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Bob's Burgers is an American animated sitcom created by Loren Bouchard for Fox Broadcasting Company. The show centers on a family that runs a hamburger restaurant called Bob's Burgers. Loren Bouchard stated that Bob's Burgers came out because of Fox's animation brand centers mostly on family, but that he also wanted to dabble in workplace comedy.

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Store Next Door
Pest Control Truck
Burger of the Day
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End Credits Sequence

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From the community

Rainbowderp01 Rainbowderp01 23 days ago

HI everyone

I promise I'm not dead

The other show I transcribe for just keeps pumping out new episodes and it's hard trying to keep up. I still have 33 episodes left in the season.

I'd love to return here soon, but life gets busy. I'm so sorry.

I'll be back soon

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DizzyDog DizzyDog 27 May

Movie Spoilers

As you may now know, The Bob's Burgers Movie is now out in theaters in United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and wherever else I haven't mentioned. Starting today spoilers will start to appear so this is a heads up for those who …

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