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Bob's Burgers is the restaurant owned by Bob and Linda Belcher, which is "conveniently located on Ocean Avenue"(Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mercial) in an unnamed town on Long Island, New York or the North Jersey Shore, New Jersey It is located in a rental property that also contains the family's home. The first floor is comprised of the dining space, restaurant, and customer bathroom. The second floor has three bedrooms, a walk-in closet converted into Louise's bedroom, a kitchen/dining area, living room, and bathroom. The property also has a basement and unfinished attic which leads into crawl spaces. They rent the property from their eccentric landlord Mr. Fischoeder.

Bob is the primary cook, with Tina working the grill on the weekend, as the other children cannot be trusted with anything that produces fire. Linda and Louise rotate counter and serving duties. Gene can usually be found out front, dressed in a hamburger suit and attempting to drum up business.

Bob's Burgers is located between "It's Your Funeral Home & Crematorium" and another rental property owned by Mr. Fischoeder whose tenants are constantly changing. Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria, First Oceanside Savings Bank, and Yours Truly Stationery are located across the street. The Wonder Wharf Amusement Park is located at the end of the street.

Bob's Burgers Map

It is rumored that in the show, the family lives in New Jersey.In the episode It Snakes a Village, the family car departs from New Jersey when they visit Linda's parents in Florida. Also in Presto Tina-o, Gene mentions that magic can take you to Delaware, a state south of New Jersey. Additionally, in the episode Eat, Spray, Linda , a bus that Linda mistakenly gets on runs to the Wildwood Wharfs. Wildwood is a beach town located in Southern New Jersey and according to the bus driver (Andrew), is about an hour and a half away from where Linda got on at. The episode Sheesh! Cab, Bob?, Bob picks up a nighttime job as a local taxi cab driver and Tina advises him to avoid the traffic on Route One, implying they live off/near the highway. (Note that I-95 is always closer than U.S. Route 1 is to the Atlantic coast in New Jersey.)

Burger of the Day

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"Burger of the Day" is one of the running gags in the series. As seen here, a chalkboard behind the counter features a different special each day in the form of a burger named using word play. Generally a pun, the name of the burger combines ingredients and/or side dishes with pop culture references. Bob thinks these burgers up himself, although Louise disobediently replaces Bob's burger of the day with her own more dark and inappropriate versions whenever she can get away with it.

Archer version

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In Archer's season 4 premiere, Sterling Archer has retrograde amnesia, and stumbles into Bob's Burgers, marries Linda, and becomes a stepfather to Tina, Gene, and Louise. He lives there for 2 months, and cooks burgers. He doesn't have time to do anything, seeing as how he works all day long, and only gets 6 hours of sleep a night. The only difference in the restaurant as far as the layout goes is that the grill is in the front where the counter is, as opposed to the back. 

Linda, and the childrens eye color is brown. 

The burger of the day in the Archer episode is the "Thomas Elphinestone Hambledurger with Manning Coleslaw". 

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  • In 1931, bootlegger Dominic "The Grunt" Gruntano was shot and killed in the seating booth nearest the bathroom.



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