Bob's Burgers character
Edith cranwinkle
Edith Cranwinkle
Gender Female
Hair Grey
Age 80s
Occupation Co-owner of Reflections
Relatives Harold Cranwinkle (husband)
Behind the scenes
First "Art Crawl"
Voiced by Larry Murphy
— Edith Cranwinkle

Edith Cranwinkle is the elderly co-owner of Reflections, an art sales, supplies, & lessons store. She first appears in the episode Art Crawl. In Art Crawl she is the chairperson of the festival. She attempts to have Bob arrested for defacing artwork in her store after he accuses her of censoring Gayle's artwork, but Linda confesses to the censorship and Louise pays off Bob's debt. She is voiced by Larry Murphy.


Edith's appearances in many episodes often consist of her appearing suddenly in shot and making a one word comment describing the scene such as "rude" and "violent".

Edith is a very unpleasant and impolite person, close-minded and judgemental, often speaking out in an argumentative manner at town meetings or taking the role of a grouchy moral guardian. She never bothers with politeness or niceties. She seems to have an inflated sense of her shop's importance in the community and a disproportionate desire for arts and crafts to be favored at the expense of other needs, viewing crafts as an essential part of the community (although she concedes art can be sacrificed) and feels that a rich person spending 45% of their income on yarn as insufficient and "not very much".

Growing up, Edith's parents worked at Wonder Wharf, leaving Edith to be partially raised by the "Freaks" of the wharf, including a bearded lady and man with freakishly long nipples ("Bobby Driver").

She is also very shrewish and domineering towards her husband, Harold Cranwinkle.



  • "I'm taking off my seatbelt. It's chafing my honkers." (Bobby Driver)


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