Bob's Burgers character
Ed and Nora Samuels
Ed and Nora Samuels
Gender Male (Ed)
Female (Nora)
Hair Red (Ed)
Brown (Nora)
Age 30-40
Behind the scenes
First "Bed and Breakfast"
Voiced by H. Jon Benjamin (Ed)
Melissa Bardin Galsky (Nora)

Ed and Nora Samuels are a couple that, have currently, only appeared in Bed & Breakfast. They appear to be somewhat negative people, however, they seem to be very active in "role-playing" when it comes to their sexual lives. They try to make their escape when Linda locks them in Gene's room by using some of their sexual "domination" objects. However, they get stuck on the way down and, when found, ask Linda to help them.

When the family realizes they are gone, Gene mentions that it was their greatest escape, as Linda had told him earlier, after accidentally seeing them during their sexual intercourse, that they were escape artists. Gene then takes their mask not knowing what it is. When found, they are forced to say they liked the Bed and Breakfast, recommend it to their friends, and leave their e-mail address. Linda then gives them the ladder to let them down from their escape.

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