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Season 1[]

"Bed & Breakfast"[]

In Bed & Breakfast," Ed and Nora Samuels sign up for Linda's B&B. They're the second and third to arrive after Javed Fazel. Linda forces them to be part of their events, even though they only want to be in their rooms. When Linda tries saying goodnight to her guests, she catches them having kinky sex. The next day, they try leaving, but Linda locks them and the rest of her guests in their rooms. Ed and Nora Samuels try to make their escape by using some of their sexual "domination" objects. However, they get stuck on the way down and, when found, ask Linda to help them. When the family realizes they are gone, Gene mentions that it was their "greatest escape," as Linda had told him earlier, after accidentally seeing them during their sexual intercourse, that they were escape artists. Gene then takes their mask, not knowing what it is, and plays with it. When found, Linda helps them after Bob grounds her back to reality. However, Linda forces them to say they liked the Bed and Breakfast, recommend it to their friends, and leave their e-mail addresses. Linda then gives them the ladder to let them down.