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But let's be honest, who's gonna plan an event like this? You, Colleen? You, Linda? You, Beth?
- Joanne to Beth

Beth is a member of the Wagstaff School PTA. She gets introduced in "Purple Rain-Union," making her first appearance, but she gets introduced by name in "P.T.A. It Ain't So." Since her debut, she has appeared in the series mainly as an extra.

She is unvoiced.



Beth has curly black hair and wears a purple V-neck t-shirt.


She is very passionate about cookies. When Colleen Caviello knocks down the cookie tray in a fit during one of Wagstaff's PTA meetings, Beth dives to the floor to eat the cookies ("Eat, Spray, Linda").


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The Belchers[]

Linda is a fellow member of Wagstaff's PTA. Beth also comes to Bob's Burgers in "Lice Things Are Lice" to help the restaurant get the air out of its new stool seats, although they offered free beer.

Mr. Larsen[]

Mr. Larsen is a fellow member of Wagstaff's PTA.

Colleen Caviello[]

Coleen is a fellow member of Wagstaff's PTA.



At first, Joanne is friendly to Beth in "P.T.A. It Ain't So" and even congratulates her when her cookie snack idea wins in a PTA meeting. However, when Joanne gets desperate to keep her role and authority as the president of the PTA, she asks who else would want to be it but her. Joanne arrogantly asks Linda and Colleen, the two people who found dirt on her, but then she also questions Beth, who likely didn't even do anything.



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