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This article is about the restaurant. For the television series, see Bob's Burgers (TV series).

Are you tired of restaurants saying, 'We have the best burgers in town'? Well, you're in luck, because I'm here to tell you that WE have the best burgers in town. Argument settled.

Bob's Burgers is the restaurant owned by Bob Belcher and Linda Belcher, which is "conveniently located on Ocean Avenue" ("Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mercial") in Seymour's Bay, New Jersey. It is located in a rental property that also contains the family's apartment.


The first floor is comprised of the restaurant, including its dining space, kitchen, and customer bathroom. There is also an employee restroom off of the kitchen. The second floor contains the apartment. It has three bedrooms, a walk-in closet converted into Louise's bedroom, another smaller closet, kitchen/dining room, living room, and bathroom. The property also has a basement that features a walk-in freezer and unfinished attic which leads into a crawl space. They rent the property from their eccentric landlord Mr. Fischoeder.

A simple stop and shop, the restaurant is the self-owned and family business pride of Bob Belcher. Though its menu is also reflective of the restaurant's simple nature, the food is without frills and gimmicks, nor cheap shortcuts in quality. Rather than use pre-ground meat as the basis for his burgers, Bob instead uses choice cuts of beef in his mainstay's consistency. Bob's Burgers is also known to feature unique daily special burgers (see below).

Duties of Staff[]

Bob is the primary cook, with Tina working the grill on the weekend, as the other children cannot be trusted with anything that produces fire. Linda and Louise rotate counter and serving duties. Gene can often be found out front, dressed in a hamburger suit and attempting to drum up business. All three of the kids are often seen wiping down menus or re-filling ketchup bottles during quiet times. Cleaning duties are usually expected to be done by everyone, although more often than not Tina or Bob gets stuck doing these as Gene and Louise get distracted easily.


Bob's Burgers is located right between "It's Your Funeral Home & Crematorium" and another rental property owned by Mr. Fischoeder, their landlord, whose tenants are constantly changing every episode. Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria, First Oceanside Savings Bank, and Yours Truly Stationery are located across the street. The Wonder Wharf Amusement Park is located at the end of the street.

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The family lives in Seymour's Bay, New Jersey. In the episode It Snakes a Village, the family car departs from New Jersey when they visit Linda's parents in Florida. Also in Presto Tina-o, Gene mentions that magic can take you to Delaware, a state south of New Jersey. Additionally, in the episode Eat, Spray, Linda, a bus that Linda mistakenly gets on runs to the Wildwood Wharfs. Wildwood is a beach town located in Southern New Jersey and according to the bus driver (Andrew), is about an hour and a half away from where Linda got on at. The episode Sheesh! Cab, Bob?, Bob picks up a nighttime job as a local taxi cab driver and Tina advises him to avoid the traffic on Route One, implying they live off/near the highway. (Note that I-95 is always closer than U.S. Route 1 is to the Atlantic coast in New Jersey.)


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The menu items from Bob's Burgers are:

Burger of the Day[]

Main article: Burger of the Day
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"Burger of the Day" is one of the running gags in the series. As seen here, a chalkboard behind the counter features a different special each day in the form of a burger named using word play. Generally a pun, the name of the burger combines ingredients and/or side dishes with pop culture references. Bob thinks these burgers up himself, although Louise disobediently replaces Bob's burger of the day with her own more dark and inappropriate versions whenever she can get away with it.

Archer Version[]

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Main article: Archer/Bob's Burgers connection

In Archer's season 4 premiere, Sterling Archer has retrograde amnesia, and stumbles into Bob's Burgers, marries Linda, and becomes a stepfather to Tina, Gene, and Louise. He lives there for 2 months, and cooks burgers. He doesn't have time to do anything, seeing as how he works all day long, and only gets 6 hours of sleep a night. The only difference in the restaurant as far as the layout goes is that the grill is in the front where the counter is, as opposed to the back. 

Linda, and the children's eye color is brown. 

The burger of the day in the Archer episode is the "Thomas Elphinestone Hambledurger with Manning Coleslaw". 


Bob's Burgers
Employees Former Employees/Volunteers Notable Cutomers
Bob Belcher (owner)
Linda Belcher (co-owner)
Tina Belcher (grill cook)
Gene Belcher (server/busser)
Louise Belcher (server/busser)
Logan Bush (server/busser)
Chet (window dresser)
Warren Fitzgerald (designer/investor)
Sandy Frye (commercial actor)
Tammy Larsen (server/busser)
Mickey (server/busser)
Mort (actor)
Teddy (server/busser)
Randy Watkins (commercial director)



  • In 1931, bootlegger Dominic "The Grunt" Gruntano was shot and killed in the seating booth nearest the bathroom. ("Bye Bye Boo Boo")
  • A donut store once occupied the property before Bob's Burgers was established. ("UFO No You Didn't")
  • The restaurant had opened sometime around the same year Tina was born. Evidence of this is in the episodes "Crawl Space", and "Long Time Listener, First Time Bob," where Bob had the same young appearance when he both was carrying an infant Tina and when he opened up the restaurant.
    • It was confirmed in the first episode that the restaurant was in business when Bob and Linda first got married, which also proves that the restaurant had first opened around that time.
    • It's also further confirmed in The Bob's Burgers Movie where in the flashback scene, Linda is pregnant with Tina, and it's shown that they leased the space shortly before she was born.
  • The restaurant has re-opened 4 times as of The Bob's Burgers Movie. The first time due to a fire, the second time due to a rodent/insect infestation, the third time due to a car crashing into an electric pole which then hit the restaurant, and the fourth time due to a sinkhole in front of the restaurant. The sinkhole and 4th re-opening were both depicted during the events of the film.
  • Mort says he often orders soup from Bob's menu and Bob offers to make Teddy soup when he realizes feeding him burgers every day hurts his health ("Friends with Burger-fits"). However, soup doesn't appear on the menu; nobody, including Mort, is seen eating it and it is only mentioned in one other episode ("Bully-ieve It or Not"). It is possibly an off-menu item.
  • The first review of the restaurant is "Unique burgers. Good prices. Service leaves something to be desired but worth the trip." ("Father of the Bob")
  • If one thinks about it, the basement stairs don't really make sense. the door to the basement is placed in a way that it would lead into the front the restaurant, and the stairs bend to the left which would technically place the basement under the street, instead of the restaurant.
  • Though the show almost never shows it, the restaurant has a ceiling fan. ("Stand by Gene")
  • The Belchers (are supposed to) pay their rent the first of every month. ("The Taking of Funtime One Two Three")
  • Two babies have been born in this restaurant. Both of their mothers come from biker gangs. ("Ear-sy Rider" & "Roamin' Bob-iday")
  • Teddy implies that he installed the booths, and it was at around the time of his divorce with Denise. ("Romancing the Beef")
  • They replace their sponges once a year. ("The Hauntening")
  • Their Wi-Fi network's name was "Kids Trapped Send Help," and the password was "dadsbald." Sergeant Bosco had to confiscate their router as evidence. ("Boywatch")
  • A mouse died in their apartment's washing machine. ("Live and Let Fly")
  • The biggest tip they've gotten was a $100 gift card for the More Store. ("Gift Card or Buy Trying")
  • Starting with "The Deepening", the ice cream machine can be seen with visible crush damage from when it was put in the jaws of a mechanical shark to stop it destroying the restaurant.
  • Starting with "Steal Magazine-olias," a portrait of the Belchers rests on the left side of the 2nd row of the bookshelf in their living room. However, it doesn't appear in The Bob's Burgers Movie.