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  • Despite Louise stating that she's in her class in "Slumber Party," she has never been seen in class with Louise.
  • She braids anything she can get her hands on, including Mr. Branca's mops ("The Millie-churian Candidate") or Bob Belcher's hair. ("Slumber Party")
  • Being a braiding enthusiast, she knows how to make many kinds of braids, including the french, fishtail and five-strand braids. ("The Millie-churian Candidate")
  • In "The Millie-Churian Candidate," her hair has grown longer since her first appearance.
  • It's possible that she doesn't like her real name since she always goes by "Abby" and apparently doesn't tell anyone her real name since she stated that nobody knows about it but Millie interrupted Abby before she could say more.