Boo Boo

Bob's Burgers character
Boo Boo - 01.jpg
Boo Boo
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Occupation Member of Boyz4Now
Behind the scenes
First "Boyz 4 Now"
Voiced by Max Greenfield

Boo Boo is a member of the boy band, Boyz4Now, and is Louise's love interest in Boyz 4 Now. He is shown singing at the concert when Louise sees him and falls in love with him, much to her horror. When Louise and Tina hide in a hamper on their tour bus, it's revealed that he sits in a booster seat, despite being shown to be older than Louise. When she gets caught, she slaps him and gets kicked off the bus though when she goes back to her house, she still holds some romance for him.

In "Bye Bye Boo Boo", he leaves Boyz4Now to start his solo career. He goes on a promotional tour of amusement parks to promote his solo album, Tall Enuff 2 Ride Your Heart. After holding auditions to replace him in "Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now", it gets announced that he is returning to the band.


  • He is possibly based on young stars like Justin Bieber & Billy Gilman.
    • This is referenced primarily by the young age at which he reached celebrity status. Other aspects, such as his long, fluffy hair, and "triple threat" lifestyle (he considers himself an actor, artist & model) also contribute to this image.
  • His fans are called "Boo Boo Boosters."
    • Boo Boo rides in a booster seat on the Boyz 4 Now tour bus. It is stated that he will be allowed to "sit in a big boy seat" when he weighs 80 pounds.
  • Boo Boo's age is never mentioned; he is simply referred to as the youngest member of the band. He is generally thought to be around 10 years old.
  • Boo Boo is the only member of Boyz 4 Now that has more than one line in the show. Louise's infatuation with him has led to his receiving a larger role than the other members of his band.


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