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Season 6[]

"The Hormone-iums"[]

In "The Hormone-iums," Marshmallow tells the Belchers she buys her shoes at Toe-Tanic Shoes. Bob, Linda, Gene, and Louise Belcher go to the store, and Adrian tries to help them. They tell him about Linda's "Wine Shoe" product, which confuses him, but after he tells them that a pair they're interested in is $155, they suddenly don't want to buy any shoes. When Louise asks if the store has any heels "in the ten-dollar range," he becomes greatly offended and goes on a tirade about how special the shoes are before saying that even if there were a ten-dollar shoe at the store, he wouldn't sell it. His passion pulls in Gene, and the Belcher asks how old someone has to be to work at the store, and Adrian tells him 27.