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Edith Cranwinkle is the elderly co-owner of Reflections, an art sales, supplies, and lessons store, with her husband, Harold Cranwinkle. She and her husband make their first appearance in "Art Crawl."

She is voiced by Larry Murphy.



She is a shorter woman, about a foot taller than Tina but shorter than Linda. She is very old and wrinkly. Edith has gray hair that she wears in a bun on top of her head. She is usually seen wearing a light-blue tracksuit and yellow earrings.

Young Edith on Quilt in Bobby Driver

Edith as a little girl on a quilt square. ("Bobby Driver")

When she was younger, Edith had blonde hair ("Bobby Driver").


Edith's appearances in many episodes which often consist of her appearing suddenly in shot and making a one word comment describing the scene such as "rude" and "violent."

Edith is a very unpleasant and impolite person, close-minded and judgmental, often speaking out in an argumentative manner at town meetings or taking the role of a grouchy moral guardian. She never bothers with politeness or niceties. She seems to have an inflated sense of her shop's importance in the community and a disproportionate desire for arts and crafts to be favored at the expense of other needs, viewing crafts as an essential part of the community (although she concedes art can be sacrificed). Edith also feels that a rich person spending 45% of their income on yarn is insufficient. At one point, she insists that, should her store be forced to raise the price of yarn, "There'll be riots, again!" ("The Oeder Games")

Growing up, Edith's parents worked at Wonder Wharf, leaving Edith to be partially raised by members of the wharf's freaks troupe. These people include a bearded lady and man with "freakishly long nipples". The freaks are some of the few people Edith respects, as she went out of her way to ensure they were represented on a quilt representing Wonder Wharf ("Bobby Driver").

Edith is also often verbally abusive and domineering towards her husband, Harold Cranwinkle.


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Harold Cranwinkle[]

Edith's husband. Edith is often domineering towards Harold and seems to have a large amount of control in his life. Despite that, both of them take their jobs seriously and are easily frustrated with locals. They often are on the same page and Harold usually agrees with Edith when she makes a statement.


Bob Belcher[]

Edith has had a strained, often antagonistic relationship with Bob stemming from a rivalry involving his sister-in-law Gayle Genarro placing paintings of animal's anuses all over Bob's Burgers. Bob himself was opposed to the paintings until Edith demanded he take them down for Art Crawl, but became uncharacteristically enthusiastic about them in a fit of anger and wanting to spite Edith for telling him what he could and couldn't do. ("Art Crawl")

Bob is often forced to visit Reflections when he needs last-minute art supplies. These experiences are always awkward and unpleasant, with an impatient Edith (and usually Harold) often ordering him to hurry up and leave the store, usually saying they're about to close. She has charged Bob a large amount of money for last-minute Christmas supplies and forced Bob to paint her nude when he asked to take an art class from them.

Bob usually tries to avoid Edith as much as possible. On one occasion, a sympathetic Bob reluctantly offered Edith a ride home when he noticed her struggling to walk home while carrying supplies. Edith ropes Bob into a plan to get back at Lillian Bosco, and Bob, while initially reluctant, becomes more passionate about it as he recognizes Edith's passion for it. Bob gains a little respect for Edith when he finds out she did all of it to honor the Wonder Wharf freaks. ("Bobby Driver")


Lillian Bosco[]

The two are in the same knitting group and frequently argue. The two don't like each other despite both being elderly women who are loud, opinionated and pushy. Lillian refused to add a quilt Edith made to a group quilt that represented parts of Wonder Wharf. Lillian found the content of Edith's quilt, the Wonder Wharf freaks, too disturbing, angering Edith. In revenge, Edith proceeded to steal the smaller quilts each member of the knitting group made, causing Lillian to send her son, Police Sergeant Bosco, after Edith and her getaway driver, Bob. ("Bobby Driver")


Other media


  1. s11e9 "Mommy Boy" Edith attends Janine's meetings for her new group, Empowered Women Empowering Women.


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