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Here’s five bucks for each of you. And make sure you spend it. If you come back with money, you’re doing it wrong.
- Big Bob

Robert "Big Bob" Belcher, Sr. (also known as Pop Pop or Gramps by his grandchildren) is the father of Bob Belcher and the owner of Big Bob's Diner. He's also the widower of Bob's mother, Lily Belcher, the grandfather of Tina, Gene, and Louise Belcher, and the father-in-law of Linda Belcher. He gets introduced in an off-screen flashback in "Bob Fires the Kids" and gets mentioned in multiple episodes before he makes an actual appearance in "Father of the Bob."

He was originally voiced by H. Jon Benjamin and then Bill Hader, but he is currently voiced by Eric Bauza.



Big Bob is a heavy elderly man. He is balding with light gray hair and a mustache. He has a lot of body hair.


Big Bob takes his job as a diner owner very seriously, often micromanaging or belittling Bob for trying new ideas. He can be blunt, condescending, and critical, which ultimately caused a rift between him and his son.

Despite his often harsh, judgmental attitude, Big Bob does care deeply for Bob and for his family, although he admits he is poor at showing it. Bob kept tabs on Bob's restaurant and was proud of his son's success in terms of how he raised his family. He also admitted to Bob he was never the same after his wife died and things were tough for him.

Big Bob also has a habit of doomscrolling, and calling his son's family to tell them about the latest articles and videos he has seen, displaying his trademark stubbornness when Bob questions it, but revealing to Bob (while the latter was using the "Clamstradamus" animatronic at Wonder Wharf) that he does have hope that his grandchildren can help make the future a better place.


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Big Bob used to work with his son at his diner, but years of conflict and tension led him to kick his son out and distance their relationship ("Father of the Bob").


Big Bob is father to Bob Belcher, father-in-law to Linda Belcher and grandfather to Tina, Gene & Louise Belcher. His wife and Bob's mother, Lily Belcher, died sometime before the flashbacks shown in "Father of the Bob." His brother-in-law was Ernest Lombard. It is not clear if Bob's cousin Vanessa is his niece or was Lily Belcher's niece.


Lily Belcher[]

Big Bob has a deep love of his deceased wife Lily, evidenced numerous times. He took her death very hard, drinking and becoming more of a bossy man toward his son while he worked in the diner. Big Bob also avoided discussing Lily with his son for years, due to his belief that it would make him sad, until Bob revealed to him that while it would a little, it would help to talk bout her. (He also revealed a sense of humor in this conversation, stating that he had another family to shock Bob before clarifying it was a joke).

Bob Belcher[]

His son understandably has a difficult and strained relationship with him due to his dismissive, critical, and unsupportive ways and the two never being on the same page with one another. He does however get along quite well with his daughter-in-law Linda and shows a genuine soft side for his grandchildren.

Their relationship essentially fell apart on Christmas Eve decades before. Big Bob announced to Bob and several of his long-time regulars and friends that he wanted him to be a partner at the restaurant. Bob refused as he had grown tired of being unable to grow creatively and always being dismissed by his father. An angry Big Bob kicked Bob out of the diner, furious at him for embarrassing him in front of his friends. Following this, for years Bob had a rule where he would only spend 15 minutes at a time with Big Bob, knowing that his father would often say something critical or offensive to him and knowing he needed to get away before getting angry himself.

While he and Bob often argue, Big Bob did keep the newspaper clipping of when Bob first opened Bob's Burgers, saying he was proud of him and how he raised his children. Big Bob has explained that he rarely talked about Bob's mother to him since he felt it would make him sad.

Linda Belcher[]

The Belcher kids[]

The kids like talking to their grandfather as he often gives them $5 bills when he sees them. Big Bob seems to genuinely like the kids and enjoys talking to them whenever he gets the chance, such as helping Tina with a project at school.






The picture of Big Bob's Diner in the Belchers' living room often appears in episodes without Big Bob, so episodes featuring only the picture do not count as his getting mentioned.


  1. s14e4 "Wharf, Me Worry?" Louise says Tina has the "same taste of fun as a 75-year-old man," referring to Big Bob.


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