Bob's Burgers character
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age Possibly 6
Occupation Student
Relatives Caitlin (mother)
Sasha Whiteman (cousin)
Behind the scenes
First "House of 1000 Bounces"
Voiced by Jessica Lowe

Dahlia is a girl who is also having a birthday party next to Regular Sized Rudy's in the park in House of 1000 Bounces. Her party gets a bounce house after the rental company think that one of the two orders they had for the park was a duplicate and only gave one to her party.


Sasha describes her as "super-annoying" and "History's Greatest Monster". She is shown to be quite unfriendly as she refuses to share the one bounce house that got delivered to her party with Rudy's party, her mother is also non-permissive of doing so. She also later calls Sasha a "bastard" after finding out he double-crossed her.


She is Sasha Whiteman's cousin, Caitlin is her mother who is divorced, likely from her father.


  • Is starting a friendship bracelet company called Wristy Business.
  • Her age is unknown and Sasha doesn't appear to know it as he quotes her saying, "I'm however many years old".
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