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You should know when you hold hands with me, you are holding hands with everything I’ve ever eaten.
- Gene Belcher

Eugene "Gene" Belcher is the middle child of Bob and Linda Belcher. He is the only boy out of the three siblings. Gene is an aspiring musician and a prankster. He maintains very close relationships with both of his parents and two sisters, Tina and Louise Belcher. Gene, along with Tina, is usually a pawn in schemes set up by Louise. He attends Wagstaff School with his siblings as a sixth grader.[13]

He is voiced by Eugene Mirman.



Gene has black hair, tan skin, and brown eyes, like his father (as revealed in "The Gene & Courtney Show"). He wears a yellow T-shirt, blue shorts, and red All-Star Converse sneakers. When promoting the restaurant, he often wears a burger costume. In the episode "Beefsquatch," he wore a Sasquatch mask. In earlier episodes, Gene claims to have peed in his burger suit despite Bob's insistence that he stop.

Gene often only wears his underwear at home (and sometimes other places), or sometimes he doesn't wear underwear at all and goes commando ("The Kids Rob a Train").

Gene's nightwear comprises a light green long-sleeved top and light green shorts. From "Slumber Party" onwards, they consist of a white v-neck shirt with sky blue sleeves and shorts. The sleeves vary in length, usually being long during cold seasons. He occasionally wears brown slippers with his pajamas.

During cold weather, Gene wears a hoodie. Sometimes, it's a red hoodie, but at other times, it's blue. He wears his yellow shirt under his jacket and his standard shorts, but occasionally, he wears longer pants that lie on his sneakers. Gene wears this outfit during fall and winter.

Gene wears an orange puffer jacket only during winter times. He wears long pants with this outfit. Gene usually wears it with green pants and boots instead of his red sneakers with a pair of periwinkle mittens. Additionally, he wore a lighter-color shirt underneath his jacket. In "Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang," Gene wears his blue hoodie underneath his orange puffer jacket.

In "Broadcast Wagstaff School News," the Belchers realize Gene looks just like Bob when Bob was eleven, so it's likely when Gene gets older, he will still look like Bob. In the same episode, Gene dressed and acted like Bob after accepting his fate, even giving himself a bald spot.

Most people perceive him as overweight. According to Gene, it was an ice cream sandwich that initiated his weight gain.

"No, that's a myth!" ("Human Flesh")


Gene is an eleven-year-old boy with a gross sense of humor. His favorite jokes and quips often involve excrement, his genitals, and farts. Gene enjoys pestering everyone around him using sound effects with his Casio SK-5 keyboard or his megaphone. He frequently records fart sounds and uses them as sound effects and additions to his music.

Despite this, Gene shows maturity in "Li'l Hard Dad" when he encourages Bob to let go of an argument about a broken toy helicopter.

Gene is highly unathletic but does play baseball in "The Unnatural." Gene becomes cheer captain in "Gene it On," and his team competes in the regional competition. Despite being terrible at sports, he was athletic enough to be Courtney Wheeler's usual roller-skating partner in "Roller? I Hardly Know Her!." His laziness and unwillingness would make him do anything, not to do most physical things. He entered a tablescaping competition without knowledge of the practice to avoid joining an athletic school activity (although he did make it to regionals). In "The Gene Mile," Gene reveals he pretends to barf so he doesn't have to run the track in Coach Blevin's class.

"This is me now!" x4 ("Beefsquatch")

Gene is highly creative but has a short attention span and often quits or won't start anything that requires strenuous effort. "Oh Row You Didn't" shows how Gene gives up a new hobby/activity without trying. However, when he puts his mind to it, he is shown to accomplish a lot and write ingenious songs despite having no training, such as "Topsy," "Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl," "Turkey in a Can," and "The Quirkducers." In "Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl," he performs a one-person Die Hard-themed musical, which he claims to be his life's work, in the basement of Wagstaff School. His determination also applies to his (lack of) athleticism. He shows tenacity later in "The Gene Mile" when he runs an entire mandatory mile for school, a feat even his sister Louise and their friends didn't accomplish (on the same day as everyone else).

However, in the "Itty Bitty Ditty Committee," the episode reveals Gene has no formal music training. Although the keyboard is his primary instrument, he only knows how to play in two keys. The only other thing he showed he could play was a tambourine ("Sexy Dance Fighting"). But later in the series, his instrumental prowess grows. In "The Cook, the Steve, the Gayle & Her Lover," he plays the guitar during a performance for a family dinner. In The Bob's Burgers Movie, he impressed Mr. Fischoeder, an organ player, with his ability to play the Orchestramarama without specific knowledge of the organ.

Gene is also passionate about flamboyant performance art and loves to tell jokes and be the center of attention. He takes the opportunity to act as a musician whenever possible, as seen in the episode "Burger War" when he performs at Jimmy Pesto's restaurant.

Gene's musical nightmare. (The Bob's Burgers Movie)

For someone with big dreams, Gene can still have his doubts. In The Bob's Burgers Movie, his biggest goal for the summer was to play at the bandshell in Wonder Wharf with the new instrument he made from the restaurant's supplies. However, he started questioning himself. Gene thought no one would like his instrument or music. He also thought he couldn't become an actor in "All That Gene," after he kept failing several times in his audition for a play.

Gene gives Courtney a heart attack on her birthday after she mistakes his jingle for a duet. ("The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene")

Gene is easily distracted and a free spirit, and Linda identifies him as the "least responsible" of the three kids. These traits are the theme of "Best Burger" when Gene forgets to bring the black garlic to a burger-making competition. Because of this, Gene can be very impulsive and do or say things he regrets a moment later, like how he was going to poison Alex Papasian (or give him diarrhea with sesame seed oil) after Alex stopped playing with him or how Gene hurt Courtney Wheeler's feelings twice because of something he said.

Like his father, Gene has exciting connections with inanimate objects. He befriends a talking toilet in "O.T. The Outside Toilet." In "Mutiny on the Windbreaker," he develops a confused feeling for a manatee puppet. In "Glued, Where's My Bob?" Linda mentions he talks to his stuffed animals. Gene takes these fictional relations to another level with Ken, his imaginary albino friend. At first, it would have been possible that Ken was a natural person until Gene imagines himself calling Ken with a pair of tongs in the Season 11 episode, "Mr. Lonely Farts." Gene talks to Ken whenever he's bored, and in the same episode, Ken helps keep Gene company for a while when his parents mistakenly leave their son alone in their apartment. In "Interview with a Pop-pop-pire", Gene has been revealed to have seen parts of the movie They Live, to which Linda responds by calling him a "Rowdy Roddy Peeper".

Gene Linda Bob Louise s5e7 Tina Tailor Soldier Spy

Gene showing his trash fashion (aka "trashion") to his family. ("Tina Tailor Soldier Spy")

Gene shows his love of fashion in several episodes. In "A River Runs Through Bob," he refuses to throw away Tina's sash because it is satin. In "Tina Tailor Soldier Spy," he digs through trash to create his fashion line. He also has a supply of wigs, including an Annie wig ("Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now") and a Rasta wig ("Gene It On"). In "Slumber Party," he joins the fashion show. In "The Hormone-iums," he asks about working in a female shoe store. Gene loves sharing his love with the other Belches. When he made his trashy clothing, dubbed as "trashion", in "Tina Tailor Soldier Spy," he showcased his outfit to the rest of his family and even styled Bob with his trash piles. In "Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now," Gene lets Tina borrow his Annie wig.

Gene also loves food and inquires about or talks about eating in many episodes. Gene would do anything to eat. The reason why Gene's quarantined in the bathroom in "Diarrhea of a Poopy Kid" is because he ate two-week-old chicken parmesan since he couldn't find anything else to eat. Louise also mentions how Gene licked a slug for just a bite of a granola bar in "It Snakes a Village." Gene even adds that he liked it.

In several episodes, Gene constantly references celebrities. Some examples were Patrick Swayze ("Turkey in a Can"), Jessica Alba ("Boys Just Wanna Have Fungus"), and Whoopi Goldberg and Matt Damon ("Y Tu Ga-Ga Tambien").


Baby Gene keyboard s517 The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee

Baby Gene receiving his keyboard for Christmas. ("Itty Bitty Ditty Committee")

Main article: Gene Belcher/Story

Gene is the middle child of Bob and Linda. His siblings are Tina and Louise. He's always loved music, which likely started when he got his blue Casio SK-5 keyboard on Christmas when he was just a little boy ("Itty Bitty Ditty Committee"). He dreams about becoming a professional musician in the future and is already in a band with his siblings and his friends: the Itty Bitty Ditty Committee. But for someone with big dreams for the future, Gene requires constant swaddling from his parents, but especially from Linda. As the middle child, he always tries to get his parents' (and other people's) attention with his stunts, like giving surprise hugs to his dad in the shower every day ("Seven-tween Again") or literally begging for attention in a Sasquatch mask ("Beefsquatch"). Despite being the most humorous and unserious Belcher, Gene often shows how mature he can be, and he provides his share of work at his family's restaurant.



S9e12 The Helen Hunt Bob Gene

Bob lifting his son in the air to hug him. ("The Helen Hunt")

Bob Belcher[]

If there was an apocalypse, I bet we'd last three days... with you around.

Bob is Gene's father. Though Bob and Gene have a close and loving relationship, they don't have much in common and sometimes find it hard to bond ("Spaghetti Western and Meatballs"), especially as neither is very athletic ("The Unnatural"). However, they did find a way to bond due to their laziness. In "Spaghetti Western and Meatballs," they both enjoyed watching Bob's favorite TV show.

Bob often chastises Gene for his more inappropriate jokes and disorderly behavior, usually getting him to stop by stating his name. Bob knows this doesn't really work, but he permits Gene to say certain words only once. Gene's dad only lets Gene say "beef curtains" once a year, on Gene's birthday ("Food Truckin'"). Because of Gene and Linda's intense bond, it might seem like Bob dislikes Gene, like in "The Unnatural," when Bob was rooting for Gene to miss the baseball so Bob could prove Gene's baseball lessons were a scam and he could get a refund. However, that isn't true because Bob loves Gene. On Bob's 45th birthday, Gene was the only Belcher interested in going to Bob's laser show. When Gene felt uncomfortable at the concert, Bob would leave the show if it meant Gene could be happy ("The Laser-inth"). The two also share a love for food. A big reason why Bob is excited to cook Thanksgiving dinners is because he knows that Gene appreciates them ("Diarrhea of a Poopy Kid").

Bob and his son, going from playing baseball to throwing things at each other. ("The Unnatural")

Generally speaking, Bob and Gene enjoy spending time with each other, although sometimes they argue or become frustrated with one another. That usually happens when he tries to get Gene to try something new. In "The Unnatural," Bob tries to teach Gene how to play baseball. However, they both decide to throw things and intentionally try to hurt each other. In "A-Sprout a Boy," Gene's dad confiscates Gene's video game after he doesn't focus on the science project he was helping him with. Bob welcomes any opportunity to teach Gene something new and has openly admitted several times that despite Gene's flaws, he loves him just the way he is ("Best Burger"). However, some of their adventurous activities can lead to them having fun. In "V for Valentine-detta," they bond in a couple's trapeze experience that Bob was supposed to do with Linda.

Sometimes, Gene gets 'privileges' that come with being his father's only son, like being called to help his dad when joining him forage for rare mushrooms in a forest ("Boys Just Wanna Have Fungus") or hanging out with Bob while they pretend to be plumbers that could fix pipes ("The Helen Hunt").

A Gene-Linda love montage. ("Worms of In-Rear-ment")

Linda Belcher[]

But I just want you to know that even if I wasn't your mom, even if I was just some lady who smelled like meat and was a great dancer, I would still be a fan of The Gene Show.

Gene is a mama's boy, and Linda is his mama. The two have an extremely close relationship and have lots in common, namely, their love for performance and show business. When Gene writes a story for his aunt Gayle in "The Gayle Tales," it features the two as country stars on the Nashville mainstage, and when Bob and the girls leave the restaurant in the care of Gene and Linda, they live their long-time dream of creating a piano bar, "Gene and Linda's Show Tunes and Mouth Foods" ("The Hurt Soccer"). Gene is likely Linda's favorite child. He receives twice as many kisses as Tina because he always accepts the kisses Linda gives that Louise declines ("Bob Actually"). In "Tappy Tappy Tappy Tap Tap Tap," Gene and Louise are competing with each other to make the burger that will go on the burger of the day board, and Linda is secretly rooting for Gene. The rest of the family usually jokes about their bond, like saying how they will marry each other ("Every Which Way but Goose").

While the rest of his siblings have conflicts with their mom for her giving too much love, he has them because she gives him too little. In "Mommy Boy," Linda joins a Women's Business Group, even if it means sacrificing her and Gene's weekly spa days. Because he'd rather have spa days with her than Bob, he also joins the woman-only group, and he causes a lot of trouble in this episode, trying to convince her to leave.

Gene and Linda eating breakfast eggs s9e14 Every Which Way But Goose

"Here comes the airplane! Ah!!" ("Every Which Way but Goose")

Like Gene and Bob, they both share their love for food. They feed and share each other's meals ("Every Which Way but Goose" & "Worms of In-Rear-ment"). They used to sneak off to Devendorf's Bakery to eat the samples until Linda got banned. Like the rest of his siblings, he gets his love for eating cat food from her ("There's No Business Like Mr. Business Business").

She is usually the most patient when it comes to Gene's antics. In "Gene's Christmas Break," she is the only one who didn't explicitly state she wanted Gene to stop playing his terrible Christmas vinyl. She also doesn't stop Gene from imitating Bob for a few days and even encourages it ("Broadcast Wagstaff School News").

Gene loves receiving his mother's affection, like getting hugs and smooches from her. When Linda gets a job at Fresh Feed, Gene claims her apron as his own, explaining, "because it smells like her and I'm eleven, and I still like mom" ("Lindapendent Woman"). Gene also brings his mother's Maxi Pads to school ("Cheer Up, Sleepy Gene").

BobsBurgers 615 TheresNoBusiness 08 05 hires1

Gene and his older sister eating cat food together ("There's No Business Like Mr. Business Business")

Tina Belcher[]

Tina is two years older than her brother Gene. Usually, the two are on the same page, often on the receiving end of manipulation and scheming from their youngest sister, Louise. In "Topsy," Louise hires Gene and Tina to help her on her science fair project, and in "Slumber Party," Gene and Tina bond over being used as human shields by Louise and Jessica. On rare occasions, they team up against Louise, like in "Ambergris," when they agree they must stop Louise's greed. However, Gene sometimes manipulates Tina when he collaborates with Louise. In "Bad Tina," he and Louise blackmail Tina when they see that she brought boys home without their parents there and that she has a (temporary) tattoo, and in "Every Which Way but Goose," they tell Tina that she has to clean the bathrooms if she wants to stay at school late to help at the prom committee instead of working at the restaurant.

When Louise is busy or isn't around, they can plan their own things to do together. In "There's No Business Like Mr. Business Business," they both decide to give cat food a try. In "The Silence of the Louise," they chose to go outside and play on Millie Frock's trampoline while Louise and Millie were on a playdate. He gets to talk to Tina on a more personal level than Louise. In "Fingers-loose," he reveals to Tina that he helped Mr. Frond shut down his and Louise's underground performance ring because their activity made him always skip lunch. In "Housetrap," they gossiped over Helen's and their parent's hair.

Tina and her brother trying to fill the empty pool with their spit. ("It Snakes a Village")

Gene always shows his support for Tina. In "Hamburger Dinner Theater," he tries to help Tina get over her stage fright by telling her to imagine the audience naked, and in "Gene It On," he supports Tina at the cheerleading tryouts by enthusiastically rooting for her. In "Bad Tina," when Gene and Louise realize the only reason Tina did bad stuff was that Tammy Larsen stole one of her erotic friend fiction, the siblings help Tina by taking the erotic friend fiction back.

Although infrequently, Tina sometimes expresses exasperation with her little brother's antics, like in "The Belchies" and "Best Burger." Tina sees a duty in being Gene's sister, telling Louise: "We're his sisters! What if we don't approve [of his girlfriend]?" ("The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene").

He might not respect or understand that Tina needs privacy, as he always reads her diary, though the rest of the family does that, so he might see that as ordinary ("Some Like It Bot Part 2: Judge-bot Day").

BobsBurgers 905 LegendsOfTheMall 05 10

Gene and his younger sister on motorized animals. ("Legends of the Mall")

Louise Belcher[]

You're a great large brother.

Louise is Gene's younger sister, but as discussed in the episode "Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?" he doesn't do traditional big brother stuff. Despite being younger, Louise is the braver sibling, and most of the time, Louise is the one who protects Gene. In "Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street," while Gene and Tina are initially too scared to enter the haunted mansion to get their stolen candy back, Louise is the first to enter. Because of this, Louise usually makes all the plans, and it's natural for Gene to do what Louise says.

Gene is open to all of Louise's ideas. In "Art Crawl," Louise stated she needed to cut his ear so he could be an artist like Vincent van Gogh, or as Gene says, Leonardo "DiCaprio". He would've let her if Bob hadn't seen what they were doing. The only things that inhibit Gene are his fears. In "It Snakes A Village," he wouldn't go help Louise and Tina find a snake in the woods, and it took him a while to gather the courage to save his siblings when they got trapped in quicksand.

He is usually friendlier but becomes mischievous and manipulative with Louise's influence. When Tina apologized to her brother and sister in "Midday Run" for giving them detention, Gene instantly apologized, while Louise wanted them both to fool with her first. The two often unite to help, spy on, read the diary of, or trick their older sister, Tina. In "Bad Tina," they blackmail Tina after discovering she brought boys home when their parents weren't around. They like to hold competitions with each other, like who can make the most disgusting drink ("Dr. Yap") or who can make the best burger ("Tappy Tappy Tappy Tap Tap Tap").

Gene takes a Reverse Norwegian Stink Hold from Logan for his younger sister. ("Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?")

However, Gene sometimes feels like Louise doesn't trust him to make his own decisions. In "Drumforgiven," when Gene gets banned from playing with the "Ocean Avenue Hi-Fi Emporium's instruments, Louise wants to commit revenge for the sake of Gene despite protests from him.

He acts more like a big brother to Louise after the events of "Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?" when Gene defends Louise from Logan Bush at the end of the episode. When Logan was about to give Louise a Reverse Norwegian Stink Hold, she started crying, so Gene allowed himself to receive it instead of Louise. After this, he takes a slightly more active and mature role, and in The Bob's Burgers Movie, he helps hold Louise down with Tina before she can attack Chloe Barbash. He also goes against her wishes in "Fingers-loose," when he assists Mr. Frond in shutting down their underground performance ring because their activity makes them skip lunch.

Love interests[]

Courtney Wheeler[]

Gene and Courtney

Gene and Courtney doing funny and rhyming morning announcements together. ("The Gene & Courtney Show")

In "The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene," Gene reluctantly agrees to date an annoying girl named Courtney Wheeler, who often sucks on her locket and hangs out with her friends Julie and Rupa. He finally works up the nerve to break up with her, but then he finds out that her dad Doug writes jingles and could help him land a career in the music business and becomes conflicted. He writes a jingle demo for her birthday party and, after seething with frustration as Courtney mistakes the jingle for a duet between her and Gene, he angrily demands her to "just stop breathing." As a result, Courtney faints and is hospitalized due to her congenital heart condition. She tricks Gene into thinking that he killed her as revenge, and Gene apologizes for ruining her birthday. She later then asks if he can set her up with Peter Pescadero, and he believes it is a good idea because Peter has partial hearing loss.

Gene likely still thinks that Courtney is the "most annoying girl in his grade" ("The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene"), as he frequently calls her annoying every time she interacts with him. In "Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl," when he recounted the time Courtney asked to be in Gene's play, he falsely claimed that she said she's "really annoying." But this episode does reveal that they do share a love for theatre. Although the school picked Courtney's Working Girl musical to exhibit at the fall performance, Gene hosts an underground show of a Die Hard musical below the basement of Wagstaff as revenge. They later compromise with each other after a brief fight during Gene's play and merge both plays, making an amalgamation and crossover between Die Hard and Working Girl.

Gene and Courtney s6e7 The Gene and Courtney Show

Gene and Courtney kissing. ("The Gene & Courtney Show")

They also share a common interest of wanting to entertain people Courtney and Gene reunite as a musical duo for the morning announcements in "The Gene & Courtney Show." While working together, they begin to rekindle their relationship and eventually kiss. When Doug confronts Gene about using Courtney again, Gene promises that his feelings are genuine this time. As the couple becomes more romantic, however, their morning announcement radio show suffers. They decide that they can't do both, and Courtney chooses the show over the relationship. Hurt, Gene pretends to agree, but plays her one final romantic song on the Valentine's Day morning announcements. Since this episode, it's assumed that The Gene & Courtney Show has continued daily, presumably Gene and Courtney spend a lot of time together to prepare for the announcements.

Courtney appears again in "Roller? I Hardly Know Her!" but not as a romantic interest. To the contrary, Alex admits that he has a crush on Courtney (and every other girl in their grade), and Gene seems unfazed. By the end of the episode, Gene, Alex, and Courtney are all friends with each other after bonding over the experience at the roller rink and are seen playing Robo-Wizard Quest together at the end of the episode.

In "The Gene Mile." she takes part in Louise's plan to get free ice cream with Gene, Regular-Sized Rudy and Alex, even using her cat Susan's GPS collar tracker on Large Tommy to fool Mr. Frond, but backfires when Doug begins looking for Susan, believing she got out of the house and got lost. In "Wag the Song," she participates at the school song contest with other students, including Gene. Courtney still probably likes Gene, but she's not as intense with her feelings as Tina is with Jimmy Jr. They both know each other really well, even though Gene continuously claims that he doesn't "like" her and that she's annoying. Courtney's next major interaction with Gene is in "Video Killed the Gene-io Star," when she's trying to get Gene to play as her boyfriend/crush in her music video. She hires Tina and Louise to convince Gene, and she doesn't want anyone else to play that role. Gene doesn't want to be in her video because he believes it's terrible, unoriginal, and copies other music videos in things like outfits and choreography, but he reluctantly accepts. When he tells Courtney how he feels, she runs off crying, and everyone on the film set tries to find her. When Gene begins searching, Gene immediately knows where to find her. Gene apologizes to Courtney for saying that because he realized he was selfish and should have done it to make her happy. They resume their music video, but Gene performs with more enthusiasm and affection.


Gene Courtney Rudy Alex s9e20 The Gene Mile

Gene, Alex, Courtney, and Rudy in a group hug. ("The Gene Mile")

Regular Sized Rudy[]

Largely by proxy, it seems, Gene is friends with Regular Sized Rudy (who is better friends with Louise as they are in the same school year). Their relationship is sidelined in relevant episodes, like in "The Kids Rob a Train," "Dawn of the Peck" or "The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee." Both Gene and Rudy are major characters in these episodes but the relationships between other characters are definitely hierarchically higher than theirs. They are, however, very cordial and friendly with each other.

In "Mission Impos-slug-ble," the episode ends with Gene asking if Rudy wants to have a bonding moment together. When Rudy says yes, Gene gets him to pull his finger despite Louise telling him not to as Gene attempts to rip out a fart as Rudy pulls his finger.

BobsBurgers 1301 TheAmazingRudy D01 14 01 tk99-0181 f

Gene and Rudy watching lasagna casserole cook together. ("The Amazing Rudy")

The most of their relationship that can be seen in an episode is in "Y Tu Ga-Ga Tambien," as their relationship changes over the course of the plot. Near the beginning, it can be assumed that they tend to spend recesses together (along with Tina and Louise) but Rudy is the first to leave the group when Ga-Ga Ball comes to Wagstaff. This implies a lot about their relationship and Rudy's lack of interest in Gene's recess activities overall.

Because Gene is Louise's big brother, he sometimes acts like Rudy's big brother. In "Nice-Capades," Gene gives Rudy the last taco. In "The Amazing Rudy," the Belcher family invited Rudy to Gene's special dinner to celebrate his B- in science. When setting up the meal, he and Rudy watched the lasagna casserole bake in the oven together, with Gene having his hand over Rudy's shoulders. However, Gene is the most clueless to Rudy's situation out of all the Belchers due to obliviousness. Rudy's parents are divorced, and Gene doesn't understand the toll that takes on Rudy nor the severity of Rudy running away.

Gene and Zeke Stand by Gene s6e12 Stand By Gene

Gene and Zeke bonding. ("Stand by Gene")


Until the episode "Carpe Museum," Gene and Zeke don't interact much. Zeke is very enthusiastic to be paired with Gene and goes on a "boobie bender" with him as they walk around the museum during a field trip and look for boobs. After that there seems to be a friendship. This is mostly shown in "Stand by Gene," when Zeke acted as the main person encouraging Gene. Gene almost replaces Jimmy Jr. in this episode because he motivates and enthusiastically supports every action Gene does in this episode, though Gene isn't a fan of wrestling. His intense emotions for Gene's actions are shown more with Zeke's dramatic response to Gene fainting in "Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street."

Zeke might see Gene as a little brother or a family member because the only sibling he has is his 44-year-old brother ("Presto Tina-o"). In "Drumforgiven," he is the one of the people Louise rallies to get revenge on the store clerk at Ocean Avenue Hi-Fi Emporium." In "Yes Without My Zeke," Gene, along with Jimmy Jr., Tina, and Louise, help Zeke from not being suspended. In "Stuck in the Kitchen with You," the Belcher kids help Zeke put on a parade for Zeke's grandma and the rest of the elders at Elegant Doily Retirement home.

Alex Papasian[]

Gene and Alex s9e8 Roller? I Hardly Know Her!

Gene and Alex performing their "secret" handshake. ("Roller? I Hardly Know Her!")

Alex and Gene are in the same P.E. class (and another unnamed class ("Seven-tween Again"), but they don't interact until Alex first appears in "Cheer Up, Sleepy Gene," where he and Gene bond over their inability to perform in P.E. This leads to Alex inviting Gene over to a sleepover where Alex tries to run away from home but is hopelessly underprepared. This episode shows a more serious and responsible side of Gene, and the two boys have a sort of falling out before coming back together and becoming good friends when the episode ends.

His second appearance is in "Roller? I Hardly Know Her!" where his relationship with Gene goes deeper, and it states that he and Gene have become best friends since Alex's first episode. The episode reveals that they play a game they made up in the restaurant's basement called RoboWizard Quest, and have even made up a secret handshake together, in which they regularly shake their hands and whisper the word "secret". But when Alex can't play with Gene because of his skating practice with Courtney, Gene gets jealous. Gene gets mad at Alex for not playing with him anymore, and when Doug wants Gene to give Alex diarrhea by putting sesame in his drink, Gene agrees to do it. However, when Alex was about to drink the soda that Gene laced, Gene changed his mind and knocked the beverage out of Alex's hand. He tells Alex what Doug put him up to do and apologizes for how he's been acting.

In "The Gene Mile," Alex is one of the kids who plans, with Gene, to go to the ice cream store during the mile. Like the rest of the kids, Alex agreed to share some of his ice cream with Gene since Gene couldn't go to the parlor with them.

Because of their hatred of P.E., they share ways to get out of doing anything in physical. In "Cheer Up, Sleepy Gene," Gene reveals that pretending to barf will let the coach give them a break from running, and in "The Gene Mile," they both get out of P.E. by creating fake doctor notes using a fake persona named Dr. Good-doctor. They both dream of becoming "famous robo DJs" ("Seven-tween Again"). Alex is probably Gene's best friend, and he's the guy Gene wants to be roommates with when he grows up. In "Seven-tween Again," they work together on their life skills project. When Gene flunks out of the project, Alex calls Gene out, and convinces Gene to help him with the project.


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