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Dame Judi Brunch, as you live and breathe. Yes, it's really me. Yes, I'm really here. Yes, let's really have brunch.
- Dalton Crespin

Dalton Crespin is a blogger who writes a blog called "Brunch Drunk Love" and writes under the name "Dame Judi Brunch." He makes his first appearance in "Brunchsquatch."

He is voiced by John Early.



Dalton has red hair and freckles. He wears a light blue dress shirt, gray pants with darker blue braces holding them up and white slip-on shoes.


Dalton is a very outgoing individual who, at first, can come off as somewhat self-centered, such as introducing himself loudly when attending the brunch at Bob's Burgers and being surprised that Linda doesn't know who he is. However, he is a nice person who finds Linda's enthusiasm endearing and tells her not to stop being herself. The blogger also considers Gene's Brunchsquatch antics and the novelty names for the Belcher family's restaurant's brunch items funny. He also compliments the cooking, saying it is "amazeballs," a word he rarely uses (though his friends are unsure). He is also sincerely horrified enough by the brunch skunks and tries to warn Linda about them. Later, he shows up and gets invited to a private brunch at the Belcher's after the brunch skunks riot. He also brings his dog since the Belcher kids wanted a dog in this episode, showing another example of his kindness. However, he vehemently disagrees with a drawing that shows him wearing flip-flops ("Brunchsquatch").

As a professional food and restaurant critic, he has a lot of knowledge and experience with the best ways brunch can be run, such as with a meal-per-person-minimum and what happens when "brunch skunks" are cut off from their booze ("Brunchsquatch").

Dalton, like Linda, seems to particularly love alcohol, agreeing with her when she wonders why anyone would water down a mimosa ("Brunchsquatch") and later try to "drink his way through the holidays" after a nasty breakup ("The Bleakening (Part 1)").


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Love Interests[]

Dalton had a boyfriend whom he broke up with prior to "The Bleakening," who is now boyfriends with another one of his ex-boyfriends.


The Belchers[]

Despite liking Linda and having another arrangement that would cause him to leave early, he was incredibly mad at Linda for calling the cops at a Christmas warehouse rave he was at. ("The Bleakening")




Other Jennifer[]




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