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  • He was named after writer, Wendy Molyneux's, real-life dentist, Dr. Janice Yap, DDS.[Note 1]
  • He owns a blue guitar (a Yamaha Pacifica) that he keeps and sometimes plays in his office dubbed "Greta." He also has a talkbox accessory to go with it. His nickname at the Beta Pi Upsilon frat house, Slow Hand, is likely derived from that of Eric Clapton's, also a guitar player.
  • Twice in the series, Bob has threatened to switch to a different dentist because of him. The first was in "Art Crawl" after Tina paints him in the nude and again after he is exposed as the perpetrator of the prank war in "My Big Fat Greek Bob."
  • He drives a yellow car with the license plate, BRN2DRLU. It possibly means "born to drill you."
  • His voice actor, Ken Jeong, is a real-life doctor.
  • The word yap is another meaning for the word mouth.
  • He is Asian. ("My Big Fat Greek Bob")
  • He likely listens to Peter Frampton, as he imitated his voice twice in "Dr. Yap."
  • He thinks Bob has the perfect body. ("My Big Fat Greek Bob")
  • His appearance resembles that of Shigeru Miyamoto.


  1. Wendy Molyneux's tweet, which confirmed his being named after Dr. Janice Yap, DDS., has since been deleted. However, Comic Book Resources published an article on June 13, 2020 about his character using the tweet to make the same point.