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Bob's Burgers is an American animated sitcom created by Loren Bouchard for the Fox Broadcasting Company. This is an episode list of the entire series.

For a list of episodes by production code order, see here.

Seasons Guide

Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale DVD release date (R1) DVD cover
0 1 N/A N/A April 17, 2012 1327099838.jpg
1 13 January 9, 2011 May 22, 2011
2 9 March 11, 2012 May 20, 2012 May 7, 2013 Season 2 DVD.jpg
3 23 September 30, 2012 May 12, 2013 May 13, 2014 BobsBurgers S3.jpg
4 22 September 29, 2013 May 18, 2014 May 12, 2015 Season4DVDCover.jpg
5 21 October 5, 2014 May 17, 2015 July 20, 2016 5.jpg
6 19 September 27, 2015 May 22, 2016 September 25, 2018 6.jpg
7 22 September 25, 2016 May 21, 2017 September 25, 2018 S7.jpg
8 21 October 1, 2017 May 20, 2018 September 25, 2018 8.jpg
9 22 September 30, 2018 May 12, 2019 September 3, 2019 9.jpg
10 22 September 29, 2019 May 17, 2020 June 23, 2020 10.jpg
11 22 September 27, 2020 May 23, 2021 TBA TBA
12 22 September 26, 2021 May 22, 2022[1] TBA TBA
13[2] TBA Fall 2022 Spring 2023 TBA TBA

Episode Guide

Season 0: 2010

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes #
Demo 22 - Human Flesh.png "The Demo" 2010 0ASA00 0 0
Bob rallies the team to cook up some business, so he sends middle child Gene to push samples in the streets, eldest son Daniel to work the grill and youngest daughter Louise to staff the counter. The day takes an unexpected turn when the health inspector pays a visit because of a little rumor Louise started during "show and tell" at school.

Season 1: 2011

Main article: Season 1
Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Viewers in Millions #
1ASA01 Sh104 tk01 0035.jpg "Human Flesh" January 9, 2011 1ASA01 1 9.38
Bob rallies the team to cook up some business, so he sends middle child Gene to push samples in the streets, eldest daughter Tina to work the grill and youngest daughter Louise to staff the counter. The day takes an unexpected turn when the health inspector pays a visit because of a little rumor Louise started during "show and tell" at school.
1ASA02 Sh023 tk02 0148.jpg "Crawl Space" January 16, 2011 1ASA02 2 5.07
When Bob learns that Linda's mother is coming for a visit, he wants nothing to do with it. Linda has been cracking the whip at home, making sure every shelf has been dusted and every bed has been made. When she discovers a leak in the roof, she sends Bob to fix it, but he gets stuck in a wall, leaving Linda and the kids to entertain their guests and run the restaurant.
Sacred Cow.png "Sacred Cow" January 23, 2011 1ASA04 3 4.81
When a controversial documentary filmmaker places a live cow outside of the family restaurant to make a statement, Bob is livid when it starts to scare away customers. However, to everyone's surprise, Bob treats the cow like a member of the family.
Sdfighting.png "Sexy Dance Fighting" February 13, 2011 1ASA06 4 4.19
When Tina develops a crush on the new martial arts instructor in town, she joins the class and ends up shirking her responsibilities at the restaurant. Bob finds out what's going on and decides to take matters into his own hands.
1asa05 sh163 tk02 0007.JPG "Hamburger Dinner Theater" February 20, 2011 1ASA05 5 4.87
Bob reluctantly lets Linda and the kids stage a musical murder mystery dinner theater in the restaurant. On opening night, an abrupt interruption changes the play's creative direction.
1asa09 sh107 tk02 0281f.jpg "Sheesh! Cab, Bob?" March 6, 2011 1ASA09 6 4.91
Tina is desperate to get her first kiss at her 13th birthday party. But after Louise breaks the deep fryer, Bob takes a second job as a late-night cab driver to pay for Tina's party. Things keep getting worse for Bob when the parents of Tina's crush refuse to let their son attend the party, and Bob has to do everything in his power to save his daughter's big day.
1ASA08 Sh051 tk01 0032.jpg "Bed & Breakfast" March 13, 2011 1ASA08 7 4.10
With a long weekend approaching, Linda sees an opportunity to capitalize on the tourist traffic by starting a bed and breakfast. But when the reservations are filled by some shady character, Louise plants listening devices all over the house to keep an ear on what's happening.
Art Crawl.jpg "Art Crawl" March 20, 2011 1ASA07 8 4.43
When Linda asks Bob to let her sister hang her paintings in the restaurant for Art Week, Bob finds he's forced to contend with the city's Art Council, a shady troop of intimidating old ladies who control the art exhibited around town. Meanwhile, Louise, Gene and Tina are thrilled by all the attention their own art receives in the restaurant.
1asa10 sh372 tk01 0045.jpg "Spaghetti Western and Meatballs" March 27, 2011 1ASA10 9 4.65
Bob and Gene bond over spaghetti western movies, which makes Louise jealous.
Burger Wars.png "Burger War" April 10, 2011 1ASA03 10 4.00
When Bob's eccentric landlord, Mr. Fischoeder, pays the family a visit, he informs Bob that his rival across the street, Jimmy Pesto of Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria, wants to take over Bob's lease so that he can expand his gift Shop. With little time and not enough money, the Belcher family must cook up some business or luck to save the restaurant.
WeekendAtMorts.jpg "Weekend at Mort's" May 8, 2011 1ASA11 11 4.26
Mold drives the Belchers to Mort's mortuary for the weekend. Louise tries to frighten Gene and babysitter Tina while Bob and Linda go out on a double date with Mort and an online mortician acquaintance.
Lobsterfest.jpg "Lobsterfest" May 15, 2011 1ASA13 12 4.66
The town shuns Bob after he feeds a crowd from the Lobsterfest that was closed by a storm.
1ASA12 Sh072 tk01 bento0048.jpg "Torpedo" May 22, 2011 1ASA12 13 4.31
Bob's baseball hero winds up dragging the Belchers into the seedy side of minor league baseball.

Season 2: 2012

Main article: Season 2
Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes # Viewers by millions
2ASA01 Sq08 Sh02-0078.jpg "The Belchies" March 11, 2012 2ASA01 1 14 4.04
Teddy tells a story of hidden treasure inside an abandoned taffy factory that is about to be demolished, so the kids decide to sneak out and look for the treasure. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda have a scheduled sex night and Linda attempts to make it special by having games and sneaking Bob an enlargement pill.
Sq28 Sh06-0001.jpg "Bob Day Afternoon" March 18, 2012 2ASA02 2 15 4.40
A bank gets robbed across the street, so Bob and Linda seek this as an opportunity to get their restaurant known when the robber orders burgers.
2ASA03 Sq40 Sh07-0044.jpg "Synchronized Swimming" March 25, 2012 2ASA03 3 16 3.97
The kids con their way out of gym class with a bogus synchronized swimming independent study. Meanwhile, Bob welcomes a new soft serve ice cream machine to the restaurant.
22 24.jpg "Burgerboss" April 1, 2012 2ASA04 4 17 3.66
Bob brings an old-school video game in the restaurant, hoping to earn some more profits. He mistakenly challenges Jimmy Pesto to a game, and not only does he win, he writes the name on the leader board "BOB SUX". With Bob humiliated, he seeks help from a video game enthusiast after making a promise.
2ASA05 BobsFoodTruck R5.jpg "Food Truckin'" April 15, 2012 2ASA05 5 18 3.90
Bob buys a food truck to compete against the ones that are taking his customers. He soon decides that he likes working in the truck more than in the restaurant. When the "Lolla-Pa-Foods-A-Festival" comes up, the Belchers bring the truck and the kids cause mischief. This prompts a riot from the other food truck operators.
2ASA07 Sq31 Sh17-0147.jpg "Dr. Yap" April 29, 2012 2ASA07 6 19 3.92
While Bob is medicated, he mistakes Gayle for his wife and kisses her. After she falls for him, Bob seeks help from Dr. Yap.
2ASA06 Sq27 12 tk2-0301.jpg "Moody Foodie" May 6, 2012 2ASA06 7 20 3.72
The restaurant receives a negative review from a vicious food critic.
210 04 05-0121.jpg "Bad Tina" May 13, 2012 2ASA10 8 21 3.69
Tina gets detention on the night that she was supposed to babysit the kids, as Bob and Linda wanted to go out for a night. It starts from Tina turning into a teen as her personality changes.
209 14 07-0052.jpg "Beefsquatch" May 20, 2012 2ASA09 9 22 3.57
Bob appears in a cooking segment for a talk show. It goes rather lackluster until Gene enlightens the crowd by wearing a Sasquatch mask.

Season 3: 2012-2013

Main article: Season 3
Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes # Viewers in Millions #
213 20 02 tk3-0075.jpg "Ear-sy Rider" September 30, 2012 2ASA13 1 23 5.46
Louise gets her bunny ears stolen by a high school bully, and Bob meets the One Eyed Snakes, a motorcycle gang, when they visit to honor their fallen leader.
217 12 07 tk2-0145.jpg "Full Bars" October 7, 2012 2ASA17 2 24 4.89
The kids skip their normal trick-or-treat route for Halloween and decide to go to a posh neighborhood, Kingshead Island, as they distribute full-sized candy bars. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda attend Teddy's annual "Black and Orange" party.
212 14 10 tk4-0172.jpg "Bob Fires the Kids" November 4, 2012 2ASA12 3 25 3.92
When Bob feels that he is depriving the kids of any summer vacation, he decides to relieve them of duty from working the restaurant. After they get bored of their summer break, they are hired by a hippie couple to be "weed pickers". Meanwhile, Bob hires Mickey, the bank robber, to work at his restaurant.
208 14 02 tk6-0461.jpg "Mutiny on the Windbreaker" November 11, 2012 2ASA08 4 26 4.89
The Belchers are shanghaied on a cruise ship when the captain requests Bob to be his personal chef.
21 15c 33 tk3-0058.jpg "An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal" November 18, 2012 2ASA19 5 27 3.94
The Belchers pretend to be Mr. Fischoeder's family when he tries to have sex with a woman who was his old flame.
211 15A 25 tk2-0021.jpg "The Deepening" November 25, 2012 2ASA11 6 28 4.66
Mr. Fischoeder buys a mechanical shark that was used in a movie shot at Wonder Wharf. Teddy, who worked on the movie when he was young, has to battle the shark when it threatens the town's safety.
214 02 06 tk1-0078.jpg "Tinarannosaurus Wrecks" December 2, 2012 2ASA14 7 29 3.97
When Tina accidentally totals the family car, she believes that she is jinxed when she and Bob decide to lie to the insurance agent and end up in insurance fraud.
216 10 06 tk1-0086.jpg "The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene" December 9, 2012 2ASA16 8 30 4.55
Gene tries to break up with his new girlfriend, Courtney, after the family finds her annoying. When he tries to, however, he finds out that her dad writes jingles and he could possibly launch his own career.
218 14 08 tk2-0049.jpg "God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins" December 16, 2012 2ASA18 9 31 3.09
When Bob inherits a storage unit, his family is imagining that they will be receiving treasure that has been passed down. They soon discover that instead of treasure, they inherit Chet, a man who believes he used to be a mannequin.
215 16 02.jpg "Mother Daughter Laser Razor" January 6, 2013 2ASA15 10 32 6.40
Linda fears that her bond with Louise isn't as strong as hers with Tina, so she forces Louise to attend a mother-daughter seminar. Meanwhile, Tina tries asking Bob to teach her how to shave her legs.
220 09 05 tk1-0131.jpg "Nude Beach" January 13, 2013 2ASA20 11 33 4.44
Darryl and the Belcher kids setup a business for kids to pay to see a good view of the nearby nude beach. Meanwhile, a new health inspector replaces Hugo and Bob disagrees with him.
221 16 14 tk1-0067.jpg "Broadcast Wagstaff School News" January 27, 2013 2ASA21 12 34 4.12
Tina goes on a mission to solve the "Mad Pooper" at Wagstaff School.
301 08A 17 tk1-0052.jpg "My Fuzzy Valentine" February 10, 2013 3ASA01 13 35 3.45
Linda sets up speed dating in the restaurant.
222 11 08 tk1-0264.jpg "Lindapendent Woman" February 17, 2013 2ASA22 14 36 3.93
When Linda decides to leave the restaurant to work at a grocery store, Bob has to manage the restaurant without her help.
302 09 10 tk3-0268.JPG "O.T. The Outside Toilet" March 3, 2013 3ASA02 15 37 3.67
When Gene finds an expensive talking toilet out in the woods, he and his friends decide to protect it as much as they can while an evil toilet hunter is looking for the toilet.
303 13 05 tk2-0051.jpg "Topsy" March 10, 2013 3ASA03 16 38 3.85
When Wagstaff Middle School has their fourth-grade science fair coming up, Louise comes up with the idea of a musical, and Gene writes it about the execution and electrocution of Topsy, an elephant that was executed in 1903. Mr. Fischoeder and Gayle sing a duet called Electric Love.
304 14 06 tk2-0102.jpg "Two for Tina" March 17, 2013 3ASA04 17 39 3.62
Tina finds a new boy to love over Jimmy Jr.
305 02A 04 tk1-0132.jpg "It Snakes a Village" March 24, 2013 3ASA05 18 40 3.76
The Belcher family goes down to Florida to see Linda's parents in their senior home. To their surprise, they find that the home is full of swingers. Meanwhile, the kids go to find a snake that allegedly ate one of the residents' dogs.
306 15B 02 tk1-0023.jpg "Family Fracas" April 14, 2013 3ASA06 19 41 3.45
The Belcher family competes against the Pesto family in a game show to win a new minivan after the family car breaks down.
307 15 03.jpg "The Kids Run the Restaurant" April 21, 2013 3ASA07 20 42 3.74
Bob accidentally slices his finger and Linda rushes him to the hospital, leaving the kids in charge of keeping the restaurant running.
308 15B 20.jpg "Boyz 4 Now" April 28, 2013 3ASA08 21 43 3.50
When Tina and Louise go to a concert, Louise grows a crush on the lead singer of the "Boyz 4 Now" band while Gene enters a table "scaping" contest.
309 16 02 tk1-0053.jpg "Carpe Museum" May 5, 2013 3ASA09 22 44 3.96
When Bob acts as a parent chaperone to a museum, he bonds with Louise. Gene and his friends go to look for exhibits based on the female anatomy, Tina questions how dorky she is, and Linda helps the museum workers by chanting in a strike with them.
310 01A 04 tk1-0019.jpg "The Unnatural" May 12, 2013 3ASA10 23 45 3.38
Gene joins the baseball team and Linda wants to send him to baseball camp, but Bob is unsure if they can afford it. Meanwhile, Tina gets an addiction to espressos.

Season 4: 2013-2014

Main article: Season 4
Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes # Viewers in Millions #
311 14 10 tk1-0065.jpg "A River Runs Through Bob" September 29, 2013 3ASA11 1 46 4.480
During a camping trip, Bob eats under-cooked fish out of stubbornness and becomes sick. Linda tries to find him a restroom, but they end up floating down a river.
313 14A 02 tk1-0017.JPG "Fort Night" October 6, 2013 3ASA13 2 47 4.210
For Halloween, the kids make a fort out of refrigerator boxes, but accidentally get trapped.
314 04 06 tk2-0068.jpg "Seaplane!" November 3, 2013 3ASA14 3 48 3.750
Linda takes pilot lessons with a perverse teacher known as "Upskirt Kurt" when Bob fails date night with her.
312 07 10 tk3-0033.jpg "My Big Fat Greek Bob" November 10, 2013 3ASA12 4 49 3.169
Bob gets a temporary gig as a frat house cook and ends up in a prank war headed by alumnus Dr. Yap. Meanwhile, the Belcher kids try to get into the frat's "Room of Secrets".
316 15B 21 tk2-0155.jpg "Turkey in a Can" November 24, 2013 3ASA16 5 50 4.076
Bob invites Mort, Teddy, and Gayle over for Thanksgiving. After Bob displays major frustration with the family's bizarre requests, someone sabotages the turkey and puts it in the toilet.
315 01A 06 tk2-0006.jpg "Purple Rain-Union" December 1, 2013 3ASA15 6 51 3.390
Linda tries to get her band back together to sing at her high school reunion.
318 19 29 tk1-0079.jpg "Bob and Deliver" December 8, 2013 3ASA18 7 52 4.601
Bob becomes the substitute "Home Ec" teacher at Tina's school and ends up creating a full-scale restaurant in the classroom. Simultaneously, Linda tries to manage Bob's Burgers without her family.
317 11D 01 tk1-0001.jpg "Christmas in the Car" December 15, 2013 3ASA17 8 53 5.567
Bob gets upset when Linda buys a Christmas tree too early that dies too fast, so the Belchers go to get a new tree. While looking for a new tree, they notice that a man in a candy cane truck is stalking them.
321 27 26 tk1-0073.jpg "Slumber Party" January 5, 2014 3ASA21 9 54 5.772
Linda plans to surprise a reluctant Louise by inviting her classmates over for a surprise slumber party.
320 19A 14 tk1-0048.jpg "Presto Tina-o" January 12, 2014 3ASA20 10 55 4.202
Hoping to win Jimmy Jr's love, Tina enters a young magician's contest.
319 10A2 02 tk1-0095.jpg "Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mercial" January 26, 2014 3ASA19 11 56 3.240
The Belchers make a Super Bowl commercial for their local station hoping that it will bring more customers into the restaurant.
404 15D 08 tk1-0004.jpg "The Frond Files" March 9, 2014 4ASA04 12 57 2.198
The Belcher kids are forced to write an essay on why they like Wagstaff Middle School. Each essay focuses on bringing down Mr. Frond in different styles by the kids.
403 07C 01 tk1-0082.jpg "Mazel Tina" March 16, 2014 4ASA03 13 58 2.440
Tina ends up not being invited to Tammy's Bat Mitzvah, but is required to go when Bob's Burgers is hired to cater the event. When Tammy and Louise go missing, Tina takes the center stage.
322 14 04 tk4-0251.jpg "Uncle Teddy" March 23, 2014 3ASA22 14 59 2.450
Bob and Linda have Teddy babysit the kids when they go on a romantic getaway at a burger convention. Teddy attempts to earn the title of "Uncle Teddy" by shooing away Tina's crush, who turns out he is using her for free burgers.
The Kids Rob a Train Better.png "The Kids Rob a Train" March 30, 2014 4ASA01 15 60 2.263
The kids go on a winetasting train to rob chocolate from the chocolate fountain.
Vlcsnap-2014-03-07-17h28m06s187.png "I Get Psy-chic Out of You" April 6, 2014 4ASA02 16 61 2.265
After receiving a bump on the head, Linda believes she has been gifted with psychic powers. Louise and the kids decide to exploit this by asking Teddy to help them win a bet on the horse track.
The Equestranauts 1.png "The Equestranauts" April 13, 2014 4ASA05 17 62 1.832
Tina goes to a Brony-esque convention for her love of ponies.
406 01 06 tk1-0199.jpg "Ambergris" April 20, 2014 4ASA06 18 63 1.522
The kids find a chunk of ambergris, a very rare and very illegal whale byproduct often used by some high-end fragrance companies.
407 12B 13 tk2-0200.jpg "The Kids Run Away" April 27, 2014 4ASA07 19 64 2.262
Louise finds out she has a cavity and goes to the dentist, and she runs away to get refuge from Gayle's house.
408 08B 01 tk1-0138.jpg "Gene It On" May 4, 2014 4ASA08 20 65 2.230
Tina decides to try out for the cheerleading squad, but it's actually Gene who gets noticed in the crowd for his spirit and cheering ability. Meanwhile, during her cheer audition, Tina falls and bites her tongue, leaving her unable to speak - and a mischievous Louise steps up to be her translator.
409 22 03 tk1-0008.jpg "Wharf Horse" May 11, 2014 4ASA09 21 66 1.972
Motivated by the promise of a new beachside burger joint, Bob conspires with Felix to convince Mr. Fischoeder to sell Wonder Wharf. Meanwhile, Tina protests the destruction of the wharf’s carousel by chaining herself to it.
410 01B 01 tk1-0008.jpg "World Wharf II: The Wharfening" May 18, 2014 4ASA10 22 67 1.954
It’s Linda and the kids to the rescue when Felix takes desperate measures, and puts Bob and Mr. Fischoeder in danger.

Season 5: 2014-2015

Main article: Season 5
Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes # Viewers in Millions #
414 23B 10 tk1-0093 hires2.jpg "Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl" October 5, 2014 4ASA14 1 68 3.140
When Gene's "Die Hard"-inspired musical doesn't get picked for the school's fall performance, he decides to stage an underground show with the help of Louise. But Wagstaff School families begin to feud when they learn that Gene has planned his show on the very same night as Courtney's school-sanctioned "Working Girl"-inspired musical.
413 07A 02 tk1-0067 hires2.jpg "Tina and the Real Ghost" November 2, 2014 4ASA13 2 69 2.891
Tina begins an out-of-this-world romance with a ghost that is believed to be living in the Belcher's basement.
411 08 13 tk2-0017 hires2.jpg "Friends with Burger-fits" November 16, 2014 4ASA11 3 70 3.346
Bob becomes Teddy's workout buddy while Linda and the kids open an underground ice wrestling league.
416 25B 10 tk2-0146 hires2.jpg "Dawn of the Peck" November 23, 2014 4ASA16 4 71 1.904
While Bob is boycotting the holiday, Linda and the kids spend Thanksgiving at the First Annual Fischoeder Turk-tacular Turkey Town Festival. However, a wild bird attack leads to total mayhem.
412 20 02 tk2-0080 hires2.jpg "Best Burger" November 30, 2014 4ASA12 5 72 2.232
Bob enters a burger-tasting contest, only to discover that his distinguishing ingredient is missing! To help out their dad, the kids go on a mission to find the ever-so-important black garlic.
418 08 16 tk1-0218 hires2.jpg "Father of the Bob" December 7, 2014 4ASA18 6 73 3.177
Bob and his dad, "Big Bob", try to outdo each other in the kitchen when they rehash an old argument at Big Bob's Christmas party. Meanwhile, the kids compete to get the best present for Bob.
415 33 04 tk2-0221 hires2.jpg "Tina Tailor Soldier Spy" December 14, 2014 4ASA15 7 74 2.541
Tina goes undercover in her old Thundergirls troop to find the mole who is giving away their cookie secrets. Meanwhile, Linda dyes her hair blonde.
417 09 05 tk1-0026 hires2.jpg "Midday Run" January 4, 2015 4ASA17 8 75 3.949
When Tina is up for a big hall monitor promotion, she is determined to do whatever it takes to nab the powerful job. So, she enlists the help of Gene and Louise. Meanwhile, back at the restaurant, Linda gets artsy and begins to decorate the walls with customer artwork... on napkins.
420 19 15 tk1-0013 hires2.jpg "Speakeasy Rider" January 11, 2015 4ASA20 9 76 3.336
Tina, Gene and Louise are ready to put the pedal to the metal when they join a go-kart league. Meanwhile, back at the restaurant Bob and Teddy partner up to serve Teddy's home-brewed beer on the sly.
419 12 02 tk1-0279 hires2.jpg "Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise" January 25, 2015 4ASA19 10 77 2.486
Bob agrees to give Logan a job at the restaurant in exchange for a plot at the local community garden.
422 13C 28 tk3-0024 hires2.jpg "Can't Buy Me Math" February 8, 2015 4ASA22 11 78 1.936
Tina teams up with Darryl to win the Cupid's Couple contest at the school dance. Meanwhile, Linda plans a full week of ambitious Valentine's Day activities for her and Bob.
421 32A 24 tk1-0071 hires2.jpg "The Millie-churian Candidate" February 15, 2015 4ASA21 12 79 2.010
Tina and Louise volunteer to run Jimmy Junior's class president campaign in order to keep Millie from winning, and ruining the school. Meanwhile, Bob becomes obsessed with a knife after talking himself into buying it for $300.
501 18 06 tk1-0036 hires2.jpg "The Gayle Tales" March 1, 2015 5ASA01 13 80 3.032
Gayle arrives at Bob's Burgers in tears because her date for the evening was cancelled and she had theater tickets. Desperate to get out of the house after being grounded, the kids compete to be Aunt Gayle's "date" for the evening via an essay contest.
502 05 01 tk1-0204 hires2.jpg "Li'l Hard Dad" March 8, 2015 5ASA02 14 81 2.558
Bob becomes obsessed with his new automatic helicopter. When it falls apart for no reason, he enters into a battle with the manufacturer in order to receive a refund. Gene assists Bob in his quest, but things quickly get out of hand and end in a crazy helicopter battle.
503 04A 03 tk2-0001 hires2.jpg "Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting" March 15, 2015 5ASA03 15 82 2.237
Bob and Linda head out on the town for a date - but to Linda's dismay, Bob's idea of romance proves "trivial." Meanwhile, a wild chinchilla chase ensues after the school pet that Louise was charged with watching escapes out the front door.
504 13 10 tk1-0091 hires2.jpg "The Runway Club" March 22, 2015 5ASA04 16 83 2.207
The kids are sentenced to Saturday detention and will do anything it takes to leave early, so they can attend the Cotton Candy Festival. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda believe they are being scammed by a young girl at the restaurant.
505 03 04 tk1-0048 hires2.jpg "The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee" April 26, 2015 5ASA05 17 84 2.037
Gene starts a band with Tina, Louise, Rudy, Peter and Daryl, only to be kicked out and left on his own. After declaring that he will never play his Casio again, Tina and Louise join forces to help Gene rediscover his love of music. Meanwhile, Linda deals with a horrible armpit rash that has everyone disgusted.
506 21 02 tk1-0011 hires2.jpg "Eat, Spray, Linda" May 3, 2015 5ASA06 18 85 2.240
It's Linda's birthday and Bob needs more time to plan her birthday surprise. But when he sends her out of the house as a distraction, she goes missing! Mayhem ensues as the Belchers must work together to find Linda.
507 02 21 tk2-0117 hires2.jpg "Housetrap" May 10, 2015 5ASA07 19 86 2.466
In true Belcher fashion, the family gets stuck in a terrible storm while vacationing at a beach house in Craggy Neck. The storm is the least of their worries, however, when they are forced to take shelter with the mysterious owner of the home.
509 25 04 tk1-0057 hires2.jpg "Hawk & Chick" May 17, 2015 5ASA09 20 87 1.950
Bob and Louise are thrilled when they meet Shinji Kojima aka Rising Hawk, the star of their favorite martial arts series, and are quick to offer help upon learning about his family troubles.
508 27B 20 tk1-0407 hires2.jpg "The Oeder Games" May 17, 2015 5ASA08 21 88 2.440
With the threat of a rent increase on Ocean Avenue, Bob and the other tenants rebel! After approaching Fischoeder, the tenants find out that they will have to compete in order to convince him to keep their rents reasonable.

Season 6: 2015-2016

Main article: Season 6
Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes # Viewers in Millions #
Bsbs Sliding Bobs 5ASA10-510 14 05 tk1-0023 hires2.jpg "Sliding Bobs" September 27, 2015 5ASA10 1 89 2.510
Bob notices that he has started to lose his hair. In a wave of nostalgia, Linda reminisces about Bob’s mustache and how it made her fall for him years ago. Meanwhile, the kids tell their own versions of the story of how their parents met.
511 07 03 tk3-0005 hires2.jpg "The Land Ship" October 11, 2015 5ASA11 2 90 2.190
The upcoming Land Ship parade could mean increased business for Bob, until he learns that two port-o-potties will be placed in front the restaurant. Meanwhile, Tina learns from her friends that she’s boring, so she joins up with Jordan who has been vandalizing the school with graffiti. But when Jordan wants to spray graffiti on the Land Ship, Tina must decide between ruining the parade or disappointing her new crush.
513 06 08 tk2-0093 hires2.jpg "The Hauntening" October 18, 2015 5ASA13 3 91 2.092
The Belchers are ready for an amazing Halloween! Louise reveals that she has never been scared before and the family sets out to visit a spooky haunted house. When trouble ensues following their visit, the Belchers find themselves in a zany situation more frightening than they bargained for!
517 17A 02 tk2-0368 hires2.jpg "Gayle Makin' Bob Sled" November 8, 2015 5ASA17 4 92 3.126
When Gayle is injured, Linda sends Bob off to pick her up, so that she doesn't miss out on Thanksgiving festivities. But an unexpected snowstorm derails his trip home, and his epic plan to prepare the turkey is foiled. Bob then must put the fate of the turkey and the Belcher Thanksgiving in Linda's hands and spend time bonding with his sister-in-law.
518 04 04 tk1-0039 hires2.jpg "Nice-Capades" November 15, 2015 5ASA18 5 93 2.274
When a grumpy mall Santa threatens the kids with the dreaded Naughty List, Gene, Tina and Louise decide to put on a musical performance spectacular to earn their spot on the Nice List.
512 16A 04 tk5-0151 hires2.jpg "The Cook, the Steve, the Gayle, & Her Lover" January 17, 2016 5ASA12 6 94 2.261
Louise has a long-standing feud with Gayle’s boyfriend.
Gene and Courtney.jpg "The Gene & Courtney Show" February 14, 2016 6ASA01 7 95 2.046
Gene and Courtney get their big break when they are asked to be the new hosts of the morning announcements.
515 17A 10 Bob Jairo hires2.jpg "Sexy Dance Healing" February 21, 2016 5ASA15 8 96 2.292
After Bob slips on the sidewalk, he is forced to take legal action in order to pay for surgery.
516 06 03 tk3-0029 hires2.jpg "Sacred Couch" March 6, 2016 5ASA16 9 97 2.638
The Belchers take sides as they are forced to decide whether memories are enough to keep their family sofa.
519 09 02 hires2.jpg "Lice Things Are Lice" March 13, 2016 5ASA19 10 98 2.279
When Tina volunteers alongside Nurse Liz, she finds herself involved in the biggest scandal to hit Wagstaff: a lice infestation. Meanwhile, Bob makes improvements to the restaurant that end up driving customers away.
520 20B 13 tk3-0039 hires2.jpg "House of 1000 Bounces" April 3, 2016 5ASA20 11 99 2.050
When there is a bounce house crisis at Regular Sized Rudy’s birthday party, the Belcher kids devise a scheme to save the day. Meanwhile, Bob deals with an unexpected guest at the restaurant and is forced to come to terms with a longstanding fear.
514 12A 03 hires2.jpg "Stand by Gene" April 3, 2016 5ASA14 12 100 1.989
When Gene overhears talk about a mystical creature that lives nearby, he leads the Belcher kids and their friends on a journey to find it. Meanwhile, Linda’s competitive nature takes over during downtime at the restaurant.
522 13 16 tk3-0011 hires2.jpg "Wag the Hog" April 10, 2016 5ASA22 13 101 2.348
When Bob’s longtime friend, Critter, finds himself in jail for unpaid parking tickets, the Belchers decide to do what they can to help him out.
604 01 06 tk1-0042 hires2.jpg "The Hormone-iums" April 17, 2016 6ASA04 14 102 2.181
When Angela comes down with a bad case of mono, Tina gets her shot as soloist of the Hormone-iums.
603 10 02 tk20115 hires2.jpg "Pro Tiki/Con Tiki" April 24, 2016 6ASA03 15 103 2.346
When Bob's friend, Warren, comes to town, he makes an offer to invest in the restaurant.
605 06B 21 hires2.jpg "Bye Bye Boo Boo" May 8, 2016 6ASA05 16 104 2.309
When Louise hears that Boo Boo is leaving Boyz 4 Now, she enters a contest that could give Tina the chance to meet him. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda learn an interesting piece of history regarding the restaurant, which leads to tension between Bob and Jimmy Pesto.
602 02A 10 hires2.jpg "The Horse Rider-er" May 15, 2016 6ASA02 17 105 2.268
After finally convincing Bob and Linda to send her to horse camp, Tina realizes she has to part ways with Jericho, her imaginary horse.
606 10 01 tk1-0073 hires2.jpg "Secret Admiral-irer" May 22, 2016 6ASA06 18 106 2.229
Tina's ideas of love and romance are tested and Bob makes new friends.
521 17B 16 hires2.jpg "Glued, Where's My Bob?" May 22, 2016 5ASA21 19 107 2.041
Bob gets glued to the toilet in the restaurant as a result of a prank gone wrong by the kids.

Season 7: 2016-2017

Main article: Season 7
Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes # Viewers in Millions #
611 23B 22Still hires2.jpg "Flu-ouise" September 25, 2016 6ASA11 1 108 2.601
Louise has the flu and has a Wizard of Oz style dream involving a disfigured Kuchi Kopi and her toys who have the voices of her family.
BobsBurgers 607 SeaMeNow 05 01 f hires2.jpg "Sea Me Now" October 9, 2016 6ASA07 2 109 2.793
Teddy organizes a day trip on his newly refurbished boat in an effort to impress his ex-wife.
S6 613 Bobs Teen-A-Witch 19 14 hires2.jpg "Teen-a Witch" October 23, 2016 6ASA13 3 110 3.014
Tina is forced to seek the help of Mr. Ambrose after Tammy steals her idea for the annual Halloween costume contest.
6ASA08 Bob4 hires2.jpg "They Serve Horses, Don't They?" November 6, 2016 6ASA08 4 111 2.422
The Belchers find themselves involved in a full-blown investigation after Bob secures a new meat provider.
BobsBurgers 610 LargeBrother WhereFartThou 25 02 tk2-0280 hires2.jpg "Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?" November 20, 2016 6ASA10 5 112 2.345
Bob and Linda don't have a babysitter for Gene and Louise, forcing them to let Gene and Louise stay at home alone.
BobsBurgers 616 TheQuirkeyTurkey 12B 09 tk3-0686 hires2.jpg "The Quirk-ducers" November 20, 2016 6ASA16 6 113 2.462
When Mr. Frond's annual play threatens to ruin the half day before Thanksgiving, Gene and Louise decide they need to sabotage it in order to save their long weekend.
BobsBurgers 618 TheLastGingerbreadHouseOnTheLeft 19 01 tk1-0209 hires2.jpg "The Last Gingerbread House on the Left" November 27, 2016 6ASA18 7 114 2.436
Bob is pulled into the high-stake world of underground gingerbread house building by Mr. Fischoeder.
BobsBurgers 609 ExMachTina 13 17 hires1.jpg "Ex MachTina" January 8, 2017 6ASA09 8 115 3.581
Tina hurts her ankle and telecommutes to school.
BobsBurgers 622 BobActually 32 14 tk2-0008 hires1.jpg "Bob Actually" February 12, 2017 6ASA22 9 116 1.670
With Valentine's Day approaching, Tina, Gene and Louise each find themselves wrapped up in love-caused chaos.
BobsBurgers 615 TheresNoBusiness 03B 14 hires1.jpg "There's No Business Like Mr. Business Business" February 19, 2017 6ASA15 10 117 1.970
When Gayle's cat, Mr. Business, secures pet agent Ian Amberson, Bob finds out that Linda may have been helping to fund the cat's career.
BobsBurgers 619 AFewGurtMen 09 15 tk2-0011 hires1.jpg "A Few 'Gurt Men" March 5, 2017 6ASA19 11 118 1.771
Louise defends one of her biggest foes at Wagstaff during a mock-trial.
BobsBurgers 612 LikeGeneForChocolate 19C 43 tk1-0038 hires2.jpg "Like Gene for Chocolate" March 12, 2017 6ASA12 12 119 1.815
When Gene learns that the formula for his favorite chocolate has changed, he works with the head of the company in an attempt to remedy the situation.
BobsBurgers 614 GrandMamaPestHotel 09 02 tk3-0027 hires2.jpg "The Grand Mama-pest Hotel" March 19, 2017 6ASA14 13 120 1.932
Linda jumps at the chance to chaperone Tina's weekend away at a heroine conference.
BobsBurgers 617 Aquaticism 07 13 hires2.jpg "Aquaticism" March 26, 2017 6ASA17 14 121 1.826
Tina learns that the aquarium is in danger of closing.
BobsBurgers 620 Ain tMissDebatin 26 S07 104 hires2.jpg "Ain't Miss Debatin'" March 26, 2017 6ASA20 15 122 1.901
When Tina is recruited by the debate team, she finds unexpected success and an even more unexpected relationship.
BobsBurgers 621 EggsForDays 01B S15 tk3 187 hires2.jpg "Eggs for Days" April 2, 2017 6ASA21 16 123 1.516
The annual Easter egg hunt goes awry.
BobsBurgers 701 ZeroLarpThirty 09 07 hires2.jpg "Zero Larp Thirty" April 23, 2017 7ASA01 17 124 1.579
Linda wins a contest to spend a dream weekend at the home where her favorite television show is filmed.
BobsBurgers 702 TheLaser-Inth 15 21 tk2-0058 hires2.jpg "The Laser-inth" April 23, 2017 7ASA02 18 125 1.877
Gene accompanies Bob on the last-ever rock-and-roll laser show at the planetarium.
BobsBurgers 703 ThelmaAndLouise 11 02 hires2.jpg "Thelma & Louise Except Thelma is Linda" April 30, 2017 7ASA03 19 126 1.593
Linda is torn between following school policy or her own moral code when Louise gets in trouble at school.
BobsBurgers 704 Mom Lies andVideotape 03 04 tk1-0034 hires2.jpg "Mom, Lies, and Videotape" May 7, 2017 7ASA04 20 127 2.024
When Bob's outdated camcorder malfunctions, the kids perform a reimagined version of the Mother's Day pageant for Linda back at home.
BobsBurgers 705 ParadersOfTheLostFloat 05 03 hires2.jpg "Paraders of the Lost Float" May 21, 2017 7ASA05 21 128 1.611
Teddy convinces Bob to enter the Bog to Beach parade float contest with the promise of an easy win.
BobsBurgers 706 IntoTheMild 05 03 tk1-0011 hires2.jpg "Into the Mild" June 11, 2017 7ASA06 22 129 1.522
Bob encounters a snafu that leaves him stuck in a wilderness equipment store overnight.

Season 8: 2017-2018

Main article: Season 8
Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes # Viewers in Millions #
BobsBurgers 714 Brunchsquatch 09 05.jpg "Brunchsquatch" October 1, 2017 7ASA14 1 130 2.930
To compete with Jimmy Pesto, Bob's Burgers begins serving brunch.
Bobs 709 TheSilenceOfTheLouise 4 hires2.jpg "The Silence of the Louise" October 15, 2017 7ASA09 2 131 2.432
Louise teams up with Millie to solve the case of Mr. Frond's attacked therapy dolls.
Bobs 707 TheWolfOfWharfStreet 03A 03 hires2.jpg "The Wolf of Wharf Street" October 22, 2017 7ASA07 3 132 3.017
Linda tries to impress the kids by taking them to look for a wolf that has been terrorizing the town.
Bobs 708 SitMeBabyOneMoreTime 09 04 hires2.jpg "Sit Me Baby One More Time" November 5, 2017 7ASA08 4 133 2.890
Tina launches a babysitting enterprise.
BobsBurgers 715 Thanks-Hoarding 04 01.jpg "Thanks-hoarding" November 19, 2017 7ASA15 5 134 2.371
When Teddy's family unexpectedly announces that they're coming for Thanksgiving, the Belchers reluctantly agree to pitch in.
BobsBurgers 716 717 TheBleaking Promo 09 hires2.jpg "The Bleakening Part 1" December 10, 2017 7ASA16 6 135 3.173
"The Bleakening Part 2" 7ASA17 7 136
Linda is determined to host a party at the restaurant, in an effort to spread a little extra cheer around the neighborhood. But when she realizes that her prized ornaments have been stolen, she quickly begins questioning all the guests.
BobsBurgers 722 VForValentine-Detta 03 04 tk2-0032 hires2.jpg "V for Valentine-detta" January 14, 2018 7ASA22 8 137 4.757
The Belcher women have a limo girls' night out. Bob and Gene have a trapeze experience.
BobsBurgers 712 YTuGa-GaTambien Promo 04 hires2.jpg "Y Tu Ga-Ga Tambien" March 11, 2018 7ASA12 9 138 1.837
When a new playground game is introduced, the school's social hierarchy is turned upside-down and Gene disapproves.
BobsBurgers 719 TheSecretCeramicsRoomOfSecrets 13 05 hires2 hires2.jpg "The Secret Ceramics Room of Secrets" March 18, 2018 7ASA19 10 139 1.721
The kids set out to find a secret room filled with homemade ceramics.
BobsBurgers 720 SleepingWithTheFrenemy Promo 09.jpg "Sleeping with the Frenemy" March 25, 2018 7ASA20 11 140 1.738
Tina allows Tammy to spend Spring Break with the Belchers.
BobsBurgers 723 HurtSoccer 12 06 hires2.jpg "The Hurt Soccer" April 1, 2018 7ASA23 12 141 1.537
After forgetting that they signed up Louise for a soccer league, the Belchers must help her prepare to play in the season's last game.
Bobs 710 CheerUpSleepyGene Promo 06 hires2.jpg "Cheer Up, Sleepy Gene" April 8, 2018 7ASA10 13 142 1.743
Gene gets invited to his first sleepover and is nervous about it.
BobsBurgers 718 TheDateEscape Promo 05 hires2.jpg "The Trouble with Doubles" April 15, 2018 7ASA18 14 143 1.830
Bob and Linda's double-date plans take a disastrous turn when the couples find themselves trapped inside an Escape Room.
BobsBurgers 801 GoTinaOnTheMounatain 02A 07 hires2.jpg "Go Tina on the Mountain" April 22, 2018 8ASA01 15 144 1.658
The Belcher kids go to Outdoor Education only to have it rain, but Tina doesn't let the inclement weather get in the way of her having a nature-piphany.
Bobs 804 AreYouThereBob Promo 04 hires2.jpg "Are You There Bob? It's Me, Birthday" April 29, 2018 8ASA04 16 145 1.907
After forgetting Bob's birthday, Linda and the kids attempt to plan a last-minute surprise party.
Bobs 711 BoyWatch 03B 09 hires2.jpg "Boywatch" May 6, 2018 7ASA11 17 146 1.555
Tina decides to join the Junior Lifeguards.
BobsBurgers 802 AsIWalkThroughTheAlley Promo 02 hires2.jpg "As I Walk Through the Alley of the Shadow of Ramps" May 13, 2018 8ASA02 18 147 1.562
When a malicious juice truck owner tries to set up shop in the Belcher's alley, Louise devises a plan to win back their turf.
BobsBurgers 803 MoMommyMoProblems 04 03 hires2.jpg "Mo Mommy Mo Problems" May 13, 2018 8ASA03 19 148 1.877
The Belchers attend open houses for the free food, per Linda's "momnipotent" Mother's Day request, and end up at the helm of a real estate scheme.
Bobs 721 Impos-Slug-Ble Promo 03 hires2.jpg "Mission Impos-slug-ble" May 20, 2018 7ASA21 20 149 1.649
When Louise's extensive Burobu card collection gets confiscated at school, she devises a tricky plan to get them back.
Bobs 805 SomethingOldSomethingNew 06A 02 hires2.jpg "Something Old, Something New, Something Bob Caters for You" May 20, 2018 8ASA05 21 150 1.616
A couple who fell in love at the restaurant asks the Belchers to cater their wedding.

Season 9: 2018-2019

Main article: Season 9
Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes # Viewers in Millions #
BobsBurgers 806 JustOneOfTheBoyz Promo 2 005 hires2.jpg "Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now" September 30, 2018 8ASA06 1 151 2.473
Convinced she's met the love of her life, Tina decides to disguise herself as a boy and sneak into the Boyz 4 Now auditions.
BobsBurgers 713 TheTakingOfFuntimeOneTwoThree 11 02 hires2.jpg "The Taking of Funtime One Two Three" October 7, 2018 7ASA13 2 152 3.081
Louise, Tina and Gene devise a master plan with the help of Mr. Fischoeder.
BobsBurgers 809 Tweentrepreneurs 14 08-1 hires2.jpg "Tweentrepreneurs" October 14, 2018 8ASA09 3 153 2.136
The kids get a taste of business when they join the school's Tweentrepeneurs club.
BobsBurgers 807 NighmareOnOceanStreetAvenue 09A 03-1 hires2.jpg "Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street" October 21, 2018 8ASA07 4 154 2.797
The kids set out for their regular Halloween shenanigans but everyone's candy bags start to mysteriously disappear.
BobsBurgers 811 LifeAndletFly 17A 01 hires2.jpg "Live and Let Fly" November 4, 2018 8ASA11 5 155 3.156
The kids learn the dangers of revenge when their plan to get back at the school guidance counselor gets them entangled in a deep rooted sibling rivalry between two pilots.
BobsBurgers 812 BobbyDriver Promo 04 hires2.jpg "Bobby Driver" November 11, 2018 8ASA12 6 156 2.226
Bob agrees to drive professional quilter Edith around town, after she convinces him to join in a plot for revenge.
BobsBurgers 808 IBobYourPardon Promo 06 hires2.jpg "I Bob Your Pardon" November 18, 2018 8ASA08 7 157 2.908
The Belchers set out to save a turkey from a trip to the slaughterhouse.
BobsBurgers 813 Roller IhHardlyKnowHer 07 07-1.jpg "Roller? I Hardly Know Her!" November 25, 2018 8ASA13 8 158 1.966
Gene is livid when his best friend, Alex, ditches him to be Courtney's roller-dancing partner.
BobsBurgers 814 UFONoYouDidnt Promo 05.jpg "UFO No You Didn't" December 2, 2018 8ASA14 9 159 2.994
Tina and her new science partner create a device that allows them to communicate with aliens.
BobsBurgers 810 BetterOffSled Promo 01.jpg "Better Off Sled" December 9, 2018 8ASA10 10 160 4.353
The battle is on when some angsty teenagers take over Louise, Gene and Tina's usual sledding territory.
BobsBurgers 816 LorenzosOilNoLindas08 05.jpg "Lorenzo's Oil? No, Linda's" January 6, 2019 8ASA16 11 161 2.212
Linda's new friend introduces her to essential oils and Gayle is convinced she must be rescued.
BobsBurgers 817 TheHelenHunt Promo 05.jpg "The Helen Hunt" January 13, 2019 8ASA17 12 162 4.889
The Belchers make it their mission to help Teddy get his dream girl, but Tina is convinced she's found a better match for him.
BobsBurgers 815 BedBobBeyond 06C 40.jpg "Bed, Bob & Beyond" February 10, 2019 8ASA15 13 163 1.659
After a failed attempt to see a movie, Tina, Louise and Gene tell their own story as a distraction.
BobsBurgers 818 EveryWhichWayButGoose Promo 02.jpg "Every Which Way but Goose" February 17, 2019 8ASA18 14 164 2.182
Tina, discouraged by not being asked to prom by Jimmy Jr., forms an unhealthy attachment to a goose from the nearby park.
BobsBurgers 819 FreshPrinc-Ipal 10 01.jpg "The Fresh Princ-ipal" March 3, 2019 8ASA19 15 165 1.983
Things get out of hand when Louise wins a contest to be Principal for a Day.
BobsBurgers 820 RoaminBob-iday Promo 06.jpg "Roamin' Bob-iday" March 10, 2019 8ASA20 16 166 2.001
The family forces workaholic Bob to take a much-needed day off, only for him to wind up working at a local sandwich shop.
BobsBurgers 821 WhatAboutBlob 04 11.jpg "What About Blob?" March 17, 2019 8ASA21 17 167 2.082
Gene convinces Tina and Louise to help him save a misunderstood plankton blob from being destroyed by a yacht club.
BobsBurgers 822 IfYouLoveItSoMuchWhyDontYouMarionette Promo 05.jpg "If You Love It So Much, Why Don't You Marionette?" March 24, 2019 8ASA22 18 168 2.028
The kids visit a marionette theater for a school field trip and Louise gets on the theater owner's bad side.
BobsBurgers 823 LongTimeListenerFirstTimeBob 10B 08.jpg "Long Time Listener, First Time Bob" April 7, 2019 8ASA23 19 169 1.763
Bob meets his personal hero - a renegade radio DJ who refuses to compromise. However, the Belchers get in over their heads when they try to help him stage a comeback.
BobsBurgers 824 TheGeneMile Promo 05.jpg "The Gene Mile" April 28, 2019 8ASA24 20 170 1.843
When the kids have to run a mandatory mile for school on free-ice-cream-day, they hatch an elaborate plot to sneak away.
BobsBurgers 825 PTAItAintSo 08 07.jpg "P.T.A. It Ain't So" May 5, 2019 8ASA25 21 171 1.576
Linda attempts to become more involved with the P.T.A., inspired by its seemingly perfect president.
BobsBurgers 826 YesWithoutMyZeke Promo 01.jpg "Yes Without My Zeke" May 12, 2019 8ASA26 22 172 1.484
When Zeke gets in trouble, the Belcher kids and Jimmy Jr. pitch in to help prevent him from being sent to a disciplinary school.

Season 10: 2019-2020

Main article: Season 10
Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes # Viewers in Millions #
BobsBurgers 901 TheRingButNotScary 106B 04.jpg "The Ring (But Not Scary)" September 29, 2019 9ASA01 1 173 1.817
Bob finally gets Linda an engagement ring, but it becomes lost.
BobsBurgers 902 BoysJustWannaHaveFungus Promo 06.jpg "Boys Just Wanna Have Fungus" October 6, 2019 9ASA02 2 174 2.343
Unable to afford a rare gourmet mushroom for a Burger of the Day, Bob and Gene jump into the cutthroat world of mushroom foraging.
BobsBurgers 903 MotorSheBoat 07B 11.jpg "Motor, She Boat" October 13, 2019 9ASA03 3 175 1.640
Tina and Bob participate in the Thundergirls father-daughter cardboard boat race and Tina tries to hide her feelings about Bob's terrible boat-building skills.
Bobs 904 PigTroubleInLittleTina Promo 05.jpg "Pig Trouble in Little Tina" October 20, 2019 9ASA04 4 176 2.447
Tina dissects a fetal pig in science class and things get spooky.
BobsBurgers 905 LegendsOfTheMall 01A 03.jpg "Legends of the Mall" November 3, 2019 9ASA05 5 177 1.513
On a Belcher family trip to the mall, Tina is mistaken for a sleeping boy's girlfriend.
BobsBurgers 906 TheHawkening 07A 06.jpg "The Hawkening: Look Who's Hawking Now!" November 10, 2019 9ASA06 6 178 2.059
Bob and Louise host an exclusive screening of a Hawk & Chick movie at the restaurant, until Koji throws a wrench into the works.
BobsBurgers 908 LandOfTheLoft Promo 06.jpg "Land of the Loft" November 17, 2019 9ASA08 7 179 1.877
Bob and Linda challenge themselves and attend a loft party on a stormy night.
BobsBurgers 907 NowWereNotCookingWithGas 08B 17.jpg "Now We're Not Cooking with Gas" November 24, 2019 9ASA07 8 180 2.288
Bob is determined to do whatever it takes to cook a rare, heritage turkey after the gas goes out on Thanksgiving.
BobsBurgers 910 AllThatGene Promo 06.jpg "All That Gene" December 1, 2019 9ASA10 9 181 1.599
Gene auditions for a small role in a local theater production, but things backfire when he discovers that Linda actually bargained with the director to get Gene the part.
BobsBurgers 909 HaveYourSelfAMailyLindaChristmas 17 09.jpg "Have Yourself a Maily Linda Christmas" December 15, 2019 9ASA09 10 182 2.408
Linda works a temp job at the post office to make extra money for the holidays.
BobsBurgers 911 Drumforgiven 03 05.jpg "Drumforgiven" January 12, 2020 9ASA11 11 183 5.757
Gene gets kicked out of the Ocean Avenue Hifi Emporium, but Louise takes matters into her own hands to defend Gene's honor.
BobsBurgers 912 AFishCalledTina Promo 07.jpg "A Fish Called Tina" February 16, 2020 9ASA12 12 184 1.508
Tina goes too far trying to be a perfect mentor.
BobsBurgers 913 ThreeGirlsAndALittleWharfy 11 04.jpg "Three Girls and a Little Wharfy" February 23, 2020 9ASA13 13 185 1.577
Louise skeptically joins Jessica and fifth grader Megan in their search for Wharfy, a mythical sea monster.
BobsBurgers 914 WagTheSong 11 02 tk1-0598.jpg "Wag the Song" March 1, 2020 9ASA14 14 186 1.432
Tina competes against Gene and Louise to write a new school song for Wagstaff, but finds herself creatively stalled.
BobsBurgers 916 YurtyRottenScoundrels Promo 04.jpg "Yurty Rotten Scoundrels" March 8, 2020 9ASA16 15 187 1.279
Gayle decides to host an artists' workshop in a yurt
BobsBurgers 915 Flat-TopOTheMorningToYa 12 03.jpg "Flat-Top o' the Morning to Ya" March 15, 2020 9ASA15 16 188 1.443
Bob and the kids help a down-on-his-luck restaurant owner, while Linda and Teddy get carried away with St. Patrick's Day festivities.
BobsBurgers 917 JustTheTrip 12 07.jpg "Just the Trip" March 22, 2020 9ASA17 17 189 1.308
The family takes an unexpected road trip with Nat the limo driver.
BobsBurgers 918 TappyTappyTappy Promo 04.jpg "Tappy Tappy Tappy Tap Tap Tap" April 19, 2020 9ASA18 18 190 1.363
Tina goes to see Josh perform in a tap show, and suspects sabotage when he's injured.
BobsBurgers 919 TheHandymanCan 21 21.jpg "The Handyman Can" April 26, 2020 9ASA19 19 191 1.290
When Teddy finds himself doubting his abilities as a handyman, the kids build up his confidence.
BobsBurgers 920 PoopsIDidntDoItAgain Promo 05.jpg "Poops!… I Didn't Do It Again" May 3, 2020 9ASA20 20 192 1.116
Louise must face her fear of public pooping when her class goes on an overnight trip to the aquarium.
BobsBurgers 921 LocalSheRo 19A 04.jpg "Local She-ro" May 10, 2020 9ASA21 21 193 1.041
While trying to show Tina what's great about their town, Linda ends up on the trail of a legendary local singer.
BobsBurgers 922 PrankYouForBeingAFrient Promo 03.jpg "Prank You for Being a Friend" May 17, 2020 9ASA22 22 194 1.284
A classmate comes to Louise for lessons in how to get in trouble.

Season 11: 2020-2021

Main article: Season 11
Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes # Viewers in Millions #
BobsBurgers 1001 DreamALittleDreamOfBob A01 Promo 03.jpg "Dream a Little Bob of Bob" (SEASON PREMIERE) September 27, 2020 AASA01 1 195 1.773
Bob goes on an epic quest to find a misplaced lock box key.
BobsBurgers 923 WormsOfInRear-Ment Promo 05.jpg "Worms of In-Rear-ment" October 4, 2020 9ASA23 2 196 1.123
Linda tries to take her family to the symphony on free admission night, but her efforts are thwarted by a pinworm epidemic.
BobsBurgers 1002 Copa-Bob-Bana A02 Promo 03.jpg "Copa-Bob-bana" October 11, 2020 AASA02 3 197 1.260
Bob agrees to be the temporary chef at the Fischoeders' new nightclub.
BobsBurgers 1004 HeartbreakHotel-Oween A04 Promo 07.jpg "Heartbreak Hotel-oween" November 1, 2020[note 1] AASA04 4 198 1.903
Louise's plan to get revenge on Halloween for a candy transgression hits a snag when the Belcher kids meet a mysterious elerly woman at a hotel.
BobsBurgers FastTimesCapsulesAtWagstaffSchool 1003 A03 Promo 04.jpg "Fast Time Capsules at Wagstaff School" November 8, 2020 AASA03 5 199 1.412
Tina is put in charge of the Wagstaff School time capsule project.
BobsBurgers 1005 BobBelcherAndTheTerribleHorrible... A05 Promo 04.jpg "Bob Belcher and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Kids" November 15, 2020 AASA05 6 200 1.785
The family must figure out how to keep the restaurant open after Bob's flattop breaks on the morning of the Ocean Avenue Business Association's: Ocean Fest on Ocean Avenue.
BobsBurgers 1008 DiarrheaOfAPoopyKid A08 Promo 04.jpg "Diarrhea of a Poopy Kid" November 22, 2020 AASA08 7 201 1.766
When Gene can't eat Thanksgiving dinner because of a stomach flu, the family tries to cheer him up.
BobsBurgers 1007 TheTerminalatorII TerminalsOfEndearment A07 Promo 06.jpg "The Terminalator II: Terminals of Endearment" November 29, 2020 AASA07 8 202 1.232
When Linda's parents have a layover at an airport nearby, Bob and Linda attempt to turn it into their annual "visit."
BobsBurgers 1006 MommyBoy A06 Promo 04.jpg "Mommy Boy" December 6, 2020 AASA06 9 203 1.253
When Linda joins a women's business group, Gene gets possessive of her time.
BobsBurgers 1009 YachtyOrNice A09 04B 10 tk1-0256.jpg "Yachty or Nice" December 13, 2020 AASA09 10 204 1.808
When the Belchers get an unexpected invitation to cater the Glencrest Yacht Club's holiday boat parade, Bob wonders if there's a catch.
BobsBurgers 1013 RomancingTheBeef A13 Promo 02.jpg "Romancing the Beef" February 21, 2021[note 2] AASA13 11 205 1.243
Louise convinces Bob and Linda to cash in on the lucrative Valentine's Day dinner business.
BobsBurgers 1010 DieCardOrCardTrying A10 Promo 05.jpg "Die Card, or Card Trying" February 28, 2021 AASA10 12 206 1.086
Linda drags Bob and the kids out into nature, determined to take the best holiday family portrait ever.
BobsBurhrtdz-1011 An-Incon-Wheelie-EntTruth A11 Promo 09.jpg "An Incon-Wheelie-ent Truth" March 7, 2021 AASA11 13 207 1.209
While on a family trip to the flea market, Bob and Linda are haunted by a lie they told Tina, Gene and Louise about what really happened to their beloved stuffed animal, Wheelie Mammoth.
BobsBurgers 1012 Mr.LonelyFarts A12 10 03 tk1-0104.jpg "Mr. Lonely Farts" March 14, 2021 AASA12 14 208 1.207
Gene accidently is left home by himself.
BobsBurgers 1014 SheshankRedumption A14 Promo 05.jpg "Sheshank Redumption" March 21, 2021 AASA14 15 209 1.052
Linda's new routine of diet and exercise gives her gastrointestinal trouble on the day of parent-teacher-student conferences.
BobsBurgers 1015 YTuTinaTambien A15 05A 07 tk2-0230.jpg "Y Tu Tina También" March 28, 2021 AASA15 16 210 1.068
When Tina is forced to listen to Spanish audio lessons in the library to improve her grade, she develops an unexpected crush.
BobsBurgers 1016 FingersLoose A16 Promo 2.jpg "Fingers-loose" April 11, 2021 AASA16 17 211 1.193
Tina faces a hall-monitor crisis when she falls in love with a new underground trend.
BobsBurgers 1017 SomeKindOfFenderBenderful A17 Promo 08.jpg "Some Kind of Fender Benderful" April 18, 2021 AASA17 18 212 1.052
Bob gets into a four-car fender bender right outside the restaurant.
BobsBurgers 1019 BridgeOverTroubledRudy A19 Promo 06.jpg "Bridge Over Troubled Rudy" May 2, 2021 AASA19 19 213 0.953
Louise finds out that Rudy has a model bridge that explodes
BobsBurgers 1020 StealMagazine-Olias A20 Promo 6.jpg "Steal Magazine-olias" May 9, 2021 AASA20 20 214 1.108
Dr. Yap comes to the restaurant in search of something that was taken from the waiting room of his dentistry office.
BobsBurgers 1021 TellMeDumbThingGood A21 Promo 05.jpg "Tell Me Dumb Thing Good" May 16, 2021 AASA21 21 215 1.077
Linda needs the kids' help in fighting for a fun, dumb, local tradition.
BobsBurgers 1018 VampireDiscoDeathdance A18 Promo 4.jpg "Vampire Disco Death Dance" (SEASON FINALE) May 23, 2021 AASA18 22 216 0.975
After Tina and Bob plan a father-daughter date to see Bob's favorite old campy vampire-sing-along movie, Tina decides to invite her group of friends along, as well.

Season 12: 2021-2022

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Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes # Viewers in Millions #
BobsBurgers 1022 ManicPixieCrapShow A22 Promo 05.jpg "Manic Pixie Crap Show" September 26, 2021 AASA22 1 217 1.601
Louise must pay a debt to Millie by attending the Pixie Princess Promenade.
BobsBurgers 1101 CrystalMess B01 Promo 04.jpg "Crystal Mess" October 3, 2021 BASA01 2 218 1.143
Mr. Frond lends Tina a crystal that his new girlfriend alleges has special powers.
BobsBurgers 1102 ThePumpkinening B02 Promo 01.jpg "The Pumpkinening" October 10, 2021 BASA02 3 219 1.770
Linda and Gayle must travel to their hometown to face a wrong they committed 27 years ago.
BobsBurgers 1103 DrivingBigDummy B03 Promo 06.jpg "Driving Big Dummy" October 17, 2021 BASA03 4 220 1.168
Bob gets roped into a road trip with Teddy.
BobsBurgers 1104 Seven-TweenAgain B04 05.jpg "Seven-tween Again" October 24, 2021 BASA04 5 221 1.204
Gene has a freak-out about growing up and desperately tries to relive his youth.
BobsBurgers 1105 BeachPlease B05 Promo 07.jpg "Beach, Please" November 7, 2021 BASA05 6 222 1.475
the Belcher kids participate in a beach clean-up for Wagstaff Volunteer Day.
BobsBurgers 1108 LoftsInBedslation B08 Promo 05.jpg "Loft in Bedslation" November 14, 2021 BASA08 7 223 1.157
Linda and the girls attempt to build a loft bed for Louise in just one day.
BobsBurgers 1106 StuckInTheKitchenWithYou B06 Promo 09.jpg "Stuck in the Kitchen with You" November 21, 2021 BASA06 8 224 1.839
Bob volunteers to cook Thanksgiving dinner for a retirement home.
Bobsburgers.png "FOMO You Didn't" November 28, 2021 BASA09 9 225 1.624
Susmita offers to help Tina with a photography class assignment.
Bobsburgers.png "Gene's Christmas Break" December 19, 2021 BASA07 10 226 1.604
Gene breaks his favorite, extremely rare '70s era Christmas record.
Bobsburgers.png "Touch of Eval(uations)" January 9, 2022 BASA10 11 227 1.331
Louise realizes that Mr. Frond's new plan of students evaluating their teachers has shifted the balance of power at school from teacher to kid.
Bobsburgers.png "Ferry on My Wayward Bob and Linda" February 27, 2022 BASA13 12 228 1.181
Bob and Linda accept a Valentine's Day dinner invitation from the chef of a fancy restaurant on Kingshead Island.
Bobsburgers.png "Frigate Me Knot" March 6, 2022 BASA12 13 229 1.150
Linda encourages Teddy to attend a farewell ceremony for the ship on which he served in the Navy.
Bobsburgers.png "Video Killed the Gene-io Star" March 13, 2022 BASA11 14 230 0.949
Gene begrudgingly agrees to participate in a music video for Courtney.
BobsBurgers 1114 AncientMisbehavin B14 Promo 01.jpg "Ancient Misbehavin'" March 20, 2022 BASA14 15 231 1.012
After feeling slighted by a teacher during a special Ancient Greece unit, Louise, Millie and Regular Sized Rudy take matters into their own hands to restore justice.
BobsBurgers 1115 InterviewWithAPop-PopPire B15 Promo 11.jpg "Interview with a Pop-pop-pire" March 27, 2022 BASA15 16 232 1.049
Big Bob is coming to dinner so that Tina can interview him for a school project.
BobsBurgers 1116 SpiderHouseRules B16 Promo 08.jpg "The Spider House Rules" April 10, 2022 BASA16 17 233 0.875
Louise befriends a house spider and hides it in her room.
BobsBurgers 1117 ClearAndPresentGinger B17 Promo 05.jpg "Clear and Present Ginger" April 24, 2022 BASA17 18 234 0.887
Linda has a big day planned when her friend, Ginger, comes to visit.
BobsBurgers 1118 ASproutABoy B18 07A 03 tk3-0550.jpg "A-Sprout a Boy" May 1, 2022 BASA18 19 235 1.018
Gene becomes obsessed with an old handheld game.
BobsBurgers 1121 SauceSdieStory B21 15 08 tk1-0058.jpg "Sauce Side Story" May 8, 2022 BASA21 20 236 0.915
The kids try to track down a lost family recipe for a Mother's Day gift for Linda.
BobsBurgers 1119 EighthGradRunner B19 08 08 tk2-0038.jpg "Some Like It Bot Part 1: Eighth Grade Runner" May 15, 2022 BASA19 21 237 1.005
Tina turns to her erotic friend-fiction and writes about a futuristic world.
BobsBurgers 1120 SomeLikeItBotPt.2 B20 18A 02 tk1-0167.jpg "Some Like It Bot Part 2: Judge-bot Day" May 22, 2022 BASA20 22 238 0.926
Tina is on a mission that could get her into a lot of trouble.

Season 13: 2022-2023[2]

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Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes # Viewers in Millions #
Bobsburgers.png "To Bob or Not to Bob" September 25, 2022[3]. TBA 1 239 TBA

Unknown season:

Main article: Unknown season
Script cover Title Table read date Production code
Bobsburgers.png "The Reeky Lake Show"[4] Unknown TBA
Bobsburgers.png "What About Job?"[5] Unknown TBA
Bobsburgers.png "Comet-y of Errors"[6] Unknown TBA
Bobsburgers.png "Dance Dance Re-Evaluation"[7] Unknown TBA
Bobsburgers.png "Apple Gore-chard! (But Not Gory)"[8] Unknown TBA
Bobsburgers.png "Ready Player Gene"[9] Unknown TBA
Bobsburgers.png "Putts-giving"[10] Unknown TBA
Bobsburgers.png "Show Mama from the Grave"[11] Unknown TBA
Bobsburgers.png "Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang"[12] Unknown TBA
Bobsburgers.png "The Plight Before Christmas"[13] Unknown TBA
C11 Script.jpg "Oh Row You Didn't"[14] Unknown CASA11
Bobsburgers.png "Stop! Or My Mom Will Sleuth!"[15] Unknown TBA
Bobsburgers.png "These Boots Are Made for Stalking"[16] Unknown TBA
Bobsburgers.png "The Show (and Tell) Must Go On"[17] Unknown TBA

Feature Film

Poster Title Release date
The Bobs Burgers Movie New Teaser Poster.jpg The Bob's Burgers Movie May 27, 2022
A ruptured water main creates an enormous sinkhole right in front of Bob's Burgers, blocking the entrance indefinitely and ruining the Belchers' plans for a successful summer


Screenshot Title Release date
Bored.jpg "Bored" July 17, 2020
A Covid-19 pandemic-themed short.
Bobsburgers.png "My Butt Has a Fever" TBA


  1. Due to a late schedule change by FOX, this episode aired by accident on CityTV in Canada on October 18, 2020.
  2. Due to a rain delay at the 2021 Daytona 500, this episode was pre-empted in the US but aired on CityTV in Canada on February 14, 2021.


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13 To Bob or Not to BobThe Reeky Lake ShowWhat About Job?Comet-y of ErrorsApple Gore-chard! (But Not Gory)Dance Dance Re-EvaluationReady Player GenePutts-givingShow Mama from the GraveThe Plight Before ChristmasCheaty Cheaty Bang BangOh Row You Didn'tStop! Or My Mom Will Sleuth!These Boots Are Made for StalkingThe Show (and Tell) Must Go On
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