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— Common phrase

Bob's Burgers[]

Season 2[]

Your negligent flossing habits are funding my one way ticket to Pound Town.
(Peter Frampton voice) Your tooth is a king now. It's got a crown on it.
(Peter Frampton voice) Children lead to intercourse.
— "Dr. Yap"
Last time I was out in the wilderness, I had to snap a wolf's neck while holding an orphan.

Season 4[]

And that's where I had my first French hug. That's where you feel a girl's armpits.
Sucker punch!

Season 6[]

What's Yappening? Dr. Yap's in the bathroom!
You are the tooth, we numb your butt with Novocain, and we yank you off the toilet. Done. Dental day-um.
All right, let's numb that bum.

Season 8[]

I don't extract baby teeth, Bob. I yank gross, diseased adult teeth.

Season 9[]

I care about you kids. That's why I hunted you down like animals all night!

Season 11[]

Season 13[]