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Bob, Linda, your children are refusing to acknowledge me.
- Calvin Fischoeder

Calvin Fischoeder (more commonly called Mr. Fischoeder) is Bob Belcher's wealthy and odd landlord. He owns many properties on Ocean Avenue, including the Bob's Burgers building. In addition, he owns the Wonder Wharf amusement park, affiliated establishments, and other shady side businesses. He is also the brother of Felix Fischoeder, who's just as eccentric. He makes his first appearance in "Sheesh! Cab, Bob?"

He is voiced by Kevin Kline.



Mr. Fischoeder is a relatively chubby older man with peach skin, light-gray hair, a wrinkly face, and shaped eyebrows. For someone old, he is distinctly tall, being slightly taller than Bob. He wears an eyepatch over his left eye, which he assumably started wearing after his brother poked his eye out ("Ambergris"). He also wears a white suit, a pink shirt underneath, a purple tie, and white shoes.


Mr. Fischoeder is the more dominant of the two Fischoeders, shown by both his greater age and how others, including Felix, usually respect him more than his brother. While he has been shown frequently and rather meanly teasing Felix, he obviously cares deeply about him, as shown by the fact that he was willing to pay $4,000 to bribe Bob to cover Felix's attempt to murder both of them.

He does not have a strong sense of morals and is willing to cut corners and blame other people to protect himself or someone he cares about. He has strong familial connections and his relatives have a large influence on him; both he and Felix are shown to have cared about their father and each other. He owns many of the properties around town, including the rental property next to Bob's Burgers, Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria, the baseball stadium and team, the Wonder Wharf amusement park, etc. He generally refuses to eat his tenants' food with the exception of Douchie Sushi. He also has some shadier side businesses that include cab driving, gambling and possibly abortions. Mr. Fischoeder wears a white suit, an eye patch and sometimes a white cape, and drives around town in a golf buggy with the license plate "BIGFSCH." The buggy previously belonged to his father, who left it to him following his death. Louise describes Mr. Fischoeder as being "one white cat away from being a supervillain." He had considered not renewing Bob's lease until he tried Bob's most difficult specialty burger, the "Meatsiah," after which he declared Bob a Beefartist. Mr. Fischoeder orders "blueberries," which are a cover for buying marijuana from Cooper and Beverly in "Bob Fires the Kids."

In "An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal," he appears when he has the Belcher family pose as his family so he can impress a woman who was once his flame. He also appears in "The Deepening," when he buys a mechanical shark that was once used for a shot in a movie. He begins showing negligence as soon as the shark goes on the loose and begins to destroy the city. In "Topsy," he and Linda's sister, Gayle, sing a duet for Louise called "Electric Love," a song based fictionally on the relationship between Topsy the Elephant and Thomas Edison.

Though often an antagonist in the series, Calvin Fischoeder becomes a more sympathetic character in "Wharf Horse," where his eccentric nature pales in comparison to his brother Felix's darker, more violent personality. The inversion of the colors of Felix's outfit may be a physical manifestation of his true nature: while Calvin cuts corners (such as with the Wonder Wharf rollercoaster) and limits Bob financially, he never directly tries to harm anyone. Felix, on the other hand, is extravagant and tries to be likable, but is ultimately concerned with his own desires to the point where he will try to hurt, or even kill, anyone who prevents him from getting his own way.

Despite Mr. Fischoeder's often dubious actions, his most consistent personality trait is the fact that he greatly likes and respects Bob, who reminds him of his father. While his actions have serious side effects to others, especially Bob, he primarily acts as if he's playing an extravagant game meant to amuse himself, not fully realizing (or caring) if what he does harms someone around him.


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His dad[]

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Felix Fischoeder[]

Felix is Mr. Fischoeder's younger brother. The two often act like overgrown children when together, with Calvin often finding reasons to taunt Felix and Felix inevitably throwing a tantrum when he does not get his way. Calvin often teases Felix even in dire situations, such as when Felix attempted to drown him and Bob ("World Wharf II: The Wharfening"). The two have also participated in things like "money fights" (where they literally just throw money at each other) and participating in an extremely competitive game of hide-and-seek every year ("Brunchsquatch").

It seems that their relationship has been similar throughout their lives, with Felix often showing jealousy over his brother's greater success. When they were younger, Felix somehow poked out his brother's eye ("Ambergris"). Calvin believes that Felix can't do anything right without his help and mocks him endlessly for being unable to finish anything once he gets bored with it. Nevertheless, while Calvin loves teasing his younger brother, he also greatly cares for him and helps him out of a bind when he can, such as preventing him from going to jail after he tries to drown him.

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The Belchers[]

Some of Mr. Fischoeder's tenants, he's known the Belchers for a long time. The Belchers are often fascinated by his strange, eccentric attitude and way of living.

Mr. Fischoeder greatly likes Bob and will listen to him on occasion, mostly because Bob reminds him of his father. Despite their relationship, he never gets food from the restaurant. Mr. Fischoeder loves to pull large, often over-the-top pranks on Bob every April Fools Day since the Belchers moved in ("What a (April) Fool Believes"). He also notes that Bob is often late on the rent, occasionally threatening to evict them if they fail to pay their rent.

While he does like Bob, his relationship with the other Belchers is more reserved. Unlike Bob, he rarely addresses them by their names, referring to them as things such as "Burger People," "Burger Children" (When addressing Tina, Gene, and Louise) or "Lady Bob" (to Linda). He does address Linda by name on occasion and recognizes all of them as members of Bob's family when he sees them around. He occasionally likes using them in his own schemes, often willing to waive a month (or more) of rent in exchange for their help.

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  1. The earliest known fact about Mr. Fischoeder is that he used to do a type of clapping game "about 60 years" ago ("Dream a Little Bob of Bob").


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