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This is Clem Clements. Coming at you with no plan and no BS
- Catchphrase

Clem Clements is a radio DJ who appears in "Long Time Listener, First Time Bob". Bob was among his listeners when he worked late nights at WIXU before being fired for talking too much and playing what he wanted, which was unpopular with management. After this, he was offered a job at WOFD but refused due to his principles, and found work in a bowling alley in town, but still harbored resentment over losing his job and how it was replaced with a computer DJ. When Bob brings him a burger at the alley after meeting him, he manages to talk Bob and the kids into going to the stain to talk with the manager. However, Vance, the manager, refuses to give Clem his job back, so he instead manages to hijack the broadcast with the reluctant help of his former colleague Patrick the engineer. After a standoff with security and Vance, they are thrown out, but Clem decides to hijack the 'Tide Cruiser for a live radio broadcast with the Belchers and Patrick. After driving and stopping to broadcast from a restaurant, the group managed to broadcast until the van was hacked and taken back by the radio station to broadcast the computer DJ Eddie 'Tude. However, in that time, Clem's broadcast had gained him some fans, and a call from Dan at WOFD results in him getting a midnight shift Dj position with Patrick along as engineer.


  • He does spoken word poetry, which he puts on his iPod.