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Stop. Stop it. Stop it! STOOOOOOOOOOP!

Bob's Burgers Presents: "Bored" is a short film released online through the show's YouTube channel and social media pages on July 17, 2020, between Seasons 10 and 11.


Bob's Burgers is open (albeit for take-out only) while the coronavirus pandemic is going on. The Belchers are working in a socially distanced work environment while wearing PPE. Teddy is also present, waiting to get a take-out order.

The kids sing a song, in the tune of “Where is Thumbkin?”' where they constantly say "boring". Linda and Teddy attempt to join in before Bob gets annoyed and tells them to stop.


  • The short was recycled from a cut scene from a Season 10 episode.[1]
  • The short was released on the day Bob's Burgers: The Movie was due to be released before being pushed back to April 9, 2021.
  • Loren Bouchard had initially announced that the pandemic would not be written into the series when tying up confusion over the show was working on pandemic-themed episodes when actually they were actually just continuing to produce episodes during the pandemic.[2]
  • BURGER OF THE DAY: The Social Swiss-tancing Burger.




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