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Family Funtime is a local arcade.

It first appears in the episode "Burgerboss" where Bob visits the arcade to play the arcade game Burger Boss to beat Jimmy Pesto's high score. Also during the episode, the kids crash kids birthday parties the party room while Bob uses them so he can get in to the arcade because adults aren't allowed without children.

It appears again in a scene during the "Bad Things Are Bad" musical number in "World Wharf II: The Wharfening (or How Bob Saves/Destroys the Town - Part II)."

It appears as a central setting in "The Taking of Funtime One Two Three" where part-owner Calvin Fischoeder sets the Belcher kids and friends up to get caught in proving that the dune buggy star prize promotion would damage the prize economy.

Games Featured in the Arcade

  • Burgerboss
  • Moats
  • Starfighter
  • Space Runner (pacman parody)
  • Fuzzy Ball
  • Ball-party
  • Debate Heroes
  • Karate Twins
  • Lane Merger
  • Battle Bellies
  • Driving Fast
  • Gun Shooter 3
  • Ninja Police
  • Skee Bowl/Skee Ban (possible naming error)
  • Dreamachine
  • Puck Buddies
  • Block Blaster
  • The helicopter game's logo next to Ninja Police isn't seen in some shots but when it does it doesn't appear to have a name.


  • Family Funtime is a parody of family entertainment center, "Chuck E. Cheese's".
  • Darryl, a known video game enthusiast has achieved high scores on many of the games in the arcade.
  • Louise Belcher, Logan Bush, and Choo-Choo are on the Bulletin Board of Banishment.
  • Many of the arcade games seen in the arcade have been seen elsewhere in the series, such as in Spare Change Lanes in "Can't Buy Me Math" where Rosa Batista is shown playing 'Moats.'
  • It is described by Speedo Guy as where old games "go to die."
  • Is one of the many places where Yuli the security guard has been seen working at throughout the series.
  • The logo changes slightly between its first and second appearances with the word 'family' colored in orange in the latter.