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NDA? 'No ding-a-lings allowed?'

"Escape from Which Island?" is the sixth episode in Season 14, being the two-hundred-and-sixty-sixth episode overall.


Mr. Fischoeder enlists Bob to be his personal chef for a glamping trip on his exclusive club's secret island. Meanwhile, Linda gives the kids a crash-course on cocktail party etiquette.

Full story[]

The Belchers have the news on the restaurant's TV, and Scott Baggs is giving a weather report. He announces that an approaching could move and affect their area. When Mr. Fischoeder arrives on his golf cart and enters the restaurant, Linda turns off the news. Bob is worried Mr. Fischoeder came about their rent, but their landlord came to ask Bob if he's busy this weekend. Calvin needs Bob to be his "private chef" for "private cooking" at a "private location." He eerily hands Bob an NDA form since the Belcher told his landlord he won't be busy. Mr. Fischoeder clarifies that Bob will cater his "flamping" (fancy camping) event for a "secret club of powerful members." Louise asks if Mr. Fischoeder is in the Illuminati, and he reveals his organization's name: the Babylon League. He also adds that this expedition will decide the club's next president. After Calvin tells Bob what his organization will do on the trip, Bob no longer wants to cater to his landlord. However, Mr. Fischoeder is desperate since every other member is bringing their chef, so Linda asks him to give them $973, or the exact amount for a new condenser in the walk-in, for Bob's service. Mr. Fischoeder accepted Linda's offer, and Bob reluctantly signed the NDA. Linda remembers Scott Bag's weather report and asks if that'll be a problem for their camping trip, but Mr. Fischoeder gives a vague, unhelpful response. As he leaves, the landlord tells Bob to make a custom cocktail for the event.

Mr. Fischoeder and Bob are at the pier, and Bob is packing items on his landlord's speedboat. Mr. Fischoeder gives Bob a blindfold and tells the Belcher to cover his eyes. Bob gets on the motorboat (with difficulty since he's blindfolded), and Calvin drives them to an undisclosed location.

When they reach land, Mr. Fischoeder makes Bob drag their supplies while still being blindfolded. He begrudgingly permits Bob to take it off when they're walking up a cliff, and Bob is horrified because he was blinded and could've tripped. However, the landlord is apathetic to Bob, and he makes them resume their walk. Calvin gets Bob to set up his tent and take out his supplies. The landlord asks Bob if he made a custom cocktail as he told him to, and Bob is proud to announce what he created: "The League of Ex-brine-inary Gentlement," with gin, mint, and a dash of pickle juice. Mr. Fischoeder tastes and enjoys it but renames the drink "Ring-A-Ding." Bob follows his landlord and carries the cocktail pitcher as he shows Bob the other members of the Babylon League. Some of them are Calvin's friends who built gingerbread houses with him in "The Last Gingerbread House on the Left." August Sharfenheimer tells Mr. Fischoeder that he shouldn't have brought Bob to the "Sacred Circle," where chefs aren't allowed to be. August decides to judge if Bob gets to stay by tasting Bob's cocktail. After tasting it, Calvin's friend immediately changes his mind about Bob. None of Calvin's friends remember Bob, but Randolph Brackenbrown almost does. Brackenbrown starts boasting about his chef, Sergio, from "Sergio," and how he only eats llamas now. The organization's members decide to let their chefs cook then, so Calvin authorizes Bob to return to their tent.

As it gets darker, the storm that Scott Bags foreshadowed from the beginning approaches the island. After Bob cooks Mr. Fischoeder's dinner and Calvin eats it with the other 'Babylonians,' Calvin returns to his tent, where Bob cleans up the mess he made while cooking. The landlord compliments the Belcher's cooking, and he randomly mentions how he and the other club members took a lot of drugs while at the dinner. Mr. Fischoeder tells Bob to put face paint on him for his camping event and to make him look like "Simon LeBon in 'Hungry Like The Wolf.'" Bob agrees to facepaint him but doesn't make his landlord's specific request. Being disoriented from the drugs, Calvin doesn't stay still to let Bob paint him, making Bob mess up his facepaint. However, Calvin doesn't care how his face ends up. The weather gets more intense, and everything starts knocking over. Bob is concerned, but Mr. Fischoeder runs away, taking the weather as a sign of something. Additionally, electronic dance music starts playing from somewhere.

Linda tries to call Bob amid the intense rainy weather at their apartment. However, there's no reception where Bob is (since Calvin and his other club members paid for that). Louise reassures her that nothing is happening to Bob. Gene distracts Linda by telling her to get snacks for them and his siblings. Tina follows Linda to the kitchen because she's getting tired of Linda's crackers. Tina points out what Bob left in the kitchen from trying to make Mr. Fischoeder a custom cocktail. While Linda pours chips into a bowl, she explains to Tina how she was tasting all the drinks Bob had made the previous night. Linda brings up cocktail parties, and Tina asks her mom if those events are actually legit since she thought they only happened in films. Tina starts asking her mom about cocktail parties and what happens at them. Gene and Louise enter the kitchen after impatiently waiting for the snacks. Tina starts believing cocktail parties will be a rite of passage for her in the future, so she starts worrying about them. Linda offers Tina a "mocktail party" and tells her kids to wear something fancy and meet her back in the living room in ten minutes. The mom brings up it might be as fancy as Bob's party.

However, Bob is having a horrible time. The weather is only worsening, and he's doing everything to keep Mr. Fischoeder's things from flying away. When the Belcher sees that people at the docks are evacuating with the boats, Bob runs to Mr. Fischoeder at the Sacred Circle. He sees them dancing around an open flame with electronic dance music. Bob tries to tell his landlord how people are evacuating, but Mr. Fischoeder is still high from his drugs and isn't concerned. Bob realizes that Calvin--and the rest of the people dancing--are stoned, so he takes matters into his own hands. Bob goes back to the tent and packs everything salvageable. He returns to the pier and finds all boats sinking into the ocean.

Bob returns to Mr. Fischoeder's fire pit to tell his landlord about the boats but sees no one there. However, he finds a shirt on the ground with possibly blood on it. Bob becomes concerned. Mr. Fischoeder calls Bob from the bush and tells him to turn off his lantern. He tells Bob how Hubert, one of the members of his organization, turned animalistic and bit Randolph's arm (hence the blood), and Hubert is now hunting them. Randolph and the other members gather at Mr. Fischoeder and Bob's bush, but Hubert finds them. They all run away, and Mr. Fischoeder and Bob hide somewhere else while the other people run away from their friend.

Meanwhile, Linda and her kids are all dressed up and are in their living room. They have drinks in hand, and they're roleplaying a cocktail party. Linda makes Tina the event host. Linda pretends to be the first guest at the party and tells Tina to point out everything she did wrong. Tina doesn't get anything Linda did wrong, while Gene and Louise intuitively understand all the faults.

Back at the island, Bob and Mr. Fischoeder run from Hubert as far as they can. With no reception and weapons (the Babylon League insurance doesn't cover having guns), they are helpless. The other people that Hubert was chasing found them. They all hear a twig snap and mistake it for Bob's fart. Hubert jumps out (with no clothes but underwear this time) and bites Samuel Summerbottom. Samuel kicks Hubert away, and the group runs away somewhere else. While hiding, they decide to make Bob their captain for survival, and Bob comes up with a plan to trap Hubert. However, the trap requires bait, and they all tie down Bob on a bench so he can be their lure. Mr. Fischoeder and his friends also put beef on Bob as an enticement and hide while they wait for Hubert to come. Linda is still preparing her kids for their cocktail party during this. After Bob starts expressing his regret for coming to cater to Mr. Fischoeder, the landlord starts feeling bad for Bob. He pretends to go out of hiding to put more beef on Bob when he's really freeing Bob. After Calvin unties Bob, the other members realize and start chasing them both, wanting to use both of them as bait this time. While hiding from the other members and Herbert, Calvin remembers there's a boathouse on the other side of the island. It's old, and there might be no boats there, yet they have no other choice, so they try to find the building.

When they reach the building, Mr. Fischoeder's friends ambush them with a tarp. Samuel Summerbottom starts hitting them with a stick, but the other members stop him. They tie up both Bob and Calvin. Bob keeps trying to tell the members that there might be a boat in the building that they can all use to escape, but they aren't convinced. August Sharfenheimer does decide to go and check, and when he confirms there's a boat, they choose not to let Mr. Fischoeder and Bob get eaten by Hubert. However, Bob tries convincing them they shouldn't leave Hubert behind since he's their friend. They only agree with Bob's idea when Mr. Fischoeder sides with Bob. Bob becomes the bait again, but this time, he volunteers himself. When they see Hubert lurking towards Bob, Bob calls the members to take out the tarp they used to surprise him and Mr. Fischoeder. However, they can't find it.

Tina is in the kitchen at the apartment, trying to avoid Linda's cocktail party lessons. Linda goes into the room to find Tina. Tina tells her mom how she's worried she won't be able to remember any of the event's etiquette. While talking about that, Tina lists everything her mom taught her tonight. Linda expresses that as Gene and Louise come into the kitchen, and Linda resumes her mocktail party.

Mr. Fischoeder and the rest of the Babylon League find the tarp as Hubert chews on Bob's right arm. They entrap Hubert and put him on the boat as they free Bob and make him row them home on the dinghy in the boathouse. As Hubert turns sober, he apologizes to Bob for biting him and expresses that he will pay Bob's medical bills. Hubert also suggests they all go for ice cream once they reach shore. Bob wants to go home, but the Babylon League forces him to come.


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