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Bob's Burgers character
Alex Papasian
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 11-12
Occupation Wagstaff School student
Relatives Mr. Papasian (father)
Mrs. Papasian (mother)
Behind the scenes
First "Cheer Up Sleepy Gene"
Voiced by Paul Rust (present)
Thomas Middleditch (formerly)

Alex Papasian is a Wagstaff School student who Gene befriends. He invites Gene to sleepover at his house in "Cheer Up Sleepy Gene".

After showing some tension over his family's dinner of steamed fish, spinach and potatoes, Alex tries to run away with Gene and reveals that he had been put on a diet along with his parents and heads to his hideout, a garbage bag tent he dubs Alex's Alpine Oasis for Boys where he hides sugar packets.

Gene later convinces him to "un-run away" and return home to his family.

In "Roller? I Hardly Know Her!", more of his relationship with Gene is established including that they like to play RoboWizard Quest in the basement of the restaurant. He agrees to be Courtney Wheeler's replacement roller dance partner but is disliked by her father, Doug, who then conspires with Gene, who misses him as a friend to poison Alex by giving him soda mixed with sesame. Ultimately, before Gene goes along with the plan, Alex thanks him for being so understanding and his best friend in which Gene and him make up and perform with Courtney together.


Alex was originally voiced by Thomas Middleditch in his first three appearances before Paul Rust began voicing him from "Seven-tween Again" on.


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Season 12


  • He is allergic to sesame as they give him diarrhea.