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Season 1[]

"Bed & Breakfast"[]

Teddy first mentions Denise in "Bed & Breakfast" where he says that he had a three-way with her and Ray who works down at the pier in a seal suit, when in reality, she just had sex with Ray while Teddy watched. When being confronted with the Fuzzy Buddies later in the episode, a brief flashback to Ray having sex with her is seen.

Season 7[]

"Sea Me Now"[]

In "Sea Me Now", Teddy takes a boat that he has been restoring since his and Denise's divorce which he christens 'Sea Me Now' and takes it to Menemshewena Island where she works at The Schoon Hound bar with her new boyfriend to impress her. After failing to do so, Bob convinces Teddy that she doesn't need to see that he's doing alright.

Season 13[]

"The Show (and Tell) Must Go On"[]

In "The Show (and Tell) Must Go On," Teddy mentions he and Denise had nothing in common, that her favorite thing was going on trips by herself and not telling him when or where she was going.