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The Banjo DVD box set.

Banjo is film series that Bob is a fan of. He introduces Gene and Louise to the series while doing "burn unit" (movie mocking) with Louise. None of the films or actors in the series are known.

Gene takes influence from the film he watched with Bob at the start of Spaghetti Western and Meatballs and uses Louise's Little Princess Guitar to shut Choo-Choo, a bully, up when telling the punchlines to jokes before he can.

Later, on his birthday, Bob's family put on the first Banjo DVD for him to watch in the living room with a steak dinner.


  • As figured from the episode title, the "Banjo" series is a take-off on "spaghetti western" films, which were Western genre films produced in mainly in Italy during the 1960s. In the case of "Banjo", the title character and films seem to be a mix of the "Dollars trilogy" starring Clint Eastwood, as well as the "Sabata" and "Django" series.
  • The complete box set of the film series has 12 DVDs and over 28 hours of extras.