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Yeah, I'd love to keep bailing, but I'm gonna bail.
- Chloe Barbash

Chloe Barbash is a fourth-grade student at Wagstaff School. She is incredibly popular, and many boys in her grade have a crush on her, including Regular Sized Rudy, which annoys Louise Belcher. She makes her first appearance in "Bob Actually."

She is voiced by Stephanie Beatriz.



Chloe wears a blue frock, white tights and purple shoes. She has long and shiny red hair that extends down to just above her waist.


Not only is Chloe implicitly rich, but she is also a popular figure at Wagstaff, which means she has a lot of options, whether it'd be a sweetheart to choose from ("Bob Actually") or a pool to party in ("Copa-Bob-bana"). Because of this, she can come off as entitled, like not bothering to read Rudy's love letter he wrote to her on Valentine's Day in "Bob Actually" and acting indifferent to the "love weeds" he bought from Zeke for her since multiple other boys got her love weeds. Chloe's implied wealth is likely much more significant than that of other students, making her believe she's completely different from them, or at least Louise, who she thinks doesn't know what the use of shampoo is ("Bob Actually").

Chloe also appears exploitative, like how she got Rudy to fall for her so he could give her answers in class ("Bob Actually") or called Louise out that she was scared her bunny ears would fall off in the game she, Harley, and Abby were playing (The Bob's Burgers Movie).


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Without Chloe here, how am I supposed to know what's lame and what's cool?

She appears to be good friends with Harley because they both appear walking together into the girl's bathroom at the Aquarium in "Poops!… I Didn't Do It Again" and in "Prank You for Being a Friend," they appear entering the school building side by side.

Abby Haddington[]

Large Tommy[]

Hogarth Haber[]

Regular Sized Rudy[]

Rudy has a crush on her, which she doesn't care about as Rudy is non-athletic. Despite Rudy's frequent attempts to spend time with her, she doesn't think of him much, even as a potential friend.


The Belcher kids[]

This way to paradise, my friends. And Chloe, who I didn't know was coming.

While she often teases Louise, and Louise frequently detests Chloe, they don't seem to be enemies. They're in multiple classes together, and they're also in Ms. LaBonz's class. In "Amelia," Chloe clapped at Louise's Mother's Day project like many other students because of how well-done it was, showing that she doesn't have less respect for Louise than others. In "Copa-Bob-bana," Rudy also asks if Louise remembers Chloe's pool party last year, indicating that Chloe invited Louise to her party, and Louise accepted the invite.

Chloe infamously taunted Louise over her bunny ears, calling her a baby. This interaction caused Louise to doubt her strength and bravery. Eventually, Louise learned to ignore Chloe and re-gained her confidence following her family's adventure to save their restaurant (The Bob's Burgers Movie).

Louise recognizes Chloe's arrogance and knows that she and Rudy are better off not being friends with her.

The Pesto kids[]


Kevin Ishihara[]

It's unknown if she like-likes Kevin Ishihara, but she talked highly about how he juggled several beanie babies ("Bob Actually").

Wagstaff faculty[]

Phillip Frond[]

Ms. LaBonz[]

Ms. Padaro[]


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