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You get back here, Logan Berry Bush!
- Cynthia Bush

Cynthia Bush is the uptight wife of Tom Bush and mother of Logan Bush. She is also a leasing agent and the master of Ocean Avenue's urban garden. Cynthia and her family are often antagonists to the Belchers, but she especially doesn't like Linda. They make their first appearance in "Ear-sy Rider."

She is voiced by Lindsey Stoddart.




She is described as a 'hussy' by both Linda & Louise. She is stubborn to the point of getting into physical altercations, almost getting into them with the One Eyed Snakes and Linda. She is wealthier than the Belchers and has a snobbish attitude towards them and their restaurant. Despite this, she has an artsy side, as she and Tom named their son "Logan Berry Bush" (a decision she claims they "didn't think it through"). She has some discipline issues with Logan, admonishing him for stealing Louises' bunny ears and taking him to a parenting seminar by Dakota Applebaum after calling her "the b word."


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Tom Bush[]

Logan Bush[]


The Belchers[]

Cynthia believes that the Belchers are "simple folk" ("Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise") and also thinks their restaurant is dirty. Cynthia and Linda Belcher come into conflict on several occasions, due to their similar yet contrasting personalities and goals, such as in "Ear-sy Rider," when they argued with each other over Logan stealing Louise's ears and Louise calling a motorcycle gang on him in turn. In "Tell Me Dumb Thing Good," Cynthia also tries to get rid of a trash can with silly things added on it to attract business while Linda wanted to keep it as a local tradition.



  1. s11e21 "Tell Me Dumb Thing Good" The Belchers discover that Cynthia is a leasing agent.
  2. s5e10 "Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise" Linda reveals that Cynthia is the garden master of Ocean Avenue.


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