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I'm sorry it's hard for me to think when my pants are off!
- Darryl

Darryl, also known as DRL, is a seventh-grader at Wagstaff School. He is highly confident in his intelligence and ability to play video games, but he can be a coward who breaks down over anything that scares him, which is a lot of things. Although he isn't in the same grade as the Belcher kids, he is part of their friend group. He makes his first appearance in "Burgerboss."

He is voiced by Aziz Ansari.



Darryl is relatively short for a seventh-grader and only slightly taller than Louise and Regular Sized Rudy, who are in fourth grade. Darryl wears browline glasses, a white t-shirt, a golden brown puffer vest, green shorts, and light brown shoes.

Darryl appears to be Indian, but the closest his race ever comes to being mentioned is when Bob questions it musingly while high on painkillers in "Burgerboss."


Darryl is a self-described video game enthusiast. He has registered high scores on arcade games at Family Funtime and in the arcade at Spare Change Lanes. However, he dislikes being called a "nerd," mainly due to Tyler, his bully, often making fun of him. He has several phobias including spiders and slight claustrophobia. He is very knowledgeable about video games and loves to spend his time in several arcades around town.

In Season 5, Darryl is shown to have a great interest in singing. In "Can't Buy Me Math," he sings a song for Tina at the Seventh/Eighth grade 'Cupids Couple' competition. In "The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee," he joins the eponymous band as their vocalist after they hear him singing Hall and Oates' Maneater in the computer lab. He is also a member of the Hormone-iums, an acapella vocal group.

Darryl also likes math, comic books, robots and going to the science museum. He also appears to have voyeuristic intentions as he owns a telescope which he uses to spy on his elderly neighbor across the street and he also followed Tammy & Jocelyn to the "Zany Plane" ride at Wonder Wharf in "Stand By Gene."


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His mom[]

His grandpa[]

Love interests[]

Rosa Batista[]

In "Can't Buy Me Math," he is shown to have a crush on eighth grade student, Rosa Batista. To get closer to her, he and Tina enter as 'Cupid's Couple' at the Valentine's dance after Michael Carlish, a seventh grade student later went out with Jenny Testa, an eighth grade student after entering cupid's couple with Tracy Schwartz. The plan works but Tina is later shown to have feelings for Darryl after their staged breakup. She later drops the bombshell about their staged romance to Rosa and she leaves him, but they later make up over the video game, Moats. Rosa is never seen again and Darryl & Tina are never again romantic despite his recurring role.


The Belchers[]

Regular Sized Rudy[]

Peter Pescadero[]





Other media


  1. s5e17 "The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee" Darryl joins the band with the Belcher children, Regular Sized Rudy, and Peter Pescadero.
  2. s6e14 "The Hormone-iums"
  3. s8e14 "The Trouble with Doubles" Darryl mentions his mom.


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