Bob's Burgers character
Gene Belcher
Gene Belcher
Gender Male
Age 11
Occupation Student
Relatives (see Belcher Family)
Behind the scenes
First "Human Flesh"
Voiced by Eugene Mirman
You should know when you hold hands with me, you are holding hands with everything I’ve ever eaten.
— Gene Belcher

Eugene "Gene" Belcher is the middle child of Bob and Linda Belcher and the tetragonist of Bob's Burgers. He is the only boy out of the three siblings. Gene is an aspiring musician and a prankster. He maintains very close relationships with both of his parents and two sisters, Tina and Louise Belcher. Gene, along with Tina, is usually a pawn in schemes set up by Louise. He attends Wagstaff School with his siblings.



Gene has black hair, tan skin, and black eyes like the rest of the family. He is 5'2" tall and a little chubby. In The Gene and Courtney Show, he‘s revealed to have brown eyes. He wears a yellow shirt, blue shorts, and red All-Star Converse sneakers. When promoting the restaurant, he often wears a burger costume. In the episode "Beefsquatch", he wore a Sasquatch mask with the burger costume. In earlier episodes, Gene claims to have peed in his burger suit and follows this by saying "Wouldn't you want to buy burgers from a guy who smells like pee?"

Gene also has very frequently been seen in his underwear.

His nightwear consists of a light green long-sleeved top, with light green shorts, and occasionally slippers. From "Slumber Party", onwards they consist of a white top with sky blue sleeves and sky blue shorts.

In "Synchronized Swimming", he wears a girls swimsuit. In "The Kids Rob a Train, he wears overalls and a red bandana. In "Tina Tailor Soldier Spy", he wears a purple shirt that says Jessica, one boot and 2002 plastic glasses.

He is generally perceived as overweight. According to Gene, it was an ice-cream sandwich that initiated his weight gain.


Gene enjoys pestering everyone around him by using sound effects with either his Casio SK-5 keyboard or his megaphone. He frequently records fart sounds and uses them as sound effects and additions to his music.

Gene is an 11-year-old boy, and though he’s shown to be mature for his age in a number of episodes, he has a gross sense of humor. His favorite jokes and quips often involve excrement, his genitals, and/or farts.

In "Broadcast Wagstaff School News", it’s discovered that Gene looks just like Bob when he was 11. Gene then begins to dress and act like Bob when he accepts that he is destined to look like him when he gets older, even giving himself a bald-spot.

Gene has a passion for flamboyant performance art and loves to tell jokes and be the center of attention. He takes the opportunity to act as a musician whenever he can, as seen in the episode "Burger War" when he performs at Jimmy Pesto's restaurant.

Gene is highly creative but has a short attention span and often quits or won't start anything that requires a strenuous amount of effort. However, when he puts his mind to it he is shown to accomplish a lot and write ingenious songs despite having no training such as Topsy, Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl, Turkey in a Can, and The Quirkducers. In Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl, he performs a one man Die Hard themed musical, which he claims to be his life's work, in the basement of Wagstaff School. He plays the tambourine (Sexy Dance Fighting) and the guitar (The Cook, the Steve, the Gayle & Her Lover). However, in the Itty Bitty Ditty Committee, it’s revealed that Gene has no formal music training, and although the keyboard is his main instrument, he only knows how to play in two keys.

Like his father, Gene has interesting connections with inanimate objects. He befriends a talking toilet in O.T. The Outside Toilet. In "Mutiny on the Windbreaker" he develops a confused feeling for a manatee puppet. In Glued, Where's My Bob?, Linda mentions he talks to his stuffed animals.

In the episode "It Snakes a Village", Gene's phobia of snakes is revealed. He translates this phobia into a brief song about the fact that he doesn’t like snakes due to their lack of arms and legs.

Gene is easily distracted and a free spirit and is identified by Linda as the "least responsible" of the three kids. These traits are the theme of "Best Burger", when Gene forgets to bring the black garlic to a burger making competition.

Despite his age, Gene shows maturity in "Lil Hard Dad" when he encourages Bob to let go of an argument about a broken toy helicopter.

Gene is not particularly athletic but does play baseball in "The Unnatural". Gene becomes cheer captain in "Gene it On" and his team competes in the regional competition.

Gene enters a Table Scaping competition (because it was the only non-athletic after-school activity) in Boyz4Now and makes it to the regional competition. Although he makes it to the final round, he doesn’t win because he fails to prepare a second display.

Gene's love of fashion is highlighted in several episodes. In A River Runs Through Bob, he refuses to throw away Tina's sash because it is satin. In Tina Tailor Soldier Spy, he digs through trash to create his own fashion line. In Slumber Party, he joins the fashion show. In The Homone-iums, he asks about working in a female shoe store.

Gene also loves food and inquires about or talks about eating in many episodes.



Bob Belcher

Bob Belcher is Gene's father. Though Bob and Gene have a close and loving relationship, they don't have much in common, and sometimes find it hard to bond (Spaghetti Western and Meatballs), especially as neither are very athletic (The Unnatural). Bob often chastises Gene for his more inappropriate jokes and rambunctious behavior.

Sometimes, Gene gets privileges that come with being his father's only son, like being called to help Bob when he fell down the stairs in "I Get Psy-chic Out of You" and joining his father in a Valentine's Day couples trapeze date in "V for Valentine-detta."

Linda Belcher

Linda is Gene's mother. The two have an extremely close relationship and have lots in common, namely their love for performance and showbusiness. When Gene writes a story for his aunt Gayle in "The Gayle Tales", it features the two as country stars on the Nashville mainstage, and when Bob and the girls leave the restaurant in the care to Gene and Linda, they live their long-time dream of creating a piano bar, "Gene and Linda's Show Tunes and Mouth Foods" (The Hurt Soccer).

Gene loves receiving his mother's affections, and when Linda gets a job at Fresh Feed, Gene claims her apron as his own, explaining "because it smells like her and I'm 11 and I still like mom" (Lindapendent Woman). Gene also brings his mother's Maxi Pads with him to school (Cheer Up, Sleepy Gene).

Louise Belcher

Louise is Gene's younger sister, but as discussed in the episode "Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?", he doesn't do traditional big brother stuff. This changes when Gene defends Louise from Logan at the end of the episode. Usually, though, Gene usually follows along in Louise's schemes, either willingly or otherwise. The two often unite to help, spy on, read the diary of, or trick their older sister Tina.

Tina Belcher

Tina is 2 years older than her brother Gene. Usually, the two are on the same page, often on the receiving end of manipulation and scheming from youngest sister Louise, and on the rare occasion, teaming up against her. Though infrequently, Tina can sometimes express exasperation with her little brother's antics, like in "The Belchies" and "Best Burger." Tina sees a duty in being Gene's sister, telling Louise: "We're his sisters! What if we don't approve [of his girlfriend]?" (The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene).


Courtney Wheeler

In "The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene", Gene reluctantly agrees to date an annoying girl named Courtney. He finally works up the nerve to break up with her, but then he finds out that her dad writes jingles and could help him land a career in the music business, and becomes conflicted. He writes a jingle demo for her birthday party and, after seething with frustration, Gene angrily demands Courtney to "just stop breathing". As a result, Courtney faints and is hospitalized due to her congenital heart condition. She tricks Gene into thinking that he killed her as revenge, and asks if he can set her up with Peter Pescadero.

He later discovers that Doug has used one of his jingles in a silent muffler commercial.

Courtney and Gene reunite as a musical duo for the morning announcements in "The Gene & Courtney Show". As they work together, they begin to rekindle their relationship and eventually kiss. When Doug confronts Gene about using Courtney again, Gene promises that this time his feelings are genuine. As the couple becomes more lovey-dovey, however, their morning announcement radio show suffers. They decide that they can't do both, and Courtney chooses the show over the relationship. Hurt, Gene pretends to agree, but plays her one final romantic song on the Valentine's Day morning announcements.

Courtney appears again in "Roller? I Hardly Know Her!" but not as a romantic interest. To the contrary, Alex admits that he has a crush on Courtney (And every other girl in their grade), and Gene seems unphased.


Gene was born to Bob and Linda Belcher. He has an older sister named Tina and a younger sister named Louise Belcher


A fart is like fingerprints and we have the same fingerprints!
I'm just a girl with a dream who got tired of hearing the word no!
As long as we're giving orders, put some clothes on! Leave something to the imagination, for God's sake!
I can't take all the credit! I'd like to thank this brick and Quest Love.
I’m gonna write a eulogy. I knew you so briefly you dead soap dog.
No one blackmails our sister but us!
We're Belchers, from the womb to the tomb!
Was it obvious I don't care?
My life is more difficult than anyone else's on the planet. And yes, I'm including starving children, so don't ask!
I think I have the best legs in the family, and the smoothest bottom.
I was BORN to be a mother!
A world without a Gene is not a world I want to live in.
Next time we do this I'm getting an epidural!
Come on! If you're going to be loud, you've gotta be proud!


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  • He is shown to be incredibly impulsive, often doing and saying things with little to no thought as the consequences or what they imply.
  • In "My Fuzzy Valentine", Louise refers to Gene as "Eugene", proving that this is his real name for which Gene is short, meaning that he shares his first name with his voice actor, Eugene Mirman.
    • The name Gene means "well-born".
  • Despite Gene's love of music, he has no training and he has never shown an interest in partaking in formal lessons.
  • Gene is in between being a teen and a child, and unlike Tina Belcher (Gene's eldest sister), has shown a preference for remaining young. He prefers to stay close to home and his parents.
  • Gene is closest to Linda Belcher due to their love of music and shared eccentricities.
  • Gene is in sixth grade at Wagstaff School.
  • Gene is the only Belcher with visible ears.
  • In the episode "Moody Foodie", it is revealed Gene is uncircumcised. This is mentioned again in "Mazel-Tina" after Bob agrees to cater Tammy's Bat Mitzvah.
  • It is suggested that Big Bob wanted Gene to be named Bob after him like his father before him ("Father of the Bob").
  • In the episode "My Big Fat Greek Bob", Gene reveals that he has had a secret cat living under his bed for 8 months.
  • In "Bad Tina", Gene reveals that he has and uses a litterbox under his bed.
  • Gene was born late, after his due date and Linda implies his birth was difficult in "Ear-sy Rider".
  • Gene once had a pet fish to prove he was responsible for getting a dog (but he was not, and it is implied the fish died) ("Ear-Sy Rider").
  • Has a 28-year-old albino friend named Ken, who does improvised hip-hop. It is unknown if Ken is imaginary or not.
  • Like Bob Belcher (Gene's father), Gene has an allergy to lobsters "Lobsterfest".
  • Gene's keyboard is a Casio SK-5, both Loren Bouchard and Eugene Mirman had one when they were kids.[1]
  • Gene likes sand (Carpe Museum).
  • Calls his testicles "Two Small Coincidences." ("I Get Psy-chic Out of You")
  • Gene is a Sagittarius, which means his birthday is between November 23rd and December 21st. ("O.T.: The Outside Toilet")
  • In Stand by Gene, Louise Belcher mentions Gene once had a concussion.
  • Gene doesn't know his own middle name because Linda won't tell him. ("Midday Run")
  • Sometimes Gene dresses as the opposite gender and enjoys doing so. He also refers to himself as feminine quite often, and will respond when someone treats him like a girl. His family is mostly supportive of his gender fluidity; Louise has referred to Gene as her "sister" on multiple occasions, but Bob once chastised Gene for insisting he had a vagina. It is unknown if this behavior is indicative of a specific gender-fluidity orientation, or a result of him simply being eccentric, impulsive individual.
  • In "Crawl Space", Gene had a history report and when he was called to the board, he was scolded, then sent to detention for playing his grandparents' sex sounds in front of the entire class.
  • Gene's favorite candy is Chunky Blast Offs, manufactured by Spratt's Sweets. ("Like Gene for Chocolate")
  • When Linda and Bob were drunk, they signed Gene up for ballet in the episode, "Best Burger".
  • Gene's first spit-up was on the family sofa.
  • On one of Gene's birthdays, he sat on the toilet for so long, the clown that was hired had to come into the bathroom ("O.T. The Outside Toilet").
  • In "It Snakes A Village", Gene reveals he once ate a button, and it passed through him without being digested. He kept the button after.
  • Gene is afraid of snakes.
  • Gene once ate a taco on the toilet.


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