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Several connections exist between the FX series Archer and the FOX series Bob's Burgers, the most obvious of which being the Archer Season 4 premiere, "Fugue and Riffs." In it, the restaurant itself is featured along with the primary members of the Belcher family as more realistically stylized "Archer versions" with an amnesiac Sterling Archer as Bob Belcher. Both series are also produced by 20th Television and are owned by 20th Century Studios (The Walt Disney Company).

This page is intended to document anything and everything that directly relates to both series in as much detail as possible.

Common cast[]

Actor Archer Character Bob's Burgers Character
H. Jon Benjamin Sterling Archer Bob Belcher, various
Eugene Mirman Cecil Tunt/VanderTunt Gene Belcher
Kristen Schaal Tiffy Louise Belcher
John Roberts Linda Belcher Linda Belcher, various
Larry Murphy Frank Teddy, various
Chris Parnell Cyril Figgis Warren Fitzgerald
Robert Ben Garant Rudy Torpedo Jones, Critter
Thomas Lennon Charles Chuck Charles, Kenny
Jack McBrayer Randy Gillette Marbles, Kevin, Leslie
Jon Hamm Captain Murphy Talking Toilet
Fred Armisen Gustavo Calderon Tommy Jaronda
Gary Cole Agent Holly Sergeant Bosco
Rob Huebel Patrick "Crash" McCaren Prince of Persuasia, various
Kumail Nanjiani Farooq Ashkani Skip Marooch
Patton Oswalt Alan Shapiro Moody Foodie
Keegan-Michael Key Detective Diedrich Various
Jon Glaser Whitney Jairo
Jon Daly Richard "Ivy" Stratton IV Sasha

Archer versions[]


The following is a visual comparison of the Archer versions of the Belcher Family (and assorted landmarks) alongside their original counterparts:


Bobs-Burgers-Wiki Archer Bob Split-comparison 01a


Bobs-Burgers-Wiki Archer Linda Split-comparison 01a


Bobs-Burgers-Wiki Archer Tina Split-comparison 01a


Bobs-Burgers-Wiki Archer Gene Split-comparison 01a


Bobs-Burgers-Wiki Archer Louise Split-comparison 01b

Bob's Burgers[]

Bobs-Burgers-Wiki Archer Bobs-Burgers Split-comparison 01

It's Your Funeral Home & Crematorium[]

Bobs-Burgers-Wiki Archer Its-Your-Funeral Split-comparison 01

Burger of the Day[]

Bobs-Burgers-Wiki Archer Burger-of-the-Day Split-comparison 02

Store Next Door[]

Bobs-Burgers-Wiki Archer Store-Next-Door Split-comparison 01

Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria[]

Jimmy Pesto's-0


  • The crossover episode, Fugue and Riffs, is a tribute to the 2005 American crime thriller A History of Violence.
    • While the whole Belcher family appeared in the episode, only John Roberts voiced his respective character as Linda Belcher in the episode. None of the children had lines in the episode (though Kristen Schaal and Eugene Mirman would voice different characters in the two part Season 4 finale of Archer, "Sea Tunt").
  • Lana mentions that Bob's Burgers is in the vicinity of New York City (where ISIS headquarters is located), though this is not necessarily true in the official continuity.
  • Two of the running gags from Bob's Burgers are used in the crossover episode: a Burger of the Day, or rather "Week" in this case, is shown and mentioned (Archer thinks up a second burger later in the episode); instead of a Pest Control or Exterminator "Truck," the KGB agents' vehicle is shown as they are there to "exterminate" Archer.
  • In the Family Guy episode "Guy, Robot", Carl, a character voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, does impressions of both Bob Belcher and Sterling Archer in a stand up comedy routine, the joke being that their voices are all nearly identical to each other.
  • In 2017, animator Simon Chong created a crossover where the main characters from Archer were depicted as Bob's Burgers characters visiting the restaurant using his own animation along with edited animation from Bob's Burgers episodes and audio from both series. The resulting viral success of the crossover led to Chong receiving a job offer from Bob's Burgers creator Loren Bouchard which he later accepted and is currently a director on the show.[1][2]