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Season 6[]

"House of 1000 Bounces"[]

Caitlin supervises her daughter's birthday in "House of 1000 Bounces." Like Dahlia, she refuses to let Regular Sized Rudy and his friends use her daughter's bounce house after the rental company they both ordered a bounce house from canceled the order for Rudy, thinking it was a duplicate. She also refuses to lend Rudy's party juice and claims she doesn't have any water to give them despite drinking water immediately after stating that.

As a distraction, while Tina, Gene, Louise, Rudy, Harley, Andy, Ollie, and Jeremy steal the bounce house, her nephew, Sasha Whiteman, gets her to go after Rudy's father, Sylvester, a divorcee like her. It seems to go well at first, but after Ranger Dainko arrests Rudy and his friends, she becomes uninterested and refuses to exchange information with him.