Bob's Burgers Wiki


Season 3[]

"Bob Fires the Kids"[]

In "Bob Fires the Kids," Bob Belcher comes to realize he didn't have a good childhood after realizing Big Bob made him work in the restaurant. Big Bob's voice appears in multiple flashback, telling his son to get back to work.

Season 5[]

"Father of the Bob"[]

Big Bob finally appears for the first time in "Father of the Bob." A flashback reveals that he and his son's relationship started going on the rocks after Big Bob refused to allow Bob to serve his first creation, the "Baby You Can Chive My Car Burger" that he made and offered to Big Bob's Diner regular, Henry, while he was out getting his prostate examined. Also, Bob didn't want to continue working in the restaurant when he offered to change the name to reflect the both of them.

Bob and the family attend his Christmas party and after his prep guy's daughter goes into labor as he has no choice but to work with him. Things come to a head when Bob makes Henry the burger he didn't get a chance to eat thirty years ago. After Henry eats the burger and likes it, he goes to The Junk Yard next door, a bar owned by regular, Pete. He and Bob make up while line dancing after Bob finds that he kept the first review of Bob's Burgers, showing that he does care about his son.