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Season 3[]

"Ear-sy Rider"[]

Cynthia Bush first appears in "Ear-sy Rider" when Louise goes to Logan's house to try and retrieve her rabbit ear hat. She comes to Bob's Burgers after the One Eyed Snakes biker gang attempted to cut off Logan's ears.

"Mother Daughter Laser Razor"[]

Cynthia appears again in "Mother Daughter Laser Razor" where she and Logan attend Dakota's seminar along with Linda & Louise after Logan called her the "b-word." Linda and Cynthia get very competitive with each other when competing for the Most Valuable Mommy award that Dakota Applebaum was giving out at the end of the seminar. Even trying to outdo each other while trying to break down the door of the Uter-room.

Season 5[]

"Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise"[]

In "Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob & Louise," Cynthia is the Garden master of the local community garden where Bob tries to get a plot. Bob makes a deal with her so that Logan can work at the restaurant in order for her to write an essay for Logan. While he his working there, she regularly visits to type up the essay on her laptop. Linda gets furious when she complains about not serving chamomile tea and continually writes bad things about the work environment in the essay.

Season 11[]

"Tell Me Dumb Thing Good"[]

In "Tell Me Dumb Thing Good," Cynthia reveals she works as a leasing agent who is opposed to Linda's trash can art and gets the city council, which includes her husband, to pass a resolution to outlaw the decoration of trash cans so she can seal a deal with the chain Pretzel Kingdom.