Bob's Burgers character
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Occupation Curator of Chalk of the Town Festival
Behind the scenes
First "Eat, Spray, Linda"
Voiced by Drew Droege
Deirdre is a woman who Linda encounters twice in Eat, Spray, Linda.

They first meet in the Patterson Farms grocery store. She is initially behind Linda in the checkstand line but after the checker asks customers line up at checkstand 3 she goes in straight away and Linda is left to line up behind her. She is buying supplies for the Chalk of the Town festival. She then begins talking at length to the checker as they are apparently friendly with each other. She leaves the line to go get better disposable cups that the checker recommends as well as some more ice which the checker also recommends.

She later appears at the festival when Linda shows up attempting to get back to the apartment, she refuses to let her through as she doesn't have a ticket. Linda then argues that its a public street that she should be free to walk down. Linda then starts to run and ruins her clalk-sterpiece in the process, Deirdre then starts to give chase, Linda carefully avoids the other chalk pieces while Deirdre just runs through them. Deidre gives up after coming to a chalk drawing of a gorge which Linda jumps over to avoid ruining it.


She has reddish-brown hair and huge lips wearing a green shirt and blue pants the first time Linda meets her and the second time she is also wearing a "Hello, my name is..." name tag necklace.

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