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I like... to watch a woman inflate a balloon and then sit on it till it pops. It drives me cra-crazy.
- Al Genarro

Al Genarro (also known as Grandpa Al and Gramps by his grandchildren) is the husband of Gloria Genarro. He's the father of Linda Belcher and Gayle Genarro and the grandfather of Tina, Gene, and Louise Belcher. He's also Bob Belcher's father-in-law, who doesn't enjoy him or the rest of his family that much. He first gets mentioned in "Human Flesh" before he makes an actual appearance in "Crawl Space" with his wife.

He was originally voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, but is currently voiced by Sam Seder.



Al is an elderly man with gray hair. He is shorter than his wife and Linda. In his first appearance, he wears high-waisted tan pants with a light blue shirt. He wears a hearing-aid and glasses.


In "Crawl Space," Al rarely speaks and seems absent-minded. Gloria often speaks on his behalf and he follows her orders.

In "It Snakes a Village," he is voiced by Sam Seder and has a slightly grumpy attitude towards Gloria being startled by loud noises as he has a balloon fetish where he likes to watch women inflate balloons and pop them by sitting on them. Bob counteracts this by giving Gloria ear guards.

Al has a number of health conditions often associated with advancing age including hearing loss in his right ear for which he uses a hearing aid. He has problems with his heart, liver and one of his kidneys. He also has leg pains and dry mouth.

In his youth, Al seemed to be much more aware and assertive with his surroundings. At his wedding, when Gloria poured punch on her cousin Lorraine and then punched her, he was seen horrified and trying to hold Gloria back to restrain her from further attacking.


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