Bob's Burgers character
Doug Wheeler
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Jingle composer
Relatives Courtney Wheeler (daughter)

Mrs. Wheeler (wife)

Behind the scenes
First "The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene"
Voiced by John Michael Higgins

Doug Wheeler is Courtney Wheeler's father. In The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene, when Gene plans to breakup with Courtney for being too annoying, he changes his mind when he sees Doug's studio of equipment for writing jingles and music. Gene believes that Doug can help him set a career in this, so he takes back his plans on breaking up with Courtney. Later on, he breaks her heart at Courtney's birthday party and the family gets back on Gene. After the prank is up, Gene asks Doug if he can meet him again in "Gear Heaven", the term they used to describe Doug's studio, and Doug responds with "Not a chance in Gear Hell."

He returns in Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl where he composes Courtney's Working Girl musical which gets selected as the fall musical. He also appears in The Gene and Courtney Show where he shows some malice towards Gene after breaking Courtney's heart.

In "Roller? I Hardly Know Her!" he conspires with Gene to give Alex Papasian diarrhea so he couldn't roller dance with Courtney.


  • Has composed jingles for Pip's potato chips, Pawsage's Cat Sausages and Silent Muffler.
  • His parents bought all his equipment.
  • Was junior roller dance partners champion in 1984.


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