Bob's Burgers character
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age 42
Occupation Museum security guard
Relatives *Al (father)
Behind the scenes
First "Art Crawl"
Voiced by Megan Mullally
Guess who's on new meds!
— Gayle

Gayle is Linda's younger sister. She lives alone in a studio apartment with her three cats Jean Paw'd Van Damme, Pinkeye and Mr. Business.


In all her appearances, she wears blue glasses. She has brown hair with bangs that she usually wears in a ponytail. In her first appearance in Art Crawl, she wears a purple T-shirt with a lilac teddy bear design on it, dark green shorts, a pink fanny pack and white shoes. In her next appearance in Dr. Yap, she wears a dark pink shirt, dark green skirt and a cream colored fanny pack along with the shoes. This is the only time she hasn't worn her hair in a ponytail. From Topsy onwards, she wears a plain purple T-shirt and the skirt from Dr. Yap along with the the shoes and the cream colored fanny pack, except in Boyz 4 Now, where she is seen wearing her teddy bear T-shirt from Art Crawl. In Purple Rain-Union, she wears a pink fanny pack, shoes and has her ponytail in a pink tie pointing out to the left similar to Tammy's as part of her rock outfit. In As I Walk Through the Alley of the Shadow of Ramps, she wears a guard uniform at her job at the art museum.


Gayle is a very cheerful and eccentric woman, but also extremely naive and gullible, as well as emotionally fragile. She frequently takes blatant lies and sarcastic statements seriously and can rarely take a hint, much to the frustration of others (though Louise regularly takes advantage of this). Gayle is also extremely socially inept, moreso than Tina Belcher, and often says and does things that are either inappropriate or annoying to those around her. Her emotional fragility and inability to connect with others often leads her to depression, even going so far as to play pretend every night before bed that she's taking shelter from a nuclear apocalypse where everyone dies, "especially the men, so it's okay to sleep alone". She also has a bit of a manipulative streak, using her pathetic nature to get what she wants (mostly from her sister Linda), such as faked injuries for attention, or otherwise just asking to borrow money, which she does a lot (There's No Business Like Mr. Business Business).

Gayle expresses herself through art, mostly paintings, but also through outlandish performance art. Some of her artistic "statements" include wearing a dress made of shrimp to Catholic Mass, shaving her cat, and eating her lipstick because she wanted to feel "red" inside. Her most noteworthy artistic endeavor was a series of paintings featuring animal butts with visible anuses, which Linda hung up in the restaurant to keep Gayle from having a breakdown. (by her own sister Linda but blamed on Edith Cranwinkle), Gayle revises the paintings by adding pants and "huge, pendulous breasts".

Gayle appeared again in Dr. Yap, where Bob kisses her by mistake when he is medicated. As a result, she gains a crush on Bob and thinks that he is her new boyfriend. Linda is happy to see Gayle happy and tells Bob that they need to find her somebody, as that is the only way Gayle will get off of Bob's back. In the end, Linda "falls in love" with Dr. Yap, and Gayle steals him away, meaning Bob and Linda are back to normal.

Gayle appears in Topsy when she and Mr. Fischoeder sing a duet called Electric Love.

Her voice is heard through the phone in Eat, Spray, Linda but it's unlikely to be Megan Mullally as she isn't credited.


Gayle has had many romantic relationships throughout the series, but due to her bizarre habits they tend not to last long.

High School

While in high school, Linda let her believe she was dating her boyfriend Carl because she always wants what Linda wants. After doing so, she felt confident enough to go after a boy called Vinny.

Throughout high school, she had a crush on Derek Dematopolis who she describes as a greek god. Years later at the high school reunion, she sings a song about him and they hook up.


After being kissed by Bob while on anesthetic drugs, she becomes attracted to him and attempts to seduce him throughout the episode but later, after finding out that Linda likes Dr. Yap, she starts hitting it off with him (Dr.Yap).

In Topsy, she is hired along with Calvin to sing as Tina and Gene respectively. While rehearsing behind a curtain, they start fooling around. When their relationship is revealed at the end of the episode after the curtain collapses, she joyously exclaims that they’re in love. Turned off by the revelation, Calvin flees.

In Turkey in a Can, she kisses Mort when panicking over whether Bob is going to drop the turkey in the toilet or not.

In The Gayle Tales, she is shown to be dating Stacy, a man she met on Catchat.

In Gayle Makin' Bob Sled, it is revealed that she is now dating Mr. Frond, though the family learns the information for the first time to much hysteria and horror 2 episodes later in The Cook, the Steve, the Gayle, & Her Lover. Despite this supposed mix-up in episode order, It is hinted that the couple have broken up in Lice Things Are Lice.

Gayle mistakes Neil for an art thief in As I Walk Through the Alley of the Shadow of Ramps, and takes him prisoner in the employee bathroom at the art museum where she works in the episode. When he accidentally refers to his dead cat as his dead wife, Linda suggests that the two have a lot in common and should get coffee. Gayle proceeds to make an overtly sexual move on him.


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  • Gayle is the first of many characters in the show to be guest-voiced by Megan Mullally.
  • In Art Crawl, she wears a T-shirt and pants. In Dr. Yap and subsequent episodes, she wears a shirt and skirt instead.
  • Gene and Louise think she should be a mental patient (Art Crawl).
  • Gayle is a member of Linda's high school band, "The TaTas"
  • She once pooped her pants in a cell phone store. (Boyz 4 Now)
  • In her first three appearances it is stated that she only has one cat. In Boyz 4 Now, Tina mentions that one of her cats got accidentally pepper-sprayed meaning she now has at least two. Then in Turkey in a Can she is shown with all three of her cats mentioning that she found Mr. Business on her way over to the Belchers'.
  • In The Kids Run Away, it's revealed that she made up her own board game called Gayle Force Winds. According to Bob:"It's Horrible. The rules don't make any sense, [and] it takes all day to play it..."
  • She has a bedtime ritual in which she pretends she is the sole survivor of an apocalypse. This delusion makes sleeping alone easier for her and as well as helps her sleep better (The Kids Run Away).
  • Makes up several unusual rules for herself including sending $100 to a pig every time she eats a ham sandwich and if she stays awake she won't die (The cook, The Steve, The Gayle, and her Lover).
  • Many people wonder what job has that keeps Gayle afloat, as she owns a studio apartment and three cats. In "As I Walk Through the Alley of the Shadow of Ramps", she gets a job as a security guard at the Kornblow Museum.
  • Gayle has held a grudge against Linda because she changed the channel while she was out of the room (Turkey in a Can).
  • She appears to be a fan of Scott Bakula and Quantum Leap (The Cook, the Steve, The Gayle, and her Lover, Turkey in a Can)
  • In Gayle's initial appearance, Louise claims she shaved one of her cats, wore a dress covered with shrimp to Mass, and ate lipstick because she wanted to feel "red inside"(Art Crawl).
  • According to Linda, Gayle's relationship with Mr. Frond was her longest ever after only 2 dates (The Cook, the Steve, the Gayle, & Her Lover).
  • Gayle cannot resist Peppermint Oil (Lorenzo's Oil? No, Linda's)
  • Though Gayle says in "Dr. Yap" that she's always wanted to drive a car, she is shown to have her own car in "Boyz 4 Now" and "Lorenzo's Oil? No, Linda's", suggesting she learned off-screen.

Memorable quotes

  • "Happy things we should send into space... A jar of mayo, magazine clippings of Scott Bayo that song that starts with dayo... Little cat you're just like me you go outside and squat to pee, SQUAT! SQUAT!"
  • "I'm not wearing anything under my snowsuit... Except for my long underwear, and my socks, and my other socks, and a Maxi Pad."
  • "Guess who's on new meds!"
  • "Oh! It's been so long since I've had my pillows fluffed."
  • "Your tongue feels so much different from my cat's..."
  • "You don't remember? We made love... ...with our mouths."
  • "You pretend to flirt with Linda, I'll fake flirt with Dr. Yap, and then we can sneak off and hit the slopes. My slopes."
  • "My cat. We got in a fight. Can I stay here for a while to cool off?"
  • "We're in love! We're a couple in love! It's really happening! Finally! Thank you God!"
  • "What is this? A pee-pee party? You people are fun, all going at once."
  • "Okay fine. I'll go by myself. That's okay. I can use the empty seat next to me to slump into when I die alone."
  • "Since I'm the one with the tickets, I want the essays to be about me! I want action! Adventure! Love! Drama! And Scott Bakula."
  • "My cat was right about you."
  • "Now that I made them all pretty, the pound will have to give me that fourth cat."
  • "Oh, Louise, I'm so glad it's you and not a murderer."



Gayle and Gene singing "I won't go Solo on You" in "The Gayle Tales".


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