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Carniapolis is the run-down area where most of the workers or carnies from Wonder Wharf live. According to Wonder Wharf's ticket attendant during The Bob's Burgers Movie, Carniapolis is to the left past Mr. Gravy Paws, the abandoned dog food factory. So far, it has only appeared in the movie.

No one in this area of Seymour's Bay likely lives in the buildings, which are vandalized and defaced. The Ticket Seller Lady didn't want Tina, Gene, and Louise Belcher coming here, so it's likely only carnies are allowed here. Carniapolis is a trailer park with caravans but also shipping containers and nonfunctioning vehicles, like buses, here. They are all found in this recess within multiple buildings, making it crowded and hard to navigate through. There are even some vehicles stacked on top of each other. However, they reserve space in the center for events. In The Bob's Burgers Movie, they were playing "lucky ducks," a game originating from Wonder Wharf. There are also some stands found from the amusement park and other games here.

Known inhabitants[]

Former inhabitants[]