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People like things that go up and down and side to side and jiggle all their stuff around.
- Fischoeder Dad

He was the father of Calvin and Felix Fischoeder. He married their mother. He's the former landlord of Ocean Avenue and Wonder Wharf, and he passed it down to Calvin when his son was old enough. He first gets mentioned in "Torpedo," but The Bob's Burgers Movie shows what he actually looked like.



He was a very tall man, taller than Bob and Calvin. He had a similar hairstyle to his older son except his hair was longer and he had a thick white beard. He wore three layers of clothing on his upper torso: a long white blazer jacket with a medal, a buttoned shirt under that and a regular white shirt with a tie under that. He also wore long white pants.


Not much is known about his personality, but he was likely a hard-working man who had a slightly twisted sense of humor, not unlike his sons Calvin and Felix. Calvin in particular mentions that Bob greatly reminds him of his father, a sentiment Felix seems to agree with.


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Calvin Fischoeder states his father immigrated to America and made his entire fortune from scratch ("Torpedo"). Eighty years ago, he bought the old amusement park at Ocean Avenue and transformed it into Wonder Wharf (The Bob's Burgers Movie). He gave his oldest son his Best Businessing of the Bay Award he got on his deathbed ("To Bob, or Not to Bob") along with his beloved golf cart ("What a (April) Fool Believes").



Calvin Fischoeder[]

He seemingly preferred Calvin over Felix, but he still loved both of them.

Felix Fischoeder[]


Other media


  1. The father of Calvin and Felix bought Wonder Wharf eighty years ago (The Bob's Burgers Movie), and Felix stole a trophy he gave to Calvin when he died ten years ago ("To Bob, or Not to Bob"), meaning he died before that event. Assuming he was in his twenties or thirties when he bought the park, he would've passed away as a nonagenarian or a centenarian.


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