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Season 1[]

Episode Visual Description
"Human Flesh" 1ASA01 Sh104 tk01 0035 Bob's Burgers has its grand re-re-re-opening on Labor Day weekend, the same day as his and Linda's wedding anniversary. Hugo and Ron, two health inspectors, come to Bob's Burgers and announce that there's a rumor there's human flesh in the burgers.
"Crawl Space" Al and Gloria, Linda's parents, come to visit, and Bob pretends to get stuck in the apartment's crawl space. When Gloria decides to stay and help their daughter run the restaurant, he realizes he's actually stuck.
"Sacred Cow" 1305971544-103 cow Randy Watkins, a vegetarian documentary filmmaker, comes to Bob's Burgers before the restaurant's 100,000th burger and tries to guilt Bob by showing him Moolisa, a male cow with a blonde female wig glued on it.
"Sexy Dance Fighting" Bob's oldest daughter Tina gets interested in Jairo and his capoeira classes, which she decides to attend over being the restaurant's grill cook. Bob decides he must bring Tina back.
"Hamburger Dinner Theater" 1asa05 sh301 tk02 0031 Bob lets Linda do her dinner theater shows at Bob's Burgers, but one of her shows gets interrupted by a robber who joins the show. Bob fills in the robber's role in Linda's last show out of guilt after calling the cops on him.
"Sheesh! Cab, Bob?" 1asa09 sh107 tk02 0281f To earn extra money for Tina's 13th birthday party, Bob drives a taxi for his landlord Mr. Fischoeder's business, but he refuses to shave his mustache so his rival Jimmy Pesto's son and his daughter's crush, Jimmy Jr., can come to the party.
"Bed & Breakfast" 1ASA08 Sh020 tk01 0016 Bob accepts that Linda wants to turn the apartment into a bed and breakfast. He tries to avoid the chaos but steps in when their youngest daughter, Louise, pays for costumed characters to terrify Teddy the Handyman and kick him out of her room.
"Art Crawl" 0108 Art Crawl Bob Bob gets horrified by the animal anus paintings his sister-in-law Gayle put up in the restaurant for Art Crawl but decides to keep them up after Edith, the chairperson of the event, who he had a sour encounter with, demands they get taken down.
"Spaghetti Western and Meatballs" 1asa10 sh372 tk01 0045 Bob and his son Gene start watching Banjo together, which takes up the time he and Louise mock TV shows. Louise starts causing trouble at school, and the counselor, Mr. Frond, sends Bob's kids to detention and forbids him from cooking for the school's conflict resolution spaghetti dinner.
"Burger War" Bob and his family can't convince Mr. Fischoeder, who tells the Belchers their rent is due Friday night and that he'll give the lease to Jimmy Pesto if they can't pay. Bob decides to cook mini samples of the Meatsiah, "the most difficult burger known to man."
"Weekend at Mort's" After spotting green mold in the restaurant, Bob and his family stay at Mort's mortuary. Linda turns their stay into the honeymoon they never had, and they have a double date at Jimmy Pesto's with Mort and Samantha, a mortician he's been chatting with online.
"Lobsterfest" 0112 Lobsterfest Bob Linda Bob grows irritated at the town's Lobsterfest because of his allergy to lobster. When a powerful storm prevents Lobsterfest from happening, he allows the crowd to come to his restaurant to bunker and celebrate. Bob threatens to ruin everyone's festivities after seeing his restaurant trashed.
"Torpedo" 1ASA12 Sh072 tk01 bento0048 Bob takes his family to Wonder Wharf's baseball park to see the ad he bought. Bob asks Torpedo Jones, the famous pitcher of the Wonder Wharf Wonderdogs and his role model, to let Gene be in the pre-game mascot races while befriending the player.

Season 2[]

Episode Visual Description
"The Belchies" 2ASA01 Sq33 Sh03-0142 1 Bob and Linda plan to have sex while their kids are asleep, but after realizing it's too quiet, they discover none of their kids are home. They arrive at Caffrey's abandoned taffy factory after reading Tina's diary about how they plan to find a treasure Teddy told them about.
"Bob Day Afternoon" Bob fails to convince the bank manager to restructure his loans, and when he leaves the bank, a hostage situation immediately arises there. Sergeant Bosco turns Bob's Burgers into a stakeout, and when Mickey, the bank robber, decides he wants burgers, it's Bob's job to deliver them.
"Synchronized Swimming" Bob buys a soft-serve machine for the restaurant and needs his family to help with it more than ever. However, Linda is busy coaching their kids in their fake synchronized swimming independent study. Bob must fill Linda's shoes after she quits to prevent them from attending summer school.
"Burgerboss" 22 24 When Jimmy Pesto beats Bob's score on the video game he bought for the restaurant and makes his name "BOB SUX" on the leaderboard, Bob becomes obsessed with the game. After Linda gives the game to Family Funtime, video game enthusiast Darryl trains Bob to beat Jimmy's score.
"Food Truckin'" 0205 Food Truckin' Bob Tina Gene Louise Randy convinces Bob to buy a food truck and teaches him and his family about the food trucking business. The Belchers go to the Lolla-Pa-Foods-A-Festival and win the cash prize for the most popular truck, but they incite a mob of angry food truck owners and festival goers.
"Dr. Yap" Gayle has a crush on Bob after he makes out with her while mistaking her for Linda because of being heavily medicated after visiting the family dentist, Dr. Yap. Bob goes to a ski resort with his dentist and his family, hoping Gayle will move on to Yap.
"Moody Foodie" 0207 Moody Foodie Bob Louise Moody Foodie Reggie, Pepe, and Tran warn Bob of the Moody Foodie, a food critic who ruined their businesses. The Moody Foodie comes to grade Bob's Burgers and leaves a terrible review. When Tina suggests her dad should get a redo, Bob must hide that he abducted the critic in the critic's home.
"Bad Tina" 210 14 03-0052 When Linda takes Bob to see a patty-caking show called Cake, he becomes obsessed with caking. He later goes to Wagstaff to try and stop Tina from reading her erotic friend fiction to her peers with Linda.
"Beefsquatch" Bob gets excited when Get On Up producers select him to star in their new cooking segment before realizing it's because Gene was part of his audition film. While fans want this cooking segment to continue, Bob and Gene's relationship sours as Gene continuously upstages him.


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