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Is this restaurant seaman-friendly?
- Captain Flarty

Captain Flarty is the former captain of the Windbreaker before his crew mutinied against him. He is also notable for having a pet capybara named Kiki. He and his pet make their first and only appearance in "Mutiny on the Windbreaker."

He is voiced by Jeffrey Tambor.





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Captain Flarty ruled the Windbreaker with his shanghaied crew. He lured them in by telling them he only wanted them to be his 'special guest' for one night, but before they figured it out, they were already at sea, far from land. He also takes their passports and threatens to throw them out at sea with almost nothing to lower their hopes of escaping. In "Mutiny on the Windbreaker," he tries kidnapping Bob Belcher to make him his private chef, but the restaurateur makes the rest of the crew mutiny against Flarty and stops his reign.



Bob Belcher[]





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