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Cardinal Gennaro High School is a high school in Hunkawtaway that was attended by Linda and Gayle. It played host to The Ta Tas' reunion show as the class of '88 held their 25 year reunion in "Purple Rain-Union".




  • The name "Cardinal Gennaro" can refer to Cardinal Gennaro Granito Pignatelli di Belmonte, which can make people assume that the school is a Catholic one, despite no indication of this in the school's design/decor. However, the school mascot being a cardinal ("The Pumpkinening"), on top of the name likely referencing writer Tony Gennaro, shows it's a coincidence.
  • It was not established if Debbie (who introduces The Ta Tas at the talent show in 1988 and later organizes the reunion) was a member of the staff of Cardinal Gennaro High School, a student, both, or neither.