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Bob's Burgers character
Robert "Big Bob" Belcher, Sr.
Gender Male
Hair Gray
Age 80s
Occupation Owner of Big Bob's Diner
Relatives (see Belcher Family)
Behind the scenes
Voiced by H. Jon Benjamin ("Bob Fires the Kids")
Bill Hader ("Father of the Bob")

Robert "Big Bob" Belcher, Sr. is the father of Bob Belcher, the father-in-law of Linda Belcher, the paternal grandfather of Tina, Gene & Louise Belcher, the widower of Mrs. Belcher and the owner of Big Bob's Diner.



Big Bob is an obese, elderly man. He is balding with light gray hair and a moustache. He has a lot of body hair. He is 5'10.


In "Bob Fires the Kids", Bob comes to realize he didn't have a good childhood after he made him work in the restaurant. His voice is heard in flashbacks and is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin.

In earlier episodes, he was referred to in past tense implying that he might have passed away as Bob's mother did, but in "Uncle Teddy", Bob refers to him in the present tense, revealing that he's still alive.

He is finally seen for the first time in "Father of the Bob" and is now voiced by Bill Hader. It is revealed that his and Bob's relationship was on the rocks after he refused to allow Bob to serve his first creation, the "Baby You Can Chive My Car Burger" that he made and offered to Big Bob's Diner regular, Henry, while he was out getting his prostate examined. Also, Bob didn't want to continue working in the restaurant when he offered to change the name to reflect the both of them.

Bob and the family attend his Christmas party and after his prep guy's daughter goes into labor as he has no choice but to work with him. Things come to a head when Bob makes Henry the burger he didn't get a chance to eat 30 years ago.

After Henry eats the burger and likes it, he goes to The Junk Yard next door, a bar owned by regular, Pete. He and Bob make up while line dancing after Bob finds that he kept the first review of Bob's Burgers.


Big Bob is father to Bob Belcher, father-in-law to Linda Belcher and grandfather to Tina, Gene & Louise Belcher. His wife and Bob's mother died sometime before the flashbacks shown in "Father of the Bob". His brother-in-law was Ernest Lombard. It is not clear if Bob's cousin Vanessa is his niece or was Bob's mother's niece.


  • He taught Bob how to drive ("Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks").
  • He is known as "Pop-Pop" by his grandchildren.
  • Like Linda's father, Al, he was voiced by H. Jon Benjamin before the role was recast.
  • He regularly attends screenings of Scandal and line dances at Pete's bar, The Junk Yard.
  • Bob mentions he had a drinking problem in "Bob Fires the Kids". A fact backed up in a deleted audio outtake from "Father of the Bob" where Linda offers him Bailey's,[1] however, he is seen with a drink before he line dances at The Junk Yard.
  • He did not like the fact that Bob & Linda named his grandson Gene.
  • His wife's maiden name was Lombard.
  • A picture of his restaurant can be seen behind the couch in the Belcher's living room.


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