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I am a man. And that's okay. The female spirit flows through all of us. We're all estro-geniuses.
- Dakota Applebaum

Dakota Applebaum is a mother-daughter guru who runs an online blog called the "Phenomi-mom." Linda used the blog to find advice on what she should do about her and Louise's relationship. He makes his only appearance in "Mother Daughter Laser Razor."

He is voiced by Tim Heidecker.




Dakota is shown to be rather enthusiastic about mending mother-daughter relationships to the point where he "kills" Louise when the group all ends up playing laser tag after claiming she ruined his seminar.


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Therapy tools[]

During his mother-daughter seminar, he used multiple tools:

  • "Umbilitators" - A funnel leading into a tube with a face mask attached
  • "Vagisacks" - A sack resembling a human vagina which cost $50 apiece.
  • "Uter-room" - A small room where punished attendees are forced to watch Freaky Friday on loop.



The Belchers[]

The Bushes[]



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