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Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 20s-30s
Occupation Chapter president of the One Eyed Snakes/Employee at What the Tech
Relatives Sidecar (son)
Mudflap (wife)
Behind the scenes
First "Ear-sy Rider"
Voiced by Robert Ben Garant

Critter is the chapter president of the One Eyed Snakes biker gang. He is voiced by Robert Ben Garant.

Critter first appears along with other members of the One Eyed Snakes in "Ear-sy Rider" where they show up at It's Your Funeral Home & Crematorium to mourn their leader, Horny Dave's, passing. They later come to Bob's Burgers after seeing that Bob sells beer. Critter is local chapters' unquestioned leader and successor to Horny Dave and, as a sign of this, wears the remains of Horny Dave's jacket. After gang member, Mudflap, gives birth, she reveals to Critter that he is the baby, Sidecar's, father and not Horny Dave as Horny Dave had a vasectomy in 1995.

He appears again in "Speakeasy Rider" with Mudflap & Sidecar helping the kids fashion an old bumper car into a go-kart and serves as Team Belchers mechanic. He watches the grand prix race with Bob & Linda.

In "Wag the Hog", Critter is jailed after being pulled over for a broken tail light and it is discovered that he owes $9,000 in parking tickets. To get him out, the Belchers agree to sell his bike to Kenny, an investment banker. It is revealed that he is also working at an electronics store called What the Tech to provide for Sidecar. It is implied that he and Mudflap are now in a relationship together as Critter kisses Mudflap in a flashback to them burning tickets, either that, or they're only cohabiting to raise Sidecar.



Unlike his colleagues, Critter is a genuinely nice and friendly guy as shown when he pays Bob for the damages the gang caused while hanging out at the restaurant, bowdlerized himself when explaining his patches to the kids and later helps them turn an old bumper car into a go-kart for free.


  • After Horny Dave's jacket gets torn off by Cynthia Bush in "Ear-sy Rider", he stitches it into another jacket and that's how it appears in other episodes.
  • He has a flaming skull tattoo on his right arm.
  • He is implied to be associated with the white power movement as he attempts to cover one of his patches with the lie that he's not associated with the movement.


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