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So where's your oversized luggage? Because you must have needed the world's biggest suitcase to lug your gigantic balls here.
- BeeferSutherland

BeeferSutherland is a member of the NABL (North Atlantic Burger Lovers) forum that Bob Belcher posts on. He makes his first and only appearance in "Uncle Teddy."

He is voiced by Keegan-Michael Key.




There's not much to say about him, but he appears to be a proactive leader. While BeefGeek and MeatCute were fine with just ignoring Bob for his 'mean' comments in "Uncle Teddy," "Beefer" was the one who decided to confront Bob about it. However, he is pretty stubborn and doesn't seem like someone who can change their mind easily since when Bob explained he wasn't trying to be mean, he wouldn't listen and continued to harass the already lonely restaurateur.


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Bob Belcher[]

Beefer is the hater ringleader of Bob. He has a fierce hatred of Bob due to his online comments, viewing him as a bully and feeling the need to confront him at the hotel bar. Even after Bob explained what he meant and didn't know about online etiquette such as 'LOL" or "JK", Beefer still had enough of a hatred of Bob to lead the other chefs in antagonizing him even when he and Linda are not talking to them ("Uncle Teddy").

Linda Belcher[]



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