has two unique production codes, has two unique writers and directors, very briefly appeared in two parts on Fox Now and Hulu in January, some footage cut, additional end credits sequence for Part 1.

Another factor will be which ones they choose to air in syndication.

note: either way, I do intend on keeping it on one page and listing both production codes no matter what the outcome of the poll.
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• 4/13/2018

Is Ken based on Brother Ali?

Gene's friend Ken is albino and does hip hop. This sounds a lot like Brother Ali ( Seem a likely inspiration?
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• 1/17/2018

Tina is projecting her body shape back into the past.

Tina is drawn improbably stacked for a 13 year old, but this doesn't elicit much comment from the other characters around her. Therefore she didn't look like that when she was 13. Instead first person narrator Tina is projecting a chibified version of her current body shape back into her 13-year old adventures.

My head canon is that adult lonely sexy librarian Tina is imagining these scenes as she writes them up while waiting for anybody to ask about books.
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• 1/4/2018

Can I copy the content for my website if I cite it?

Can I copy some information from this site if I cite and put a link to the Bob's Burgers wiki?
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• 12/30/2017

Bob's Burgers Caricature

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• 12/10/2017

Calvin and Bob

The feeling I get from their interactions is that Calvin treats Bob somewhere between employee and property rather than as a renter. In his own twisted way Bob is the closest Calvin has to a friend relationship with anyone. It's like he owns Bob, but can rent the rest of the Belchers as needed.
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• 12/8/2017

Where is the Belcher dinning room?

The Belchers have Thanksgiving dinners in their dining room. There is no available floorspace for this room. The common floorplan is something like:

My only explanation for the dinning room is to move the kitchen table into the living room, moving the sofa and comfy chair out someplace else and use the living room table as a child's table. Is there a better explanation?
Bob's Burgers Restaurant
Bob's Burgers Restaurant DeviantArt
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• 10/22/2017

One small question...

Is there a reason the "TV parental guidelines" have been removed for each episode? I'm definitely not complaining, just curious.
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• 10/9/2017

Life lessons of Bob's Burgers

So much wisdom packed into this show <3<3
5 Life Lessons I Learned From ‘Bob’s Burgers’
5 Life Lessons I Learned From ‘Bob’s Burgers’ FANDOM
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• 10/9/2017

Bob's Burgers is heading to the big screen!

A Bob's Burgers movie has been announced with a 2020 release date! Great news, but why so long a wait????
‘Bob’s Burgers’ Movie Ordered Up For 2020
‘Bob’s Burgers’ Movie Ordered Up For 2020 Deadline
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• 9/23/2017

Should Bob be classed as an LGBT character?

On this wikia, there is a category for LGBT characters, there is some conflict over whether Bob Belcher belongs in the category, stemming from a scene in S04E05 where he describes himself as 'mostly straight'. Does this warrant him belonging to the category? Yes/No?
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• 9/22/2017

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• 5/9/2017

What is the city in bob's burgers ?

What is the city in bob's burgers ?
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• 3/21/2017
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• 12/16/2016

Of all the secondary characters, who is your favorite?

Personally, mine has to be Teddy. Even when he is only in a few scenes, he always makes it funnier. Just curious what other fans' personal favs are
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• 9/22/2016

Cast Q&A

The cast and creator did a Q&amp;A with lots of inside info:
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