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Family Guy is an American animated sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The show is produced by Fuzzy Door Productions and 20th Century Fox Television and syndicated by 20th Television.

The show is most famous for its flashback/cutaway gags which make references to pop culture. The series hones in on the Griffin family consisting of Peter, his wife Lois, their talking dog Brian, and his three kids, teenage girl Meg, talking baby Stewie, and teenage boy Chris.

Like Bob's Burgers, the show is syndicated to local television stations and cable syndication rights are held by Adult Swim/TBS (they were acquired in 2003 and are set to expire in 2021). Due to the Disney acquisition of 20th Century Fox, the show will rerun on FXX and Freeform (formerly ABC Family) starting in 2021, when the lease to AT&T (parent company of TBS/Adult Swim) is supposed to expire. Family Guy was canceled in 2002 with one episode unaired.

The show was syndicated to TBS/Adult Swim in 2003 and scored high views in reruns and the DVDs sold 1.5 million copies, leading to Fox renewing the show for a fourth season, which aired in 2005.

Bob's Burgers references in Family Guy[]

In "Space Cadet". Principal Shepherd calls a conference with Peter and Lois when Chris starts getting into trouble at school, including trying to pass off a portrait of Bob Belcher as his advanced art project to Peter and Lois' shame.

In "Trump Guy", Chris sees that Bob's Burgers is on the TV at the White House.

In "Trans-Fat", the entire family makes a cameo at the Griffin house, but only Bob has lines, most likely because H. Jon Benjamin also works on Family Guy.

In "The Simpsons Guy", a cutaway shows that Peter and Homer are in the Air Force shooting at enemy planes. When they knock them down, Homer asks what is Bob doing on the plane, to which Peter explains that Bob has to be between The Simpsons and Family Guy so it can gain viewers, also revealing that The Cleveland Show got cancelled because it was at an earlier timeslot.

In "Cabin Pressure," Bob appears as a cutaway gag, with Peter referring to the Belcher as "the guy who started after me and was beneath me, but now he's like higher up than I am."

Common Cast[]

Voice actor Role on Family Guy Role on Bob’s Burgers
H. Jon Benjamin Carl Bob Belcher, Ms. LaBonz, Speedo Guy, Jimmy Pesto, Jr.
Gary Cole Principal Shepherd Sergeant Bosco
David Herman David Strathairn Phillip Frond, Trev, Mr. Branca, Marshmallow
Chris Parnell Doug Warren Fitzgerald
Rob Huebel Executive Prince of Persuasia, Zach, Ralph, Harry, Newton Fremont, Vance, Steve, Doctor