Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Occupation Life model/Artist
Behind the scenes
First "The Bleakening, Part 1"
Voiced by Adam Driver
Art (more commonly known as Art the Artist) is an artist who is friends with Marshmallow. In "The Bleakening, Part 1", he is suspected of stealing Linda's Christmas tree and decorations.

At first, he denies stealing but later, in Part 2, comes clean as the culprit. He explains that he was in charge of decorating the illegal underground rave and didn't have any money so he stole the tree and lights. He reveals that he placed it in the dumpster and retrieved it after his life modeling session at Reflections where he convinced Bob and Linda that he didn't do it.


  • Marshmallow gave drugs to him.
  • Art the Artist is voiced by Star Wars actor, Adam Driver.


Season 8


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