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All of my life people have been telling me what I can't do. 'Fanny, you can't show your butt.' 'Fanny, you can't shoot people.' Today, I'm gonna do both!
- Fanny

Fanny is Felix Fischoeder's girlfriend who makes her first appearance in "Wharf Horse." She gets arrested and incarcerated in the next episode for attempted murder but returns in The Bob's Burgers Movie after being released.

She is voiced by Jordan Peele.




Fanny embodies the stereotypical gold-digger: she is superficial, materialistic, irresponsible, spoiled, and self-absorbed. She fancies herself as a God-given diva superstar singer, despite appearing to lack any musical ability. She leeches off and sweet talks her way into having others pay for her expenses, be it for designer clothes or a simple hot dog, to resorting to violence and murder when she doesn't get her way.


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Love Interests[]

Felix Fischoeder[]

Fanny and Felix had met some time before the events of "Wharf Horse". It is evident that she is only interested in him as he promised to give her a recording studio and a job at a nightclub. When Felix fails to sell the Wharf, she becomes aggressive and bitter towards him, openly saying she's only interested in him so he can inherit his brother's fortune.

Felix seems to legitimately be interested in her, although he gets fed up with her attitude easily. He continues to pursue a relationship with her while she's incarcerated in prison, where she continues to show no gratitude for him. He was hoping at one point to be able to bust her out of prison and escape in a submarine, but these plans ultimately went nowhere as the submarine wasn't a real submarine.


The Belchers[]

Linda takes a liking to her, inviting her along when she and Bob take Mr. Fischoeder to Kingshead Island. The two go shopping together and seem to get along fairly well.

After Felix feels remorseful about trying to drown Bob and his brother, Fanny attempts to kill all the Belchers. Linda stops her, hurt that she'd be willing to kill them after they spent time together.

Calvin Fischoeder[]

She seems to think very little of Calvin besides the fact that he's very wealthy and is likely the key to her success as he has more money than his brother.



  1. s4e21 "Wharf Horse" Felix states Fanny is 29.


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