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Back to you, Andy.
- Ollie Pesto
Back to you, Ollie.
- Andy Pesto

Andy and Ollie Pesto, or possibly legally Andy and Ollie Poplopovich,[Note 2] are the twin sons of Jimmy Pesto and the younger brothers of Jimmy Pesto, Jr. They attend Wagstaff School with their brother as fourth-graders in the same classes as Louise Belcher, who they are close friends with. The twins are both odd and uncannily close to one another, making it even more difficult for others to tell the difference between them. They make their first appearance in "Art Crawl."

Andy is voiced by Laura Silverman, while Ollie is voiced by Sarah Silverman.



Andy and Ollie both have fair skin and golden blond hair. Andy wears a cyan shirt, desaturated navy blue shorts, white tube socks, and black shoes. Ollie wears a gold-green shirt, green shorts, white tube socks, and black shoes.



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Jimmy Pesto[]

Jimmy does not seem to care for either Andy or Ollie, once saying to them "This is the last chance to earn my love" in The Unnatural."

Their mom[]

Jimmy Pesto, Jr.[]

Each other[]

They are an inseparable duo as they both want to do everything with each other. The are usually seen holding hands and, per Ollie, sleep in the same bed as noted in Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl.


The Belchers[]

Andy and Ollie attend school with the Belcher children and seem to be good friends with them. They are particularly close to Louise, frequently joining her in her schemes.


Regular Sized Rudy[]


Arnold Evans[]

Wagstaff faculty[]

Ms. LaBonz[]


Other media


  1. Many people can't tell the difference between them.
  2. In "Burger War," Mort reveals that Jimmy Pesto's real last name is "Poplopovich." It's unknown if he changed Andy, Ollie, or Jimmy Jr.'s last names to "Pesto," or if they were born as a "Pesto."


  1. s5e4 "Dawn of the Peck" Ollie reveals that they have an aunt whose house he tried shrimp at.


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