Dan Mintz
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Tina Belcher, Daniel Belcher


September 25, 1981


Margie Mintz


Anchorage, Alaska

Dan Mintz is an American actor, writer, and comedian. He currently voices the eldest daughter of the family, Tina Belcher, in Bob's Burgers. He was a consulting writing on H. Jon Benjamin's show, Jon Benjamin Has a Van, before it was cancelled. He is formerly the writer and executive producer on Fox's Son of Zorn.


Originally, he was to voice Daniel Belcher, a character named after him, until they decided to create Tina in his place, as the idea of two boys were not working with the crew.

Additionally, in Can't Buy Me Math, he voiced one of Tina's grandsons in a fantasy sequence where she dreads telling her grandchildren about how she was bad at math.

In addition to his voice acting, Mintz also wrote the episode, "The Equestranauts".

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