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BB wedding

Wedding photo on their bedroom wall

Bob and Linda's wedding took place on September 3rd ("Human Flesh").

They appear to have married in a civil ceremony at City Hall, according to the photo on their bedroom wall, which is interesting because of Linda's occasional references to Christianity. In "Presto Tina-o", Linda makes a reference to Tina wearing white (a straight jacket for a magic trick) and it being like Tina's wedding day, but the coloring in the wall photo suggests Linda wore cream.


  • September 3rd is the same day Loren Bouchard and his wife got married.[1]
  • Linda uses the "9 is divisible by 3" method to remember their anniversary date.
  • In "Human Flesh," Bob mentions that he and Linda had to work on their wedding night instead of going on a honeymoon because they couldn't afford not to work.
  • Bob is unsure if he had a bachelor party. ("The Grand Mama-pest Hotel")