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Bob's Burgers character
Andy and Ollie Pesto.png
Andy and Ollie Poplopovich
Gender Male
Hair Golden Blonde
Age 9-10
Occupation Students at Wagstaff School
Relatives (see Pesto Family)
Behind the scenes
First "Art Crawl"
Voiced by Laura Silverman (Andy)
Sarah Silverman (Ollie)
Back to you Andy.
— Ollie
Back to you Ollie.
— Andy

Andrew "Andy Pesto" & Oliver "Ollie Pesto" Poplopovich, better known as the Pesto Twins, are the twin sons of Jimmy "Pesto" Poplopovich and little brothers of Jimmy Jr. Their first appearance in broadcast order was in "Art Crawl", in which Louise puts them to work making tourist-friendly art. Their first appearance in production order, however, was in "Burger Wars", where it is established that they are part of the Pesto Family. They attend school with the Belcher children and seem to be good friends with them. They are an inseparable duo as they both want to do everything with each other. Andy is voiced by Laura Silverman, while Ollie is voiced by Sarah Silverman.



Andy & Ollie both have fair skin and golden blond hair. Andy wears a cyan shirt, periwinkle shorts, white tube socks, and shoes. Ollie wears a gold-yellow shirt, green shorts, white tube socks, and shoes. They are both 3' 11".


  • Fans of the show have compared Andy & Ollie to Walter & Perry of Home Movies, another Loren Bouchard cartoon.
  • If the two are set to work with someone else besides each other, they will eventually panic ("Carpe Museum").
  • They are Louise's best friends.
  • Louise frequently takes advantage of them, usually through trickery or force.
  • They were born two minutes apart ("Synchronized Swimming").
  • Ollie is the older of the twins ("Fort Night").
  • Andy is the twin with the longer hair ("Art Crawl").
  • The only reason they like Wagstaff School is because both twins go there ("The Frond Files").
  • Ollie has perfect teeth ("House of 1000 Bounces") and can see in the dark ("The Belchies"), according to Andy.
  • They are both voiced by people of the opposite gender, which is a regular in the series as Tina & Linda are both voiced by males.
  • They are both implied to have Coulrophobia (fear of clowns) ("Bad Tina").
  • Ollie once had malaria ("Dawn of the Peck").


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